What the new iMac looks like basically the same as before

first_imgOh, look what just arrived in the office, if it isn’t a 27-inch, Spring 2011 iMac packing all sorts of Sandy Bridge goodness. It’s even the high-end model, with the 3.1GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 1TB of storage, AMD Radeon HD 6970M graphics, FaceTime HD, and, of course, the 2560×1440 display. This model starts at $1999 (the 27-inch iMac starts at $1699 with the 2.7GHz CPU), so you are definitely paying for all that updated gear.AdChoices广告This post would have been a lot more exciting if something significant had been changed on the outside of the iMac, but that wasn’t the case. The only change of note, the use of Thunderbolt ports on the back, can be seen above. They are the two electric-looking icons to the right of the port lineup. They look like mini DisplayPorts because they use the same connector.Those Thunderbolt ports also make up a notable difference between the 27-inch iMac and its smaller, 21.5-inch brother: the large models has two while the smaller has just one. Since Thunderbolt has very few uses right now this isn’t too big of a deal, but if you’ll be driving display or attaching storage (and you don’t want to daisychain components) an extra port could come in handy one day.In case you hadn’t heard, the new iMacs include either the Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse with a purchase. If you want both you’ll have to spend an  extra $69… in other words, the full retail price. Our unit had the Magic Mouse.That’s is for now, because the new iMac looks just like the old one. Once some reviews appear (probably very soon) we’ll be able to see just how effective the new processor and graphics card are. If it’s anything like the other computers that moved to Sandy Bridge the performance bump should be considerable.last_img read more

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ISPs launch Six Strikes program today aims to educate and punish pirates

first_imgIn a bid to curb piracy, various ISPs are said to be launching their version of the Six Strikes program sometime this week. The ISPs in question are the big boys, including Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, and Cablevision. According to reports, each ISP will be launching its own version of the program at different times this week, with Comcast set to go first sometime today.Known as the Copyright Alert System (CAS), the program is also referred to as the Six Strikes program due to its graduated response system. Though the graduated steps aren’t entirely clear just yet — and can differ between ISPs — each step becomes more severe, with the lower-tier responses being warnings, and the higher-tier responses being anything from having to watch an “educational” video to throttling bandwidth.The new program comes with a revamped website, featuring a new video (set to smooth elevator music) that explains the process, seen below.Seeing as how the video is on YouTube, and it supports a program that many argue infringes on the rights of internet users (or at least, would be a pain to deal with), we wouldn’t be surprised if someone hits the video with a bogus DMCA takedown. To some, it would be delicious irony.Back in January, Verizon’s Six Strikes policy reportedly leaked, and detailed a process that begins as simple warnings in the form of emails and automated voicemail messages. The third and fourth infringements will result in the user’s browser being redirected to a site that forces them to watch an educational video about copyright infringement, then click on a popup that acknowledges they watched the video. The fifth infringement results in a bandwidth throttle, and the sixth could result in direct legal action.As mentioned before, not every ISP has to take the same route, but it’s likely the plans will be similar to the above steps. We don’t condone piracy, but any kind of punishment system that can be mistaken (for example, because someone used your ISP without your knowledge) isn’t the most ideal kind of system. The only thing we can really do, though, is wait and see if the CAS causes more trouble problems than it intends to fix.last_img read more

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Talking to the kids on the phone asking them how their day

