Patatal to train

first_imgTeams will only train one day on them (Those who go to the final will do so already in the stadium of the games, King Abdullah Sports City, with capacity for 62,000 spectators). For the semifinals, three will be exercised at Ittihad (Madrid and Valencia today, Barça tomorrow), while Atlético will do so at Al Ahli. Both are whitewashed facades, mixed with yellow in the case of the first, where a ball over five rings and a glass greets visitors, with greenish blue in the case of the second. A Al Ahli with cement bleachers, in which white plastic seats were being installed yesterday morning. The networks of their goals, a wink: all rojiblancas. In the Ittihad the trajín was frantic in those men who were struggling from the first hour of the morning (only men, by the way, no woman). The work, many. Both centers are multisport complexes, with basketball, pool and tennis courts as well as soccer fields. Canoe style but in Saudi. Ittihad is the oldest club in the country (1928) while Al Ahli was founded nine years later (1937). The appearance of both are those of a Third field in Spain. With small bleachers, collected and outdoor areas trellises from which, outside, you can see part of the field. In both the grass is very dry. In the Ittihad, with an annexed field, the grass was even worse in it than in the main one. With temperatures now between 25º and 30º and bordered by desert, that is the reason. A group of men They were busy yesterday Monday from the first hour of the morning. Painting, laying, casting seeds in the bald grass, that were many in the two training camps who will use the four spanish teams in this Super Cup in Arabia before playing the semifinals: the one from Ittihad Club and the one from Al Ahli. Last night the first teams arrived in Jeddah, Madrid Y Valencito. The fields must be ready and shining today. There was work.center_img Those who painted, three, reviewed the black of the benches. The placement was several. Already individual cabinets, many still to be unpacked, similar to those used in Spain for the changing rooms of the teams, and to the vinyl panels with the sponsors of this Spanish Super Cup, ready for photos and interviews. Six or seven people work in the grasses of the two fields. In Al Ahli’s, the lawn was treated with a machine. In the one of the Ittihad, two sowed and threw sand on the bald ones and a battalion, rag in hand, reviewed all the seats one by one with detail. The Super Cup begins. The world looks at them.Barça changed its fieldBarça will be exercised tomorrow on the turf of the Ittihad although the planned plan was another: the teams had distributed the fields by semifinal. Madrid and Valencia in Ittihad and Barça and Atleti in Al Ahli. But maybe the clast one, in worse condition, He couldn’t stand the work of two teams on him and he moved one to Ittihad. Madrid and Valencia will no longer be there. Tomorrow they play.last_img read more

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