, women talk, is familiar with their own body, so as long as the understanding of self examination essentials, but sometimes more than doctors can detect tiny lumps.


4 bath, due to the wet skin helps the hand sliding. The flat finger moves slowly, every part of the breast examination, pay special attention to whether breast swelling, induration or thickening.

(internship editor: Zheng Yanjun)

5 self check in each period about 1 weeks after the examination, the female menopause is the first day of the month check again.

if there are signs of the above mentioned is not normal, should as soon as possible for physicians to examine in more detail to determine is benign or malignant.

1 hands, facing the mirror, look at both sides of the breast size is consistent (but must understand the normal female (female food) often have two sizes of milk, milk two) curve is symmetrical, the skin has not any nipple sag, flatten and widen or depression, or broken skin skin ulcer, light pressure if there is discharge from the nipple, touch the armpit lymph node enlargement, and then hands on the move, and then do the same check in front of a mirror.

self check steps are as follows:

3 lay down, check the left breast, left hand bent under his head, left shoulder, put a small pillow, the fingers of the right hand on the left side, with milk, from the top down, press gently touch inspection, or in a clockwise direction, from the outside in a circle to check, at least three ring, the nipple covers, then with the same method to check the right breast. Then the left hand flat on the side of the body, with the fingers of the right hand with the left breast check outside, up and down gently to touch, and with the same method to check the right breast. As for axillary examination, it is on the same side of the arm, gently touch the armpit with your fingers, to see if there are palpable lymph nodes.


2 and then sit, natural left sagging, right hand finger stretch in the left side, up and down gently to touch (can be with soap and water or other lubricants, in order to increase the sensitivity of inspection), or with your fingertips sliding on the breast, carefully check it again. Check the right breast with the same method. Then, the same is sitting, the left hand to the back of the head, and the fingers of the right hand horizontally in the left side, up and down gently with fingertips to touch, or sliding on the breast examination.

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