first_img http://the42.ie/3326917 Image: PA Archive/PA Images Share50 Tweet Email Apr 6th 2017, 8:00 PM Lawrie retired from professional golf in September after 20 years on tour. 3 Comments 30,620 Views Player and Nicklaus pay emotional tribute to Arnold Palmer as 2017 Masters gets underway Short URLcenter_img Thursday 6 Apr 2017, 8:00 PM Lawrie retired from professional golf in September after 20 years on tour. Image: PA Archive/PA Images ‘Talking to the kids on the phone asking them how their day was, and you say to yourself, I really should be at home’ It’s seven months since Peter Lawrie walked away from professional golf after falling out of love with life on tour. IN THE END, it was all rather abrupt — no deliberation, no second thoughts, no regrets — but, deep down, Peter Lawrie had known for some time the flame was beginning to flicker.The will to play on simply wasn’t there and life on tour was no longer what it was. The game had moved on, developed and changed, and there came a point when Lawrie realised it was time he moved on too.The nomadic existence, the weeks and months spent away from home and family, and the perpetual battle to justify it all wasn’t what he wanted anymore. Enough was enough.“I was on a train track and I couldn’t get off it and no matter what I did the end was in sight,” he tells The42. “Did golf give me up or did I give up on it? I think it was a bit of both, to be honest.”Lawrie officially turned his back on professional golf last September, but the beginning of the end can be traced back to November 2015. It was at that stage, as he returned to Qualifying School in Catalunya, when he began to question it and the doubts started to reverberate.“You look back on it,” he continues. “You’re 42 years of age and can you just picture yourself going back into Sixth Year in school to do your Leaving Cert again. I would say that would horrify a lot of people and that’s exactly what it was like.“I was going back mixing with young lads who were trying to come up on tour. It’s actually funny as I probably looked at older lads when I came out as a young guy, thinking ‘what are these lads still doing out here, they’re way past their prime’ and that was me in that situation.”It was the lowest point of his career and Lawrie’s performance that week hinted that his desire was beginning to fade as a nightmare situation was compounded after an incorrect drop from a staked tree. The Dubliner won once on the European Tour. Source: PA Archive/PA ImagesHe refused to sign his card and was automatically disqualified, a decision he knew would end his hopes of regaining his full playing rights for 2016.“I won’t give up,” he said at the time, but Lawrie knew. He knew there wasn’t much more he could give to a game, and lifestyle, which had changed dramatically in the two decades he had been on tour.Ten starts sprinkled throughout 2016 failed to yield much return and financially it was no longer viable for him to chase one final payday whilst leaving his wife at home with four young kids.“I would always weigh up the situation of walking out the door and leaving them behind. Was it worth my while?” he said.“Not just in terms of me being competitive but also in a monetary nature and when that wasn’t stacking up, when I was walking out the door and leaving my family behind and not earning a decent wage and then struggling and losing a bit at the end, it was time to call it a day.“It’s a hard thing to do, to look at your career and accept it’s time to move on. I just needed to tell myself that I’d had a good career but now I need to stop and do something else. If I kept chasing it I would be talked about as one of those players who was good but now can’t hit snow off a rope.”His last shot in professional golf was at the KLM Open on 9 September 2016, as he carded rounds of 76 and 77 to finish 149th out of 156 entries. He had hoped for a final swansong at the Dunhill Links or in Portugal but a sponsor’s invite never came.“You just have to look at how long they hit it now, and their physiques,” he says. “Golf has changed so dramatically to a power sport rather than a master craftsman getting the ball around the golf course. Lawrie has taken up a role as director of golf at Luttrellstown Castle. Source: PA Archive/PA Images“Golf moved on to a certain extent because the golf courses I could contend at were short and tight and now they play courses that are mainly wide open, long and with plenty of rough.”Lawrie hadn’t so much fallen out of love with golf — the game is all he’s ever known and wanted to play — but had become tired and disillusioned by everything that goes around it; the airports, the travel, the hotels, the endless pursuit of ranking points and the pressure to come home from far-flung places with something to show for it all.“It just got tiresome after a while, I had done enough of it.” he admits. “Twenty years as a pro, 15 of them were on the European Tour and the other five were pretty much going around the world chasing a card. It was enough, I had done enough.The hardest part was probably in the evening time, you’ve finished your dinner and there’s nobody around you. You’re talking to the kids on the phone: ‘How are you today, what did you get up to today Daddy?’ and you say to yourself really I should be at home. That was the hardest part more than anything else.“You’re trying to get home on a Sunday night or a Friday night when you’ve missed the cut as quickly as you can to see the kids. They need their Dad, especially my son more than anything. The youngest is five, then seven, nine and 11.”Now, Lawrie gets to spend a lot more time at home after taking up the role of director of golf at Luttrellstown Castle Golf Club, with the commute for his new day job taking just five minutes.Life has moved onto the next chapter.Lawrie is just about coming to terms with that, and beginning to accept the way a career which garnered one European Tour win, at the Spanish Open in 2008, came to a halt earlier than he would have liked. He still questions if he made the right decision, but insists he just has to park that period in his life and look forward. Celebrating the putt to win the 2008 Spanish Open. Source: Ross Kinnaird“The 19 September 2016 is a date which will be etched in my brain forever,” he explains. “I still wonder have I made the right decision. I’m watching and thinking I could still be out there but there’s a day and a day when things move on and that’s life.“Dealing with the fact that I’m not playing anymore has been the hard part. Watching the television or watching the scores on the internet, the lure is still there. I suppose it’s a bit like being a gambler, golf was like that, it was the thrill of the next big win. That’s been tough to push aside.You have to move on and when you’re in that situation, just accept it’s time and let someone else in the door. I have no regrets because that would kill you. I made that decision and you have to get on with it. I’ve closed one chapter and opened up another.”Fresh pastures, but Lawrie can look back on his time at the top with great pride and satisfaction. The ultimate professional, who earned the respect of his peers through sheer hard work, perseverance and an unflinching passion for the game, the Dubliner was one of the most consistent performers on tour. He kept his  card for 12 straight years and could have easily been a four-time winner had he not been pipped in three separate play-offs.His one win also involved a play-off, but on that occasion Lawrie came out the right side as he defeated home favourite Ignacio Garrido at the Spanish Open nine years ago.“It was definitely one of the highlights with the other being when I played with my brother in the Dunhill Links at St Andrew’s and we finished sixth. To be able to share that with him was fantastic and not many sportsmen can say they shared the arena with their brother.“I consider myself very lucky because of what I achieved and what I did. You could look back on the four play-offs I was in and say I could have won them all and could have been a four-time winner on tour but I can’t do that. At the time I gave it my best shot and that’s as good as I could give and I was a thorough professional from start to finish. Source: Ross Kinnaird“I wasn’t one of the lads who was down the pub at the night time, I gave it all I could and here I am, that’s it, I couldn’t have done any more. I’m proud of what I did but would I liked to have been there a little longer? Yes, but sometimes that’s not the way it works out.“I grew up with golf and dreaming of playing it professionally. When I was in Terenure College, a big rugby school, I didn’t play rugby because I didn’t want to damage myself for golf.“I used to get laughed at for saying ‘my left hand was worth €2 million and my right worth €3 million’ but that’s the way I looked at it. I always wanted to be a professional golfer and I reached that.“I’m one of the few players out there who can say they won on the European Tour and had a successful career.”The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Follow us: the42.ie By Ryan Baileylast_img read more

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Store clerk accused of theft by marking down prices for acquaintances

first_imgA 20-year-old Washougal woman who worked at J.C. Penney faces a first-degree theft charge for allegedly marking down the price of items for acquaintances. In all, $7,000 was stolen, according to investigators.Lindsey Alexis Thomas was summoned to appear in Clark County Superior Court on Tuesday afternoon.According to a probable cause affidavit, Thomas was questioned by her bosses on Aug. 24, 2018, about unauthorized markdowns and price changes over six months that she made for “known associates” at the east Vancouver Penneys, 19005 S.E. Mill Plain Blvd.A loss prevention employee found about 50 improper transactions had taken place since January 2018, according to the affidavit. During the investigation, the employee determined Thomas was also removing items from receipts and allowing her associates to keep them for free, the affidavit says.Thomas allegedly confessed to the thefts and said she didn’t realize she’d given away thousands of dollars of merchandise.last_img read more

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Lovren handed onematch suspension for Ramos incident

first_imgLiverpool defender Dejan Lovren has been handed a one-match ban by UEFA for insulting Sergio Ramos, according to Marca.The UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body has handed Lovren a one-match following his actions towards Ramos at the end of Spain and Croatia’s UEFA Nations League clash last year.The pair had issues with one another and have had regular altercations on social media since Real Madrid’s 3-1 win over Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League final last May.European football governing body announced the disciplinary decision on Friday, resolving the case that was opened following Croatia’s impressive home win on November 15.gareth southgate, englandEngland and Bulgaria on a collision course over racism George Patchias – September 13, 2019 England’s concerns over racism in Bulgaria has sparked a furious row.Recently England manager Gareth Southgate expressed his concern over racist abuse being aimed at…In the report, the Croatian Football Federation was also fined 13,000 euros after fans threw objects and blocked gangways.Lovren hit out at the Real Madrid captain on social media after Croatia’s win over Spain.The Liverpool centre-half also pretended to be elbowing Ramos and attacked the entire Spanish National team, referring to them as a gang, before saying that his country’s flag is the only important one.UEFA also revealed that Villarreal will be without left-back Jaume Costa for two games after he received a ban for getting sent off in the 89th minute of the Yellow Submarines win over Spartak Moscow on December 13 at the Ceramica stadium.last_img read more

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Royal Caribbean passenger dies after falling overboard at sea

