believes that Tao station friends know many famous cattle stations, such as the gem Tao home of Taobao, Taobao, 28 street, domestics etc.. These are the mom invited guest interviews, before this, their income although not in billboard, but the monthly income of 10000 yuan is not too difficult. Now, you can use Taobao off the contributing partners links to query their website, with the average turnover sites not much difference basically, things have the tide, the API access mode for Taobao guest website now seems to have to decline period. Baidu and other search engines began to ban the API access mode of station. Many guest station overnight by K. Fortunately, only a few pages have been included. Without the support of the search engine, there is no gold flow. It also affects the income of Taobao customers. This is one. Second, the API access mode is the product of the website Daquan model, there are some things in Taobao, almost all Taobao sites have. Then we think about it, with Taobao to buy things buyers have their own Taobao account, which is certain. They must know Taobao station, since it is so, why people do not stand to the Taobao official website to search to buy something, why in your station to buy things? If you are a buyer, you will go to the official website of Taobao. Third, the product Daquan model, high turnover is not necessarily high profit. Because the commission ratio of each product is not the same, you can check in Ali mother. Some products even less than 1 yuan commission.

based on the above three points, many Taobao passenger revenue plummeted, the author was doing API Tao station. Conform to the trend of the development of Taobao now start a single page station. Income can also.

Taobao single page station to avoid the above three reasons. First, single page station product single. Very good to play the role of shopping guide. Always remember the station is responsible for the shopping guide. In order to describe the convenience of the first to show you my site. 520 beauty slimming network ( you can see is a single product, slimming the acne. Taobao in this area thousands of products very much, buyers do not know what kind of product to buy, pick up is also very tired. Then on my site is clear. Are carefully selected. Of course, these products are very lucrative. Your income will be more than and 100. If a month can clinch a deal 20 single, your income will reach 2000-3000 yuan. Do Taobao customers to choose products, this must also remember.

SEO is left to do, you might ask, you will not be a single page station Taobao Baidu K? I want to tell you that I won’t, what? You see below my site, which is about slimming article. (you can look at this page. Http:// article is infinite)

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