what kind of bra is suitable for you?

bra size is too large, will cause breast sagging, not to the chest supporting role, the size is too small, it will have chest oppression, is not conducive to ventilation, serious will affect the normal blood circulation and lymph backflow, breast chest toxins Months and years pass by., do not go out, the mastitis, breast hyperplasia. Even the increased risk of breast cancer.

in the selection of underwear, bra should pay special attention to the size of the right bra size, preferably between breast and bra distance, can accommodate 1 to 2 fingers, and wear them to feel comfortable, free.

cotton, chemical fiber material of sweat absorption and poor permeability, easy to cause allergies. When the human body, the bra will continue to rub the nipple, the bra filaments are easy to enter the breast, a long time, it will block the breast, induce breast disease.

was wearing a bra, if the following circumstances, it is not appropriate to choose bra, or remind you of the old Bra "retired": breast squeezed out from the edge of the cup, that the cup is too small or too sharp shape; the axillary protruding part that the bra bra is too small or too narrow side; arms on the move, the bra to jump up, breast exposed, that the bra bra is too loose; embedded in the shoulder strap, shoulder strap that is too short, should be adjusted.

summer sweat more, should wear cotton bleached fabric or silk bra, the spring and autumn winter wear polyester fabric bra, it should wear thicker sponge bra.

in addition, Xu Hong also warned that wearing a bra, if found around the breast Le had red, or feel pain, should be vigilant, not wearing a bra is not appropriate.

bra is a woman’s baby, but not everyone can understand her". You know, women’s bra is also a life, women should promptly replace the bra, so as not to expire bra harm your breast health.

sponge bra use varies from person to person. Bra sponge and polyester fabrics have a certain degree of irritation to the skin. Therefore, women with allergic reactions or nipple rupture should not be selected

In addition, the material of the bra is also very important, it is best to

bra materials should choose the fine linen, should not add a hard liner, so as not to scratch the nipple, sleep time, to loosen or remove the bra bra to sleep, this can avoid continued to be pressed and the occurrence of chest discomfort, but also conducive to the nighttime breathing and blood circulation, so that the chest to relax. If you feel the above symptoms, not serious when can do local hot compress and massage.

what kind of bra "expired"

make sure that the bra is not too tight, especially those with steel support bra, bra size must be wide, in the hand and chest movement, no sense of oppression, the bra will not disengage from the breast, remove the bra, around the breast does not appear strangulation.

bra improper wearing breast cancer


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