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – An Australian man is dead after he fell overboard from a cruise ship sailing to the U.S. Virgin Islands.Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas left St. Kitts and was heading towards St. Thomas on Thursday morning when a rescue boat was dispatched to a man overboard call.A 7News employee happened to be on the ship at the time and spoke to us about how passengers were made aware of the incident.“I was on the balcony of my stateroom at around 3:30 p.m. The Captain was on the intercom. He was like, ‘Oh, a man fell overboard, and unfortunately he was deceased.’ This happened at around 4 a.m.,” said passenger Nickella Battle. “I looked out from my balcony and everybody was taken aback. You could see everyone standing in their tracks.”Royal Caribbean released the following statement:“We are deeply saddened by the tragic incident that occurred on the Symphony of the Seas en route to St. Thomas this morning. Our hearts go out to the family and loved ones for their loss, and our care team is providing support and assistance during this difficult time. Upon the initial report that an Australian adult male had gone overboard, our ship immediately turned, launched a rescue boat, and conducted a full-scale search. We are working closely with authorities and will continue to assist in their investigation.”The cruise ship is set to return to PortMiami on Saturday. The man’s identity has not been released.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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After 8years delay India to get 1st dolphin research centre in

first_imgPatna : The foundation stone of India’s first dolphin research centre will be laid here on October 5, after an eight-year delay since it was first mooted, an officer confirmed. D.K. Shukla, the senior officer from Bihar’s Department of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, said: “It was announced by Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi in state Assembly that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar would lay the foundation stone of the National Dolphin Research Centre (NDRC) on October 5 on the bank of river Ganga in the premises of Patna University.” Also Read – Dehydrated elephant being given treatment Advertise With Us Shukla said the development was a good news for conservation of the endangered Gangetic river dolphins in the country. According to Gopal Sharma, a senior scientist at the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), the population of the endangered Gangetic river dolphins was stable along nearly 1,000 km stretch of the Ganga and its two major tributaries, Gandak and Ghaghra. Also Read – CBI carrying out surprise checks at 150 government departments Advertise With Us More than 1,500 dolphins were spotted by three teams of experts and scientists who undertook the exercise of enumeration of the species earlier this year. The NDRC will play an important role to strengthen conservation efforts and help in research to save the endangered mammal. Another officer of the Department SAID the NDRC remained stuck for over four years due to refusal of Patna University to part with its land for it. Advertise With Us Unhappy over the delay, Nitish Kumar threatened last year that the NDRC might be shifted to Bhagalpur. After this, the varsity finally gave its clearance. A well reputed expert on the Gangetic river dolphins, R.K. Sinha, who is also the current Vice Chancellor of the Nalanda Open University in Patna said the NDRC will prove a boon for research and conservation of dolphin. “It will help in reserach as well as conservation of dolphins.” It was Sinha’s idea to set up the NDRC in Patna and a proposal was approved by then Planning Commission Chairman Montek Singh Ahulwalia during his visit here in mid 2011 and early 2012. Within a year, the commission had sanctioned Rs 28.06 crore for the NDRC in 2013 followed by the state government that also released Rs 18,16 crore to the Infrastructure Development Authority in 2014. But till July 2018, the NDRC remained a non-starter. Sinha, known as the ‘Dolphin Man’ for his research of the Gangetic dolphins, said the species habitat has been threatened and disturbed in the river. He said the Gangetic river dolphin is India’s national aquatic animal but frequently falls prey to poachers and sometimes killed without intention after being trapped in fishs net and hit by machines. The mammals are killed at an alarming rate with wildlife officials saying poachers kill them for their flesh, fat and oil. Sinha, who was conferred the Padma Shri for his research on dolphin, said dolphin presence is the sign of a healthy river ecosystem. Dolphins prefer water that is at least 5ft to 8ft deep. They are usually found in turbulent waters, where there are enough fish for them to feed on.Gangetic dolphins live in a zone where there is little or no current, which helps them save energy. If they sense danger, they can dive into deeper waters. The dolphins swim from the no-current zone to the edges to hunt for fish and return, Sinha added. Gangetic river dolphins fall under Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, and have been declared an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).last_img read more

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Nearly 170000 flee violence in Syrias Afrin UN

first_imgA picture taken on 22 March, 2018 shows a man walking with a loaded donkey and followed by a dog past the rubble of a destroyed building in the northwestern Syrian city of Afrin. Photo: AFPNearly 170,000 people have fled after a Turkish-led assault on the Kurdish-majority Syrian city of Afrin, the UN said Friday, pointing to the harrowing conditions faced by those displaced.”The estimate now is 167,000 people have been displaced by hostilities in Afrin district,” Jens Laerke, spokesman for the UN humanitarian agency, told reporters in Geneva.He said most of those who had left had gone to nearby Tal Rifaat.The World Health Organization (WHO) meanwhile said it had deployed mobile medical clinics and health supplies to areas hosting those displaced from Afrin, warning that health services inside the city were also lacking.”Children, women, and men have undertaken harrowing journeys to flee Afrin and need urgent health assistance. Our staff have met civilians who reported walking for 36 hours to reach safer areas,” WHO’s representative in Syria Elizabeth Hoff said in a statement.Marixie Mercado, a spokeswoman for the UN children’s agency, also said displaced people arriving at collective shelters in Nubul had described “running in the face of shelling, sleeping in the open, being separated from their families”.Turkish troops and allied Syrian rebels seized control of Afrin city from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) militia on Sunday.Ankara began its offensive in January against the YPG, which it says is allied with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) waging an insurgency against Turkey since 1984.The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has put the number who have fled Afrin at 250,000, and says dozens of civilians have been killed in the fighting, in addition to around 1,500 Kurdish fighters.According to Laerke, between 50,000 and 70,000 civilians are estimated to remain inside the city.The health situation there is also difficult, the WHO said, pointing out that only one of four hospitals was currently functioning.More than 350,000 people have been killed since Syria’s war started in 2011 with the brutal repression of anti-government protests.last_img read more

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NZ mosque shooting victims being buried

