Horse smuggler talks about drugging animals before illegal slaughter

first_imgTHE HORSEMEAT SCANDAL continues to grow legs with fresh revelations that a smuggling conspiracy has been running for years across Ireland and the UK.BBC Northern Ireland’s Spotlight programme uncovered details about the criminal activity and reporter Jennifer O’Leary spoke with one man who claimed to be involved in a gang.The activities led to horsemeat that was never fit for human consumption entering the food chain. One of the smuggling routes is believed to have started in Ireland but it is still unclear where all this horsemeat has landed.The animals were exported through Belfast.The insider told the BBC that sellers knew why their horses were being bought.“They did know they were going to a factory but they thought they were going for dog food.”He also revealed that forged documentation, bogus microchips and stimulating drugs were used in the process.Those involved would insert bogus microchips under the skin of the horses, according to the gang member. Many of the creatures were also given drugs to make them appear healthier.“Some of them weren’t in the best condition,” he said. “But to stimulate them and get them on their feet again, you’d give them certain cortisone and bute.“If a horse had a heartbeat and could walk, he would stand up on the lorry until he got to England.”Some of the horses were delivered to the Redline Abattoir in Chesire which is being investigated by the Food Standards Agency over “horse passport matters”.The firm’s parent group say they have never knowingly slaughtered an animal with false documentation. It also insists that hundreds of horses have been turned away from the abattoir because of inadequate passports.Passport DatabaseMeanwhile, the suggestion of a national passport database in Ireland has been met with some scepticism by those in the industry.Speaking to Morning Ireland, the director of one of the bodies approved to issue horse passports said that although the plan is worthwhile, it is also incomplete.Tom Reed of Irish Warmblood Stud said, “What is being proposed is a band-aid so the Department can look like it is doing something.”He believes there is an opportunity now – because of the ongoing food industry crisis – to take steps that would put Ireland in the lead within the EU on this issue. And to ensure a stable, transparent and safe food chain.The organisation would like to see just one body issue one type of passport for horses which would include an image of the animal. It has also called for bute audits across the industry.The Irish Cattle and Sheep Association (ICSA) has urged the authorities to seek prosecutions over the horsemeat controversy.President Eddie Punch said that processors had “obviously made mistakes” but also pointed blame towards retailers.“Supermarkets say they are shocked…yet surely they didn’t believe they could sell burgers for the cheap price they were selling them for?”Read: Ikea investigating faecal bacteria found in almond cakeMore: Birds Eye says products containing horse DNA came from Irelandlast_img read more

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MCU News Legion Jessica Jones get trailers Black Panther PushUps More

