Rational treatment of nternet hot words domain name investmentMake money online thousand far away f

as for creativity, get online shop, with you the same shop online grasping a lot, how can you better? It would be like to use their brains, engage, engage in group purchase gifts, engage in activities to promote your seckill sales and popularity. These are some of the simplest examples, but they really reflect the importance of both of them to success.

at the end of March this year, in the face of sweeping entertainment article derailed things, Ma Yili in his own micro-blog responded: "love is easy, marriage is not easy, and cherish." Implied forgiveness. Subsequently, "and the line and treasure" word quickly jumped red network, attracted net friend all kinds of imitation, all kinds of touted. And related domain names, qiexingqiezhenxi/.net/.cn and so on have also been registered. read more

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Love Shanghai algorithm under the background of Scindapsus owners decide on what path to follow


what should we do? That is to say, simple but is simple, is nothing more than a good user experience, really, really stand up thinking in the position of the user.

search engine usage, the data can be fully explained, so far at least, love Shanghai in the field of search engine or a single large. This also confirms the I mentioned in China do Shanghai dragon is equal to love Shanghai optimization.

Shanghai February 19th love Webmaster Platform released "love sea announcement" on-line algorithm scindapsus. The so-called "green" is a new algorithm named love Shanghai. Love Shanghai new algorithm clear to three websites to punish "link" sale intermediary "links" and "buy links". I want to say is, throughout the webmaster circle, there are so many websites, several websites have not bought the link, did not sell links? Can be said that the domestic personal webmaster most websites have involved in the so-called "link trading". read more

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Love Shanghai to enhance the user experience of the latest action

1. for businesses to provide official customer service phone. Love Shanghai open data platform including PC terminal and mobile terminal data submitted data submitted to the two entrance, webmaster resources will be based on user needs to submit the search results page in the PC or mobile terminal in Shanghai to show different love. But the love of Shanghai official customer service phone application has a certain threshold, to provide the relevant formalities for examination, including the enterprise business license two generation identity card or passport, ICP registration and registered trademark certificate, it is to the more formal enterprises or companies can apply. We only need to search brand keywords in a company in Shanghai Shanghai love, love will automatically show an official customer service calls, such as love Shanghai in search of "beauty", will appear the following results: read more

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November web search search the local daily coverage of dozens of strong the largest decline

(Figure 1) November comprehensive search website daily number of users covered TOP10

IDC network (idcps贵族宝贝) on December 15th reported: according to the latest data from the international statistical agencies Alexa released in November, dozens of comprehensive search sites covering daily users list, compared with last month, without any changes. Among them, the number of daily coverage of love in Shanghai rose to 132240.5, successfully defending champion. Below, please see the collation and analysis of relevant data on IDC network. read more

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Reasonably optimize shlf1314 Advertising doubling revenueUncover the mystery and the inside story of

groups to their own forces, engage in their own one or more products, after careful investigation of the market after a planning scheme, such as track, track matrix or matrix together with the schedule and so on, will change the pattern of the system design is very user-friendly, the purpose is to attract the individual group of friends to join in. The more people involved, the higher the trader’s profits, there are profits, and then will be closed at certain times, the crowd behind the board is the victim read more

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n the end the webmaster should also send the chain site outside the chain how to send it

three: easy to send the chain is invalid.


do you feel the dozens of the chain, hundreds of the chain today and pleased with oneself. However, the query results found not included how much, and even a lot of the chain have been deleted. The chain is equivalent to a network voting. If we can just release the chain, how much this vote? A waste of time and energy, in order to save costs or not do it anymore. The best way is to establish their own brand and reputation, let users willing for you to spread. Don’t say the establishment of brand and reputation is very difficult, more difficult to get more valuable. read more

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What are the requirements for website optimization

, the first of the site itself

in the website optimization process, the first thing to do is to optimize the design of the site itself, now no matter what you do, pay attention to the table is combined with internal design of the site is in the selection, in the style of the website and web page color collocation push, is to note the rationalization.

is the site optimization to sum up, some of the requirements, we want to help, in the optimization process of the website, Xiaobian recommended some web designers, must be combined with its own characteristics of the site. Meet the specified requirements website optimization scheme, increase web traffic, and help the website to obtain greater visibility. read more

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Our strategy in full swing open up another wave of search engine

we can see in this website in Shanghai and Google WebUnion respectively, a sign of love for Shanghai is a palm – Google is an exclamation point, which show the form of the rich from the traditional extended text form, and the big picture show further stimulate the user experience, to seize the user eyeball. Our show in the form of fixed, suspension, patch three forms, fixed and suspended in cooperation in the site, and the patch appears in the video window. WebUnion relative to the PPC search engine advertising, and show the price advantage has a very large volume, because our partners in 45 10000 website alliance. So the show’s channel is very wide. read more

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How to do the long tail keywords to get traffic

2, according to the website’s theme keywords range. This is very important, your website relates to what you should focus on the development of relevant keywords, so more to increase the overall weight of your website.

3, has been determined using keywords to query words related to long tail. This is to use the tools, rely on human is a bit difficult for you, we recommend the use of the "love network" inside the "keyword mining tool". For example: are you sure a keyword is "Yang Mi", you can query through the query "Yang Mi" and many related long tail word. Yang Mi micro-blog, Yang Mi pictures, love support Yang Mi, Yang Mi William Feng and so on, of course, the choice you have to choose, not every choice, because some word competition is still very large. Usually choose the number included in the millions of less than, flow is above two hundred, but don’t forget, love in Shanghai and GG in check the keywords included what is the site of the post, if the first two pages are basically all the major portals of the post, simply give up the word. Because of the competition for one of our station is big big. read more

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Web based label setting of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

said the basic label, is nothing more than title, description, keywords, Jinshan today Shanghai Longfeng also said that three points, to see a lot of friends may feel after come no value, these three labels are too simple, but, hey, I believe you will then change their views, good words, not much to say, to the point.

first, title said a word limit, perhaps this is a lot of people do not pay attention, many people search for something, sometimes the main search keywords call out title are actually not completely, though, did not feel too much influence, but I am a little obsessive-compulsive disorder, do not feel uncomfortable, want to click. In fact, title is writing a word limit, although did not say, but I’m here to tell you. Title writing, more than 30 characters, the display will appear…… So, as much as 30 words or less for good. read more

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