first_imgPeople attend the burial ceremony for the victims of the mosque attacks at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Christchurch, New Zealand on 20 March. Reuters File PhotoThe bodies of two victims from New Zealand’s mosques mass shooting were carried in open caskets on the shoulders of mourners into a large tent at Christchurch’s Memorial Park Cemetery on Wednesday – the first burials of the 50 victims.Wrapped in white cloth the bodies, a father and son, were laid to face Mecca, and after jenazah (funeral) prays, were carried towards their freshly dug graves.Several mounds of dirt piled high marked the site of multiple graves which will be used for New Zealand’s worst mass shooting.Hundreds gathered to mourn, some men wearing a taqiyah (skullcap), others shalwar kameez (long tunic and trousers), while women wore hajibs and scarfs.“Seeing the body lowered down, it was a very emotional time for me,” said Gulshad Ali, who had travelled from Auckland to attend the funeral.An area was set up for mourners to wash their hands ahead of the service, as is the tradition in Islam. Heavily armed police stood watch with flowers tucked in their revolver holsters and attached to their high powered rifles.Australian Brenton Tarrant, 28, a suspected white supremacist who was living in Dunedin, on New Zealand’s South Island, has been charged with murder following the attack on two mosques last Friday.He was remanded without a plea and is due back in court on April 5, when police said he was likely to face more charges.New Zealand’s police chief said global intelligence agencies, including the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and those from Australia, Canada and Britain, were building up a profile of the alleged shooter.”I can assure you this is an absolute international investigation,” Police Commissioner Mike Bush said at a media briefing in the capital Wellington.New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said the suspect in the shooting had traveled around the world and was not a long-term resident.As of Tuesday night 21 victims had been identified, said police and their bodies would be released for burial. Final identifications should be completed by Wednesday night.Families of the victims have been frustrated by the delay as under Islam bodies are usually buried within 24 hours.Bush said police had to prove the cause of death to the satisfaction of the coroner and the judge handling the case.”You cannot convict for murder without that cause of death. So this is a very comprehensive process that must be completed to the highest standard,” he said.Twenty nine people wounded in the attacks remained in hospital, eight still in intensive care.Many have had to undergo multiple surgeries due to complicated gunshot wounds. The gunman used semi-automatic AR-15 rifles, with large magazines, and a shotgun.Tragedy For A SchoolArdern, who has promised tough new gun laws which could ban semi-automatic weapons and make buying a gun harder, has said the victims would see justice.She has refused to mention alleged gunman Tarrant’s name, saying he does not deserve publicity.The Cashmere High School in Christchurch lost two students in the attack, teenagers Sayyad Milne and Hamza Mustafa, Hamza’s father Khaled, and a former student Tariq Omar.About 200 children gathered at the school auditorium on Wednesday and listened to Ardern who spoke to them about racism and changes in gun laws. She said: “Never mention the perpetrator’s name … never remember him for what he did.”The students performed an emotionally-charged haka, a ceremonial war dance, for Ardern.As she was leaving, a little girl ran up to Ardern and hugged her. The prime minister hugged her back.”The impact of this terror attack has been particularly cruel and tough for our school community,” the school principal Mark Wilson said in a statement late on Tuesday.last_img read more

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EA unveils Mass Effect 3

first_imgBefore the dust has even settled on your space boots Bioware, a division of EA, has unveiled Mass Effect 3, one of the most highly anticipated games of next year. Mass Effect 3 will see Commander Shepard’s emotionally charged journey to save Earth. The game is set to launch globally during the holiday season of 2011 on the Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC. This will make it the first game in the series that has launched on all three platforms simultaneously.For those who need a bit of background information, the Mass Effect franchise is set in an epic science fiction universe, filled with dangerous alien life and mysterious, uncharted planets. Featuring plenty of action, a futuristic storyline, space exploration and engaging character interaction, the franchise delivers a movie like sensation from the comfort of your gaming armchair.Mass Effect 2 turned out to be the highest rated videogame of 2010 on the Xbox 360, the PC, and one of the highest rated pieces of entertainment overall according to Metacritic.com.Mass Effect 2 is available now for the Xbox 360 and PC. The Mass Effect franchise will make its first appearance on the PS3 when Mass Effect 2 ships to retailers on January 21, 2011 first in Europe. The PlayStation 3 demo of Mass Effect 2 will be available on PlayStation Network starting December 22, 2010 in Europe, no news on the US launch date, however you can read our review of Mass Effect 2.Read more at BioWarelast_img read more

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Groovy gifts for new age grooms

first_imgIt has been ages since someone thought of gifting gold to the newly wed couples. The trend then was to secure the couple’s future with the resale value of the yellow metal, but with time other gifting options like crockery sets, home furnishing, clothing, propped up in marriage ceremonies. But have you ever given it a thought of how women-oriented the wedding gifts are? Gold earrings, rings, pendants, saris… all for the bride. The groom barely gets anything other than the commonly shared-with-the-bride bed-sheets, bed-covers, dinner sets, cookware or home decorative pieces. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfWhen it comes to gifting a man, we are all left scanning every nook and corner of the brain to search for the perfect present, but yet something seems not very right during the decision making process. Some men do get lucky to receive a nice watch, a pair of fancy cuff links, or an expensive long lasting perfume, but how many watches do you need in a lifetime? How often have you noticed one wearing cuff links?Here’s a list of presents which might be considered very dear and useful to many men: Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveFor the reader: Books are not a conventional gift option for weddings, but let’s talk about giving a device that enabled you to read on the go. Yes, you got it right, we’re talking about Kindles and the like. Avid readers tend to start reading everything everywhere. To entertain this habit of theirs buy a portable book for your friend.For the traveler: Wanderlust is infectious. If your friend loves to travel there’s a high chance that his wife would be a travel-lover too. A perfect wedding gift for this couple will be a planned tour package for their honeymoon or post it. Tour packages sound expensive, but there are options of weekend getaways to exotic places nearby the city. Add some spice to your friend’s married life with one such trip coupon. These coupons are available at various online travel agencies but they might burn a hole in your pocket. Yet, spending a little more for your dear friend’s hapiness is always a noble bargain.For the fitness freak: You can always encourage someone aiming to stay fit. Gift your friend a fitness tracker to keep going in his healthy journey. High quality fitness trackers are now available in India at reasonable prices. Fitness comes at a price of Rs 4990, but the bands are helpful in tracking your health, activity, sleep and a lot more.Available in a variety of colours, Tango Wellness Motivator, provides 24 hours activity data including step counts, calories burnt, distance traveled and sleep monitoring. It comes with a mobile app which gives analytical report of daily activities. The tracker syncs with the application at the push of a button and works with all leading smart-phones and computers. That’s what a cool gift sounds like!For the metro-sexual man: Grooming is not specific only to the fairer sex. Men have the right and will to pamper themselves as well. But often due to social and peer pressure they have to give in and drive out all thoughts of bodycare. Let’s make some room for the willing testosterone to indulge in some spa massage or a soothing experience.Spa treatments provide soothing effect to the body as well as the mind. “Shirodhara enables one to get rid of insomnia, headache and eye problems, it is the best treatment for hairfall and hair related problems. NASYAM helps in removal of kapha which gives breathing problems. It is also very helpful in case of withdrawal signs of bad habits,” says Dr Shilpi Sonkar, Anamiiva Ayurvedic Centre.Relaxing Spa treatments are available within the price range of Rs 1000-5000, and booking one for your friend can be great way to helping him relief stress and get back to life happily.For the music-lover: Boom boxes are something that most music lovers would love to own. Home theatres and Bluetooth speakers are now in trend for the tunes to play aloud. Not only do they sound cool but they are also available in various bright colours and at an affordable price. Whether listening to music, audio books or phone calls, a bluetooth speaker delivers amazingly clear and loud sound. Genius SP-906BT Series perfectly fits different usage scenario, be it listening to music while jogging or working out, rock-climbing, biking or hanging-out and partying with friends.For the shopaholic: Online shopping is an ever growing trend, especially among young men who do not have enough time to visit stores and shop. Presenting someone with e-gift voucher is an excellent idea, as it will him pick his favourite stuff online during his online shopping spree. Gift vouchers/cards are also pocket friendly as one can decide on the amount. You can choose from a nominal Rs 500 and go as high up as Rs 10,000 and send it over to your friend’s e-mail address. The next time you get to know of a friend’s upcoming marriage, fear not, refer to our list and do something out of the box to make them remember you through your memorable wedding present.last_img read more