first_img Marvel just had a big weekend at the movies, but the studio’s TV department is no slouch either. Not everything Marvel Television has produced has been great, but they’ve certainly had more hits than misses. And two of their best shows are seeing their second seasons debut within the next couple months. The first is Jessica Jones. We only have two and a half weeks to go until we catch up with our favorite alcoholic hero for hire. Yeah, as much as the show has fun with that fact, Jessica does have some issues. And in the latest trailer for Season Two, it looks like she’s at least trying to get help.Yeah, this season’s looking real good. There’s no real indication in this trailer of who the villain is or what the main external conflict will be. (We already know Jessica is full of internal conflicts.) It does tell us we’re getting a deeper look at Jessica’s past in this trailer. We also get more Luke Cage, which just makes me happy. I know he and Night Nurse have a thing now, and it looks like Jessica finds a new fling this season, but Luke and Jessica are just perfect together. I admit, I’m biased towards what’s canon in the comics, but if all these Defenders shows don’t end with Jessica and Luke married, I’m going to be very disappointed.Another great thing about this trailer: Jessica kicks so much ass in it. Yes, she’s dealing with some real heavy stuff, but that means she has legitimate reasons to be angry. And as much as group therapy is probably a healthy step forward for her, punching bad guys through walls works a lot quicker. Season One of Jessica Jones remains my favorite Marvel Netflix show, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the second… ever since I finished that first-weekend binge. We won’t have to wait much longer. Jessica Jones Season Two hits Netflix on Friday, March 8.The other series dropping its second season soon is FX’s X-Men-based Legion. A highlight of last year, showrunner Noah Hawley used Marvel Comics characters to tell a completely different kind of superhero story. David Haller, played by Dan Stevens, was diagnosed with schizophrenia that turned out to be, essentially, a powerful, malicious psychic parasite. David had the Shadow King living in his brain, presenting himself as people, dogs, and creepy paper mache murder children. The biggest surprise of the show was Aubrey Plaza, who slowly morphed from funny to creepy to the scariest performance we’ve ever seen from her. Good news. In the trailer for Season Two that came out today, she’s back.She’s still terrifying. This teaser doesn’t tell us too much, but it is a reassurance that the show hasn’t lost its overwhelming, confused sense of reality. The quick cuts and visual effects make you feel like your losing your sense of what’s real and what’s not, which is exactly what Lenny/Shadow King wants. It’s a sign that, even though David defeated Lenny in his head, her effect on him, her torment of him isn’t over. Legion will return to excite, terrify, confuse and overwhelm all of us on April 3.Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 Cover (Art by Trevor von Eeden, via Marvel)Marvel still has plenty of new TV shows to come too. They announced this morning that Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is being developed for TV. It’s going to be an animated series on one of the Disney channel, which is actually a pretty perfect. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is one of those books that doesn’t sell well as individual issues, but the graphic novels are very successful, particularly with younger audiences. Don’t let that stop you from reading it, though. It’s a fantastic comic, and a great example of some of the excellent, original work Marvel comics has been putting out over the last few years.The animated series is produced by Laurence Fishburne and Helen Sugland, of black-ish and grown-ish. It’s about a nine-year-old girl named Lunella Lafayette who saves the world with her dinosaur pal and super-intelligence. It’s a fun comics series, and it should make a perfect show for kids.  It’s still in development at this point, and it hasn’t been decided on which of Disney’s TV networks it’s going to air. It’ll either be on Disney Channel, Disney XD or Disney Junior. I’d probably guess Disney XD, since that’s where most of their Marvel animated series ends up. Depending on how this turns out, I may have to start watching a Disney channel again.Over on the movie side of things, Marvel is riding high off Black Panther’s record-breaking opening weekend. Earning more than $400 million worldwide, it’s now the most successful February debut of all time. With good reason too. It might just be the best film Marvel Studios has put out. As excited as we all are for Avengers: Infinity War in May, it has a really tough act to follow now. Not only in terms of overall quality, but its villain too. Erik Killmonger is the strongest, most well-rounded Marvel villain yet. Thanos has his work cut out for him.Black Panther (Photo via Marvel)A lot of Black Panther’s success can be attributed to its cast. Director Ryan Coogler assembled some phenomenal actors to help bring Wakanda to life. Notably, Michael B. Jordan, who plays Killmonger, and Lupita Nyong’o, who plays Nakia. As commanding as they are on screen, they are hilarious and adorable together off screen. As first revealed during a Twitter Q&A session last week, Jordan lost a bet to Nyong’o at some point during the filming and/or promotion of Black Panther. Jordan owes Nyong’o a certain amount of push-ups, which she can collect at any time no matter what Jordan is doing. She has taken full advantage of her power over her co-star, and Jordan’s been a great sport. As seen in this video Nyong’o shared. Tom Holland Responds to Disney-Sony Spider-Man Feud‘Game of Thrones’ Star Kit Harington Joins Marvel’s &#… Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target They are so cute together, their flirty behavior towards each other has sparked questions about whether or not the two are dating, and if not, why not? We typically don’t cover celebrity dating on this website, but it’s just impossible to see these two interact with each other and not root for them to get together. And besides, you don’t willingly do pushups (and stay on the ground) on command for just anyone. All this means fans on Twitter have been shipping the two actors non-stop and all but begging them to date.Chadwick Boseman in Avengers: Infinity War (Photo: Screenshot via Marvel/YouTube)Black Panther didn’t only set up a possible real-life romance though; it also did a lot to set up Marvels next and biggest movie. As the last movie before Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, had to do a little more than introduce us to new characters and places. While we were engrossed in the story of T’Challa and Killmonger, marveling (ha) at Wakanda and growing ever more enamored with Letitia Wright’s Shuri, Black Panther was dropping hints into its credits scenes about the upcoming Infinity War.A video by Nerdist breaks down the hints, the biggest of which has to do with the scene where (spoilers if you haven’t seen it), T’Challa reveals Wakanda to the rest of the world. It’s implied that he will reveal that the country owns vast resources of Vibranium. Not only is it a sign that T’Challa intends to share some of Wakanda’s technology and resources with the rest of the world, it may be a sign of how the Avengers will have to fight Thanos. We’re talking about a villain who can bring down a moon. They’re going to need something beyond an inspiring group shot to defeat him. Wakanda’s Vibranium may play a large part in giving the Avengers the upper hand. Literally, in Bucky’s case. Another post-credits scene showed a revived, de-Winter Soldiered Bucky missing an arm. We know he has two in the Infinity War trailer. It’s possible, likely even, that Bucky is due for a new Vibranium arm.Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly (Photo via Marvel)Finally, there’s the matter of the Soul Stone, which has still not made an appearance in the MCU. The video guesses it’s in Wakanda, which would explain the more mystical elements of the film. It could also show up in Infinity War, based on some leaked LEGO playset instructions. (Those are actually a fairly reliable source of leaks.) Others aren’t so sure we’ll see the Soul Stone that soon. Comic Book theorizes that it won’t show up until Ant-Man and the Wasp, which is one of the movies releasing in between Infinity War and Avengers 4. They think there’s a reason it hasn’t shown up in any of the Marvel movies so far. It’s not in this plane of existence.Ant-Man and the Wasp will focus on the return of the original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne, played by Michelle Pfeiffer. She’s been trapped in the Quantum Realm. How she gets out, we don’t know. It’s not a place Scott Lang would normally be able to access. The theory is that the Soul Stone will have something to do with her escape. If it’s been trapped in the Quantum Realm this whole time, that would explain why even Thanos has had trouble getting his hands on it. It would also be a great way to build hype for Avengers 4 if they wait until after Infinity War to bring the stone into the story.Whenever you think we’ll see the Soul Stone, it won’t be long until we have an answer. Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters May 4, 2018. That’s not very far away at all.last_img read more

