Rural electricity supplier consumer market is about to open

rural electricity supplier concept has been proposed for a long time, the Internet era for the development of the rural market provides a lot of convenience, can effectively stimulate the potential of rural consumption. In the "Internet plus" era, the rural electricity supplier will usher in a historic opportunity for development.

11 2, China business newspaper, China business press and the China Federation of Commerce jointly organized the third China Business Innovation Conference held in Beijing. The general assembly to "Internet plus new business" as the theme, focus on innovation and economic China bottleneck, "Internet plus" era of green business, e-commerce development path selection, commercial channel innovation, risk investment and business innovation and other issues, in-depth discussion from many aspects of policy interpretation, expert theory and practice case etc. among them, the development of the rural market and rural electricity supplier opportunity by the participants concerned. read more

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How to successfully open a curtain shop

in recent years, curtain market development is very good, also let a lot of people who want to start a business in the eyes, the curtains of the market prospect is very big, the curtains are indispensable elements of life Home Furnishing in life, so the market demand is relatively large, new home decoration or renovation, or need to use curtains supplies. So do not worry about the market prospects of the shop. So, how to open a curtain shop? Here are four things to see.

first, open a window shop is the need for capital investment. According to a window shop owner said, opened a curtain shop, investment can be small. Generally a small shop to invest 50 thousand yuan is enough, but to do have a grade, not necessarily enough for $500 thousand, which is mainly dependent on the target store curtains. read more

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Select Xi sun pizza to join the business is not a dream to get rich

there is no money you are not qualified to talk about feelings, no money, some of the best dreams can only be fantasy, no money, you can only keep your life like a machine to live, not from their own. However, you can get a chance to change yourself.

although the money is not omnipotent, but a lot of things to do is to be able to support the money, no money is not rich two generations, it is through their own efforts to make themselves rich generation. What brand of choice? The beauty of the sun to create market hot pizza, delicacy brand, business is very good, can let you easily choose to join to create wealth avenue. If you want to have money, you can choose to invest. Exotic amorous feelings, easy to open the business trip. read more

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Wonton join capital analysis

don’t know what you feel about this kind of snack dumpling ravioli, I remember when I was thirty years before the development of China? Although life is bitter, but some older memories make people feel warm, there are shuttle in the alley selling wonton cries. Made with water and flour, Pinebo served, or meat, or sugar, or honey, such as filling, cooked with water. Hot wonton can pan, wonton development has become more numerous names, making different, fresh and delicious and famous snacks throughout the country, loved by the people. Want to join a wonton shop, the need to how much money it is more appropriate to many investors or is most concerned about the issue of the owner. read more

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The retail business to achieve the three

retail business is also a full of competitive business, if you want to do in place, the same pressure, therefore, only the relevant work to do in place, can guarantee the success of the retail business. So, how can we make the retail business success? Here Xiaobian to emphasize the point that needs to be done, "" phantom "propaganda to be real, hospitality to real, to be real service."

(1) publicity to be real.

I think the retail business in the daily operation, can not be separated from the effective means of advertising promotion. In fact, it is necessary to advertise themselves to attract customers. As the saying goes: "good wine is also afraid of deep alley." It should be said that in today’s information society, advertising is more and more important for retail households, the role of self-evident. But some retailers in order to promote sales, often quackish in advertising so exaggerated, oversell their output of how good, how excellent quality, low prices to attract customers, in order to fully. Once the customer to buy quality problems but find a variety of reasons to stall, or ignore. read more

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The rear end hit a spark of love for the police to do matchmaker

collision accident is a headache for the driver, but a Jiangxi accident actually hit a spark of love, let the two men and women to be strangers to each other into a marriage hall.

"because of the accident, the match I and the other marriage blessing in disguise……" In January 23rd, the Jiangxi Traffic Management Bureau, the Provincial Public Security Bureau directly under the eight Highway Traffic Police Corps detachment of seventh Police Brigade Feng Wei received a party Hwang messages sent to inform him and accident another party Lee has been married. read more

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