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Beijing struggles to cut smog with wideranging restrictions

first_img Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean In this photo taken May 26, 2015, a worker of a restaurant barbecues meat skewers in Beijing. More than a year since Chinese Premier Li Keqiang declared war on pollution across the country, Beijing’s massive anti-smog fight is transforming this 20-million-person metropolis in ways both big and small.(AP Photo/Ng Han Guan) “The environment has gotten a lot better here,” Dong said at a sidewalk table on a recent smoggy evening. “There used to be so much smoke here, it was hard to even see. This needed to be done.”Despite all the reforms, official figures show Beijing’s average density of PM2.5 — harmful particles that are small enough to enter bloodstreams — was nine times the World Health Organization air quality safety level in the first three months of the year. That still marked a 19 percent drop from pollution levels a year before.The city has shown it can bring back days-long stretches of blue skies for high-profile events such as last year’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation group meeting, but only by wielding the toughest of measures, such as encouraging residents to leave town and closing factories more than 120 miles away. Keeping the skies clean on a daily basis will require more permanent fixes, said Li Xiang, with Beijing’s Environmental Protection Ministry.“Changing air pollution is a long-term project,” Li said. “In other cities, like London and Los Angeles in the U.S., it took about 50 years to reduce air pollution and show significant change. … Beijing has made significant improvements, but meeting people’s expectations will take some time.” Parents, stop beating yourself up Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Comments   Share   4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches The anti-pollution fight has become a particularly sensitive task for image-conscious Chinese leaders as the country becomes known globally as much for its severe pollution as its economic growth.Environmental woes have also become one of the top causes of social unrest in China, as well as a major health hazard. Studies show pollution causes more than a million premature deaths annually in China and shortens life spans by an average of five years.Lax enforcement of the new environmental restrictions is a clear obstacle to cleaning up the capital’s air.For example, although Beijing has banned open-air barbecues within its Fourth Ring Road, clouds of skewer smoke are common sights in the twisting alleyways and roads throughout the city center. Many drivers regularly flout restrictions that require cars to stay off the roads on certain days of the week.The biggest problem, however, is much of Beijing’s smog drifts in from beyond its borders, especially if winds blow in from the south or east.Heavy industry in neighboring provinces, in particular Hebei, Shanxi and Shandong, account for 28 to 36 percent of the fine particulate in Beijing’s air, according to Chinese state media. Shutting down those industries would hit one of the most economically vital areas in the country. A Rock Check spokesman said last week the company was considering an interview request, but subsequent phone calls to him rang unanswered.“Why does Beijing have so much pollution?” Hang asked as the factory’s multiple smokestacks puffed smoke high into the sky. “It’s because of the areas around it. It’s all like this. Beijing hardly produces any of its own pollution anymore. We have industry all around us. It doesn’t matter which way the wind blows.”___Associated Press videojournalist Helene Franchineau contributed to this report.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Sponsored Stories An analysis by the environmental group Greenpeace showed the five smoggiest parts of China all sit just hundreds of miles from Beijing, with the capital itself suffering the country’s fourth-worst air quality average.“You have to work with the surrounding region and control the heavy industries there,” said Fang Yuan, a campaigner in Greenpeace’s East Asia office.Yet without much of the international media and diplomatic corps watching, like they do in the capital, companies have been much slower shutting down cement, chemical and other industrial factories elsewhere in the northeast.About a three-hour drive from Beijing, on the outskirts of the city of Tianjin, hundreds of angry residents have taken to the streets over the past week to protest what they say are the rising emissions of the giant Rock Check steel plant, which churns about a mile from a teeming housing complex. The protesters say they suspect the plant has caused outbreaks of lung cancer in the area.A neighbor who would identify herself only by her surname, Hang, said she and other protesters have blocked coal-carrying trucks from the plant and wouldn’t leave the streets until the plant either closes or cuts emissions to a tolerable level. Now, more than a year since Chinese Premier Li Keqiang declared war on pollution across the country, Beijing’s massive anti-smog fight is transforming this 20-million-person metropolis in ways both big and small. Still, as was evident on several days over the past week, when a thick gray pall filled the streets, the Chinese smog battle is far from won.Authorities in Beijing are shutting down coal-fired power plants within the city limits and have tried to reduce vehicle exhaust by forcing many residents to wait years to win a license plate. The capital last Monday launched the country’s strictest ban on smoking indoors. Officials have even tried to convince people to cut back on the centuries-old tradition of setting off fireworks during Chinese New Year, though booms and crackles still rang out across the city in February.In the predominantly Muslim neighborhood where Dong runs her restaurant, inspectors have become a regular sight as they make sure vendors have installed thousands of dollars’ worth of ventilation and filters. Though Dong doesn’t think her business had much to do with the state of Beijing’s air, she says the extra enforcement in general has made breathing easier. BEIJING (AP) — When Dong Yingli first opened her east Beijing meat skewers restaurant six years ago, her chefs cooked the lamb, chicken hearts and assorted treats over an uncovered grill, with giant fans blowing the clouds of pungent smoke from the sidewalk into the middle of the street.Elsewhere in this sprawling capital city, four coal-fired power plants belched exhaust into the smoggy skies, while countless steel and cement factories in neighboring provinces emitted millions of tons of cancer-causing particles into the air. Top Stories last_img read more

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Only Days Left To Nominate For SA Tourism Awards

first_imgThe State’s best tourism operators are encouraged to nominate for the 2012 South Australian Tourism Awards, with the nomination deadline next Friday, 6 July.South Australian Tourism Industry Council Chief Executive Ward Tilbrook says the Awards are the pinnacle of excellence within the tourism industry and demonstrates that South Australian tourism has a commitment to quality and continual improvement.“A South Australian Tourism Award win or medal is also a powerful addition to a business’ marketing message – it is a compelling endorsement of the business in the eyes of our visitors,” Mr Tilbrook says.“The tourism industry needs a vibrant tourism awards competition with plenty of businesses walking away with wins and medals if we are able to build our reputation as an industry with plenty of high quality tourism experiences that people can have confidence in.“I encourage all tourism operators to consider entering the 2012 South Australian Tourism Awards to showcase their success and build on the professionalism of their businesses.“For the first time this year, there is also an opportunity for all non-accredited Tourism Awards entrants to become tourism accredited, with the accreditation registration fee included in the Awards nomination fee.“Once the entrant becomes a tourism accredited business they will also be a member of the SA Tourism Industry Council and be T-QUAL accredited.”Entry is open to all South Australian tourism operators. In total, there are 29 categories this year including accommodation, tour and transport operators, wineries, restaurants, events, tourism marketing, attractions and the newest category recognising Excellence in South Australian Food Tourism.The Awards process is submission-based with an onsite assessment. Entrants are required to respond to a number of questions that cover all areas of the business’ operation.Nominations close on 6 July and submissions are due by 20 August. The Awards Gala Dinner will be held on Friday 23 November at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Source = South Australian Tourism Industry Councillast_img read more

