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Long was sitting in his electrical-maintenance truck in June 2016 listening on the radio to Trump give a speech on trade at an aluminum plant on the other side of the state outside Pittsburgh Trump had begun with a tribute to the steelworkers who built America He blasted the politicians who pursued globalization and pledged to fight unfair trade practices that threatened US jobs Most of all he made promises from renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to imposing a tariff on steel Long a stout man with a bristly gray mustache was impressed Republicans didn’t usually talk like this “Any of us steelworkers could have given that exact speech” he told me recently And while Long a Democrat voted against Trump after the election he hoped that Trump might actually follow through But it hasn’t panned out that way A year into Trump’s term the factories have not roared back His accomplishments–a massive corporate tax cut a strong stock market–have largely redounded to the benefit of the bankers and fat cats Trump has taken few of his promised actions on trade and manufacturing The American steel industry has suffered as the market floods with imports forcing prices down all while the Administration dithers and delays over tariffs As Long sees it no one should feel more betrayed by the Trump presidency than the archetypical Trump supporter: the white working-class voter whom Trump dubbed the Forgotten Man And yet to his great frustration many of his fellow blue collar workers don’t seem to grasp how Trump has abandoned them As of last month the President’s approval rating was 46 percent among white non-college-educated voters down 7 points since he took office according to the polling firm Morning Consult “The most vocal supporters of him they’re just unwavering” Long says shaking his head Coatesville was once known as “Pittsburgh East” for its steel production Today the local steelworkers’ union has just a few hundred workers at the town’s plant Jeffrey Stockbridge for TIME The immovable loyalty of Trump’s narrow but vocal base has broad ramifications not just for the Democratic Party but also for the nation Unbridgeable divides make governing nearly impossible: there can be no consensus in a politics of blind tribalism But the real tragedy of Trump’s broken promise to the working man is the missed opportunity it represents Trump had a chance advocates argue to bring back American manufacturing–and spur a populist political realignment in the process Many of the residents of Trump Country the nation’s hollowed-out former industrial heartland still hold out hope that he can do it But the President seems to have forgotten them The blue collar man is the mascot and enigma of the Trump era: endlessly analyzed endlessly interrogated Reporters and researchers have returned again and again to Trump Country since 2016 asking the same question–What do you think of the President now–and getting the same answers: It’s a witch hunt He’s shaking things up Scott Paul head of the Alliance for American Manufacturing has given up asking; the answers are always unsatisfying “There’s a lot of forgiveness” Paul a slight fine-featured 51-year-old tells me as he drives his battered Ford SUV down the two-lane highway out of Coatesville “There’s kind of a list of reasons why he hasn’t done this or hasn’t done that” But Paul keeps coming back to places like Coatesville anyway He’s not on a mission to win votes for the Democrats His aim is to try to get the President to keep his commitments A picturesque town of 13000 Coatesville was once known as “Pittsburgh East” for its booming steel industry that employed as many as 8000 people The massive plant that looms over the town is the US’s longest continuously operating steel mill open since 1810 It produced the 152 nine-story fork-shaped supports that formed the base of the original World Trade Center–many of which stayed standing when the towers fell on Sept 11 It makes nuclear-submarine parts and mine-resistant armor for military vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan Today the plant is badly diminished In 2003 it was acquired by an investment group led by Wilbur Ross now Trump’s Secretary of Commerce; it was eventually bought by the Luxembourg-based industry giant ArcelorMittal and operates at a fraction of its capacity The steelworkers’ local that Long oversees now has just 580 members at the plant Like Long Paul hails from Trump Country having grown up in rural northwestern Indiana A former trade lobbyist for the AFL-CIO his association is funded by American steel unions and manufacturers And while he didn’t vote for Trump he understood why so many working-class white people did “When you see Pennsylvania Michigan Ohio and Wisconsin all end up in the same place” Paul tells me “there’s a reason for it” Trump’s opposition to globalization broke with the GOP’s elite consensus But it tapped a wellspring of sentiment in the party’s base that politicians like Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan recognized decades ago There’s a similar fissure in the Democratic Party where populists like Bernie Sanders opposed the Obama Administration’s push for deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) It’s not a coincidence Paul believes that both Sanders and Trump drew so much support from the industrial Midwest To be sure some white working-class voters were nativists who thrilled to Trump’s rants against China Mexicans and Muslims Paul doesn’t deny that racism and sexism played a role but says that “some of it is a sense that their manufacturing communities have been left behind” President Obama promised to add a million manufacturing jobs in his second term; the total came to only about 360000 Business is booming and workers are in demand at the John Rock Inc pallet company in Coatesville Owner Bill MacCauley says Trump’s recently enacted tax cuts spurred him to invest in new equipment Jeffrey Stockbridge for TIME Paul was willing–even eager–to work with Trump He saw it as an encouraging sign when the just-elected President asked him to serve on a newly created advisory council on manufacturing jobs “A year ago I thought there was a reasonable possibility we’d get an infrastructure bill we’ll get ‘Buy American’ laws there’ll be a crackdown on China he’s going to look out for the steel industry and he’s going to renegotiate NAFTA” Paul says “That’s something I wanted to be a part of” Instead Paul found himself cringing as Trump did things he didn’t support from pulling out of the Paris Agreement to the ban on travelers from some Muslim-majority countries In August when Trump hesitated to denounce the deadly white-nationalist march in Charlottesville Va, there are plenty of reasons to be happy with Trump. we will provide that information to the public.

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