Castlevania Lords of Shadow seen in Steam registry

first_imgEveryone’s favorite journalist for leaking video game announcements, Steam’s registry, has outed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow as a possible candidate for a PC release on Steam. The 2010 game was seen in Steam’s registry, which is often indicative of a forthcoming release. The game is getting a sequel, and that sequel is landing on the PC, so it makes a bit of sense that the original would be getting a PC release in order to introduce PC gamers to the series before they dive into the sequel.Lords of Shadow is a reboot of the long, somewhat convoluted Castlevania mythos, and stars Gabriel Belmont. Dark magic (what else would it be?) has prevented the souls of the dead from moving on, so instead, they hang around and attack the living. Spurring any decent story of the undead and revenge, Gabriel’s wife was murdered, and thus her soul trapped, giving the Belmont extra motivation to do what Belmonts do and rid the land of evil.This Castlevania happens to be one that has ties to Hideo Kojima, of Metal Gear Solid fame. His studio, Kojima Productions, was attached to the project as a developer credit alongside MercurySteam, and Hideo Kojima himself was attached to the project as a producer and writer. However, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of some kind of La Li Lu Le Lo, or too many Snake-like mullets set in the gothic Castlevania universe.The sequel is set to release sometime this year, so if Konami wants to allow gamers to educate themselves on the universe before the sequel is available, Lords of Shadow should at least release on Steam with enough time for you to catch up. Keep an eye peeled, and maybe a whip cracked.Perhaps a release of Lords of Shadow will fuel a Steam and Castlevania love affair that’ll see the release of various installments in the Castlevania backlog.last_img read more

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