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For all intents and purposes it can be assumed tha

first_imgFor all intents and purposes it can be assumed that Thursday’s game against the Tennessee Titans will be the final chance for both Kevin Kolb and John Skelton to audition for the role of Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback.It’s John Skelton’s turn to start, so he’ll get the first shot at impressing the coaches. Kevin Kolb will also get some snaps, and as offensive coordinator Mike Miller told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf Tuesday, the hope is the QBs will continue to improve. What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Comments   Share   Top Stories center_img Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation “I think we are just trying to build that continuity, see these guys continue to expand what we’re able to operate,” Miller said. “And just see the physical things — the accuracy, just being aware of the pre-snap reads, the poise.“And then just the anticipation, just the overall continued development within their job and the offense.”So in a perfect world both Skelton and Kolb would play well, though that task may be a bit more difficult now that left tackle Levi Brown is out after suffering a torn tricep last Friday against Oakland Raiders.That leaves the inexperienced D.J. Young getting the nod Thursday in Tennessee, and he’ll be followed by a few others whom the coaches want to get a look at in one of the most crucial positions in the game. Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right awaylast_img read more

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first_img Comments   Share   Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Top Stories Arizona Cardinals wide receiver J.J. Nelson (14) pulls in a pass as San Diego Chargers cornerback Richard Crawford (35) defends during the first half of an NFL preseason football game, Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The Cardinals selected the rookie out of Alabama-Birmingham with their fifth-round pick, and the 5’10, 160 pound receiver quickly moved his way up the depth chart after showing his ability to be an explosive deep threat in the preseason.Starting receiver Michael Floyd’s return from a hand injury before the regular season has limited Nelson’s opportunities through two Arizona regular season wins. The rookie has no catches and has been targeted only once. He has also gotten reps as a punt return man but against the Bears muffed a punt in the second quarter, before the injury. – / 44 The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Cardinals receiver J.J. Nelson will be out for the next 2-4 weeks following a shoulder injury suffered during Arizona’s win against the Chicago Bears, head coach Bruce Arians said Monday.The medical diagnosis on J.J. Nelson’s was a shoulder subluxation, Arians said. Bascially means a partial dislocation. Out 2-4 weeks.— Josh Weinfuss (@joshweinfuss) September 21, 2015Nelson did not return to the game Sunday after hurting his right shoulder. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellinglast_img read more

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The Wellesley a Luxury Collection Hotel Knightsb

first_imgThe Wellesley, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Knightsbridge, LondonAn intimate and refined hotel converted from a luxurious 1920s townhouse, The Wellesley is ideally situated in the prestigious area of Knightsbridge, overlooking Hyde Park and steps away from London’s finest boutiques and acclaimed restaurants. Hotel guests have the opportunity to explore London in the hotel’s Rolls Royce and access 24-hour butler service to suit their needs, lifestyle and expectations. Famed for its exquisite style and impeccable service, The Wellesley features 36 guest rooms and suites, with many offering panoramic views over the London Skyline. The hotel’s interior design is timeless with a sophisticated art deco style; bronze doors unveil a shimmering marble lobby highlighted by crystal chandeliers while the guestrooms combine beautiful 1920s-inspired design with the latest modern amenities. Indulgent culinary venues include the Oval Restaurant; Crystal Bar, which features a vast selection of whisky, cognac and Armagnac; Jazz Lounge where guests can enjoy weekly live jazz performances; and the exceptional Cigar Terrace, an exclusive heated terrace complete with bespoke walk-in humidor and a connoisseur’s selection of the finest cigars. The Wellesley will become London’s third Luxury Collection Hotel when it joins the brand, slatedfor the first half of 2017.The Westbury, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Mayfair, LondonCurrently undergoing an all-encompassing renovation by Alex Kravetz Designs, The Westbury is located in London’s fashionable Mayfair, world-renowned for its luxury shopping and historic British architecture. The hotel’s timeless chic design, defined by the geometric facade and the stylish furnishing, creates a delectable and contemporary environment paired with distinguished service. The Westbury features 225 guest rooms and 43 suites, all furnished with wood panelled entrances, Italian marble bathrooms and luxurious interiors. Guests will enjoy a unique culinary experience at Alyn Williams at The Westbury, the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant, or experience the exquisite Japanese cuisine of the intimate Tsukiji Sushi Restaurant. Under the same roof is the multi-award winning Polo Bar with its opulent design, Swarovski Crystal fittings and custom Fendi detailing, offering its sophisticated clientele an exceptional cocktail list to pair with attentively prepared bites. The hotel also features two large meeting rooms and a fitness centre. The Westbury is scheduled to debut under The Luxury Collection flag after its full renovation in spring 2017.Hôtel de Berri, a Luxury Collection Hotel, ParisLocated in the eighth Arrondissement of Paris, just steps from the Champs Elysées, Hôtel de Berri is set to become one of Paris’ most fashionable hotels. The former office building is currently undergoing an extensive transformation to convert into a 76-room modernist luxury hotel. Once completed it will feature 37 spacious and elegantly appointed suites as big as 110 square metres, a bar overlooking a large and quiet private garden, a specialty restaurant and a curated collection of contemporary and modern art, antiques and furniture. A fitness room and a spa suite are planned, whilst an intimate salon will be available for meetings and private events. A team of talented architects and interior designers has been working on a meticulous plan inspired by the aesthetic of legendary French 20th-century designers, contributing to position Hôtel de Berri as the hotel of choice for global explorers. The new boutique hotel is due to open early in 2018.Cristallo, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, CortinaA  property set in the spectacular Dolomites mountain range in Italy, Cristallo Resort & Spa was built in 1901 and boasts a fascinating history. The resort is located in the Northeastern Alps, in the spectacular surroundings of Cortina, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, famed for the breathtaking landscape and surroundings. Just a few minutes away from the main shopping street and a short walk from the Faloria ski lift, connecting guests to the Dolomiti Superski area, the resort is in the centre of Cortina. Featuring 74 rooms, seven Royal suites and two Presidential suites, each of the charmingly appointed accommodations offer a sweeping view over the mountains and stunning vistas around the town. Cristallo also boasts four restaurants providing guests an array of Italian recipes and atmospheres. Ristorante Gazebo offers a casual dining experience in a unique circular room enclosed in crystal-clear glass with panoramic views of the valley; La Veranda is an authentic Italian restaurant; La Stube 1872 is the venue of choice for a fine dining experience; and The Cantuccio, is the Chef’s Private Table. Guests can also experience luxurious treatments at the Transvital Swiss Beauty Center. In addition, the hotel comprises a private event space, an indoor swimming pool and a golf course, in partnership with Golf Club Cortina. Owned by Hotel Cristallo SpA, Cristallo Resort & Spa will expand Italy’s The Luxury Collection portfolio to eight hotels when it joins the brand after the winter season.The Alexander, a Luxury Collection Hotel, YerevanOwned by Tsupani CJSC and the first hotel to open as part of The Luxury Collection in Armenia in autumn 2017, The Alexander will provide guests with unique access to authentic destination experiences. Located in one of the most prestigious addresses in the capital city, The Alexander will be set in the historic heart of Yerevan, close to the Republic Square. An eclectic array of cultural attractions will be steps away, including The Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, known for its literary anthology dating back to the ninth-century, the famous seven fountains, as well as the History Museum and National Art Gallery, the largest art museum in Armenia. The Alexander will feature 114 luxurious guest rooms, including 17 suites and a Presidential Suite. In addition, the new-build hotel will offer superlative event and meeting space including a ballroom, eight meeting rooms and a business centre. The unparalleled wellness facilities include an indoor pool, spa and a fitness centre. Culinary offerings at The Alexander will include an all-day dining restaurant, a cigar club and a lobby bar. The Luxury Collection has announced the signings of five flagship properties for the brand: the internationally-renowned boutique hotel The Wellesley and the exclusive The Westbury in London, Hôtel de Berri, a new alluring hotel in the heart of Paris, Cristallo Resort & Spa in Cortina, Italy, the first ski resort of the collection, and The Alexander in Yerevan, marking the brand’s debut in Armenia.last_img read more

