Shanghai white dragon crash course (a) how to get scriptures from Shanghai dragon god hands

: I need to buy website server, domain name, record and upload procedures, specific can access relevant tutorial.


on the Internet popular today, Shanghai dragon has become one of the promotion of technology as everyone knows, many grassroots hope through this technology to realize their own value, learn Shanghai dragon can find a well paid job, also can do offline training, or even open your own business, but to learn the road bumps, hit in the end can learn less and less, why not learn a lot? The reason is its own self, that Shanghai dragon look tutorial to learn, resulting in 35 years of underachievement, what is the method to learn Shanghai Dragon Phoenix and don’t want to spend money? Of course is to ask Shanghai Dragon God, but God can not willing to share, after all, the left hand, whether made Canon see personal fortune. read more

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Right down the rules of two major domestic search engine to modify title


my site is, remember 9 modify the title and description, No. 10 in the morning found no home position, when the No. 11 keywords also ranked in one of the disappeared, although the title keyword is not updated snapshot, but love is to know the title change in Shanghai. Until now the past ten days, every day is still crawling, but the ranking disappeared, so love Shanghai to modify the title the penalty is very severe.

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recently because of continuous changes caused by the title, love Shanghai right down, overnight in Shanghai show love disappear. In fact, I just want to test this change how much, the two major domestic search engines do not like what, because now the Shanghai dragon flow may not all from the love of Shanghai. After the experiment this time, I found the right down the rules of domestic two major search engines to modify the title is a great difference, of course, also understand the different search engines to optimize website how to better. read more

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