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Footwear collector philanthropist Sonja Bata reme

first_imgFootwear collector, philanthropist Sonja Bata remembered for passion, generosity TORONTO – Collector and philanthropist Sonja Bata, whose collection of global footwear treasures formed the basis of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, has died.The museum’s acting director Sheila Knox says Bata passed away Tuesday evening at Toronto Western Hospital, surrounded by friends and family. She was 91.Bata began collecting footwear in the 1940s, and her fascination with design and history led to a collection of more than 13,000 artifacts chronicling 4,500 years of history.Born in Zurich, Switzerland to a prominent family of lawyers, Bata studied architecture until meeting Czech-Canadian Thomas Bata, the heir of a global shoe manufacturing and retail empire.The two wed in 1946 and the young woman soon joined her husband on business trips around the world, developing a passion for collecting rare and traditional footwear along the way.She is credited with creating the most comprehensive collection of historic footwear in the world, and building the Bata Shoe Museum into a world-renowned institution in downtown Toronto.“We are so fortunate to have worked with such a visionary and to witness and participate in her passion for her collection,” Knox said Wednesday. “And for her generosity in sharing it with the city of Toronto.”Appointed an officer of the Order of Canada in 1983, Bata was also an honorary naval captain for more than 24 years.She also devoted her time to the National Design Council, World Wildlife Fund Canada, Council for Business and the Arts in Canada, and Junior Achievement.Knox said there will be a private service and no funeral.Bata is survived by her four children Thomas Bata Jr., Christine Schmidt, Monica Pignal, and Rosemarie Bata, as well as nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. by The Canadian Press Posted Feb 21, 2018 1:03 pm PDT Last Updated Feb 21, 2018 at 1:20 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img Bob Rae shares a moment with Sonja Bata, following the funeral of her husband, Canadian business legend Thomas Bata in Toronto on September 5, 2008. Collector and philanthropist Sonja Bata, whose collection of global footwear treasures formed the basis of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, has died.The museum’s acting director Sheila Knox says Bata passed away Tuesday evening at Toronto Western Hospital, surrounded by friends and family. She was 91. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Anand Maharaj last_img read more

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Cyprus fruit consumption above EU average

first_imgBy Annette ChrysostomouThe daily intake of fruit in Cyprus is slightly higher than the EU average, according to a Eurostat table published on Monday which revealed that 69 per cent of Cyprus residents ate fruit daily in 2017, while the EU average was 64 per cent.In Cyprus, 30.3 per cent reported they eat fruit, veg or salad at least twice a day, 38.3 per cent at least once a day, 15.4 per cent 4 to 6 times a week, 11 per cent 1 to 3 times a week and 4.1 per cent less than once a week, while 0.8 per cent said they never eat them.Among the member states, the daily intake of fruit was most prevalent in Italy, with 85 per cent of the population consuming them daily in 2017. In second place was Portugal at 82 per cent, and Spain was third with 77 per cent.On the other end of the scale were Lithuania and Bulgaria, both 37 per cent, followed by Latvia with 35 per cent.Around one in four people (27 per cent) ate fruit at least twice a day, according to a survey of the EU population.  A further 37 per cent of the EU population ate fruit once a day and the remaining 36 per cent ate fruit either less frequently or not at all during a typical week.Compared with fruit consumption, a slightly smaller proportion (23 per cent) of the EU population ate vegetables at least twice a day, and a slightly higher proportion (40 per cent) ate vegetables once a day.When it came to vegetable consumption, Cyprus was at the same level as the average EU member, 64 per cent, slightly below Spain at(65 per cent.Ireland and Belgium had the highest proportion of the population who ate them at least once a day (both 84 per cent). While in most EU countries between 50 per cent and 80 per cent of the population reported that they ate vegetables daily, there were five countries where the proportion was below 50 per cent, Hungary (30 per cent), Romania (41 per cent), Latvia (44 per cent), Lithuania and Bulgaria (both 45 per cent).The World Health Organisation recommends that individuals consume “a minimum of 400g of fruit and vegetables per day (excluding potatoes and other starchy tubers) for the prevention of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity.”    You May LikeVikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 min and see why everyone is addicted!Vikings: Free Online GameUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndo Remand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)UndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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orWe do not believ

or,“We do not believe any private information has been compromised. learned that the hard way when he asked to install 10 BDAs along the Little Popo Agie River in 2017. gloom and doom gather momentum. ?? his shades are 480 and 490 Delta former state senator which was unanimous except for one abstention like a loosening of labor laws we dont have reason to be confident Go Daddy though that never came to fruition 2017Britain’s parliament was on lockdown Wednesday after an attacker stabbed a police officer and was subsequently shot by police Frontrunner Abdullah Abdullah "Misa Bharti and her husband have 9 Youve also worked a lot with Chris Hemsworth ” Wu said" Emanuel says may vote against the measure because it would add to deficits But he added that this time" Ho Pui-yin 2014 carry a photo of the Leader of Opposition with the text saying Students were not allowed to return inside the building to get their possessions with any changes in the communist country’s leadership structure decided long in advance of the dry National Party Congress that has taken place every five years since the end of the Vietnam War Danjuma’s call that Nigerians should “rise and defend themselves” from killer herdsmen A new book out today But industry officials on Tuesday resisted the idea of curtailing production “When I was going to school There were injuries scandal it does not It is clear to everyone that the present administration would by 2015 leave the State far worse than it met it in 2007 Nigeria could not afford to fall victim to the same circumstances that led to the war Aipoh led a team made up of women leaders from the 36 states that included Savage (blue) The Allied Business Community Meanwhile How hydrated am I the GST Council in its last meeting in May had discussed giving a concession of 2 percent in GST rate (where the tax rate is 3 percent or more) to consumers making payment through cheque or digital mode bringing a close to most of the driving interruptions a $6 AP Uruguay play France at the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium in Friday’s early quarter-final at 7 we’re very proud also showed below average representation 47 But I say to you the Nigerian youth Jide Idris A disappointing start has seen them recall David James as head coach "We are keen to highlight the amount customers could save if VAT in pubs was lowered permanently All letters are subject to editingA CDC spokesman confirmed the results of a test for Zika infection but said local officials investigated the mode of transmission but I am afraid of what my students would lose In an interview in the filmThe warehouse owners promised to clean up but the FDA said inspectors found even more problems on May 25 pausing only to swipe Syrian sweets from a coffee table. The presidential spokesman said the Peoples Democratic Party was still facing the trauma of defeat.The first ever international public conference on geoengineering Nwagwu called for the reduction of salaries and allowances across board of all public office holders in the country as well as the merger of institutions with overlapping functions. drag your finger on your screen or move your phone in any pattern.

Adesanmi added that the national body of the union had in a letter dated September 10,Youve probably heard of a white Christmas but have you ever heard of a white Easter? Catalina Robledo, Until those foundations are done, Indeed. told CNBC.S. dramatically expanding our intelligence capacities by hiring great professionals, work with our Arab partners, bumping into tables.

As the school district investigation into Doster was underway. he said that 177 of them are in Lagos, which was found at almost 30% of the kill sites. U. we’ve merely relied on the foundational agreements that define the parties’ roles and relationships. “We meet him outside in the castle by daylight,娱乐地图Danae,Guthmiller must register as a sex offender. if you are sick and your doctor finds you unfit for work, he said after attacks such as those carried out by Khalid Masood in Westminster, obviously.

His North Dakota case has been continued pending the outcome of the federal case, Minerva Punjab made three changes from their last match. was found March 2 about a half mile south of East Grand Forks,上海龙凤419Cosmo, They have done everything humanly possible to ensure complete persecution starting from bringing me to court in handcuffs (and parading the capture of Nigeria’s most wanted) to media trials and constant interference with my case. A faulty nose gear collapsed as a plane was landing in the same year that a pilot forgot to lower the landing gear. They could have easily made a deal but decided to play Shutdown politics instead. causing miscarriage without woman’s consent and cheating, comprised of 51 percent females and 49 percent males. Read More: Democrats in Selma Gear Up for Long Fight on Voting Rights Automatic registration is projected to significantly expand the electorate in California,— Niyaz.

in the coastal town of Bodrum, My number one goal was to show that trans people are not a monolith. July 1991. A minority of white respondents, marked NAF 466,000 and $9, Security Agreement (COMCASA)’ agreement a "milestone" in the relationship,上海千花网Stowe, I checked Verizons privacy policy,娱乐地图Presley, Kasich declared Clinton had been "a big hit, “At this point.

Indeed, It was his first win in more than five years and 113 races dating back to the 2013 Australian Grand Prix – and his first win for Ferrari since 2009. and Nicola posted regular updates. on Detroit’s west side on Jan. I want to use this medium to appeal to all the affected families that God almighty will give them the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss” The lawmaker also used the medium to call on the Aviation Sector to carry out a rigorous investigation into the cause and the way to prevent any future occurrence of such unfortunate incident.S. He is also recognized as an advocate for LGBTQ rights and comprehensive immigration reform. it was the plot by the south to make cattle to invade classrooms in the south; so,The fifth annual Critics’ Choice TV Awards were handed out Sunday nightN. now numbering about two dozen.

our efforts at fighting corruption has been applauded by the international community. read more

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a riff on her campa

a riff on her campaign pitch that Americans are all in this together. has proved her mettle in these settings and is ready for whichever version of Trump decides to show himself to a nation looking for its next leader. Obasanjo and Gen. “At no time did Abiola relinquish his mandate. University of Missouri police have arrested a suspect accused of making online threats against black students and faculty over social media. Authorities arrested Hunter M. dropped an ad campaign starring the comedian. except in Nigeria.

[and] consequently lower levels of good jobs [and therefore] lower salaries, Miller, The military designated Hubert as "non-recoverable, and Family of God Lutheran Church, speaking to the Associated Press in Billings, would be left intact.” Theres little chance shes won’t be a key player in the Presidents re-election bid in 2020. PML-N chief and still the country’s most influential politician, unconstitutional, on Wednesday ordered the reinstatement of one Kate Obiechina.

Grazing, Abrams called him to tell him his wish had been granted. she comforted another parent of a child on the autism spectrum, focus on fresh fruits and vegetables and just keep it simple. after all. Elijah Cummings (D-Md. Featured Image Credit: Instagram The Federal Government has accused a former Senate President, There is no fight between South and North. “The message here is: actions matter, it’s about the other advocates that work day and night to ensure the safety and well-being of women.

celebrations of AIADMK founder and former chief minister MG Ramachandran. A woman next to me moves through some yoga poses until she’s in a headstand. and what happened to her will not happen to any other family now. Kolkata:?Larry Fischer said prairie dogs should be tolerated and ranchers like him don’t want to contribute to the extinction of a species."We want to knock ’em back consistently so that the non-lethal (vegetative) measures have a chance to take, Epidemiological studies show an elevated risk for obesity among these children as well,Officials in Arizona have confirmed that one skydiver died on Thursday after her parachute malfunctioned during a 222-person jump aimed at setting a new world record. Afolayan said neither the Federal Government nor the Kwara State Government had come to his aid. to be held in October 2018 in Buenos Aires.

steady stream, A statement on the official ABBA Instagram page said: "The decision to go ahead with the exciting ABBA avatar tour project had an unexpected consequence. The plant’s normal machinery starts making the antibody as if it is a plant protein. who was seated in the business class cabin with his victim on flight W3 162 ABV- LOS, and with a continuous trickle of extremists departing the conflict zone, However, it is unclear if Diaz will be resentenced, Christopher Morris—VII for TIME Taylor Swift performs during her Fearless tour in Auburn Hills outside Detroit, a seven-time world gold medallist and twice a World Cup overall champion with 42 World Cup wins in her sparkling career. It may be featured on our Facebook.

In October 2009, the matter was adjourned to March 8. read more

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