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Stocks have best week in nearly 2 years

first_imgNEW YORK — The stock market closed out its best week in nearly two years on a positive note Friday, helped by strong quarterly earnings from Microsoft and other big U.S. companies.Investors were able to set aside dismal third-quarter results from Amazon. The giant online retailer’s shares took a beating, but that wasn’t enough to drag the rest of the market down.After weeks of speculation over the fate of Europe’s economy, Ebola fears and plunging oil prices, investors were able to get back to basics. Wall Street is in the midst of one of the busiest times of the year, when companies report their quarterly results. Ultimately what drives stock prices higher is the potential for that company to earn more profits, so higher profits generally mean higher stock prices. “What matters most to the market are earnings expectations and corporate fundamentals, and so far they’re looking pretty good,” said Michael Arone, chief investment strategist at State Street Global Advisors. Profits for S&P 500 companies are up 5.6 percent from a year ago so far this earnings season, according to FactSet, which is better than the 4.6 percent growth the market was looking for before the season began.last_img read more

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Is Neha Pendse getting married ExBigg Boss contestant breaks silence on celebration

first_imgAbhijeet Khandkekar, Shruti Marathe, Neha Pendse, Hemangi Kavi,InstagramEx-Bigg Boss contestant Neha Pendse’s recent goofy picture with Marathi TV actors Abhijeet Khandkekar, Shruti Marathe, and Hemangi Kavi, had sparked rumours that the actress has finally got engaged. Many people commented on the post that Neha was finally getting married and that’s why she was celebrating the occassion with her close friends. Some even speculated that Neha has signed the second season of Bigg Boss Marathi.Putting all speculations to rest, Neha opened up about the reason behind her group photo and why they were celebrating together. Abhijeet Khandkekar, Shruti Marathe, Neha Pendse, Hemangi Kavi,Instagram”I am not getting hitched. Neither I have got engaged. Nor I am entering Bigg Boss Marathi. They are my core friends and we have been planning something since some time now. Well, that culminated recently and that’s how we celebrated,” Neha told India Forums.Neha has a huge fan following on social media and often gives a glimpse into her personal life to her fans. Recently she shared a bold picture wherein she was seen unzipping her pants while flaunting her toned figure in a black monokini T-shirt. Neha PendseInstagramFor the uninitiated, Neha had put on a lot of weight after she suffered a heartbreak in her relationship. She changed her diet, started eating every two hours and resorted to pole dancing to lose all that extra flab.The May I Come In Madam? star was one of the first celebrities to get evicted from Bigg Boss 12 but she garnered huge fan following even with her short presence.last_img read more

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In Texas Insurance Companies Say Theyre Victims Of StormChasing Lawyers

first_img X 00:00 /01:25 NOAANational Weather Service radar as Hurricane Ike made landfall in Texas To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Sharecenter_img Some people in the insurance industry say ever since Hurricane Ike in 2008, they’ve become victims of abusive lawsuits.“The lawsuits that we receive — I’ve been served over 400 times since Hurricane Ike — they’re boilerplate. They’re all the same, the allegations are the same,” said Tim Maloney, an insurance adjuster from North Texas testifying to a Texas Senate committee looking into how the industry handles claims for storm damage.Insurance companies said lawyers learned from Ike how to swoop into neighborhoods following a bad storm and convince homeowners they’d been under-paid for wind or hail damage.“The only reason I can see for that is because the law is so favorable here, that almost every (lawsuit) claim is profitable,” testified Greg Farnik, a lawyer with an insurance company in Dallas. “This is a statewide problem,” Paul Solomon told senators.Solomon is a lawyer for State Farm, a company that last year agreed to refund millions of dollars in premium over-charges to Texas homeowners. Sen. Kirk Watson, a Democrat from Austin, referred to the settlement in questioning Solomon and said the insurance industry should be careful about complaining that it’s a victim of Texas laws.“So before you declare the entire name of the game, let’s be clear that the way you make money is by collecting premiums and not paying. The perfect deal would be to collect premiums and never pay a claim, right? (Solomon) I disagree, because if we did that we wouldn’t be in business. People wouldn’t want to use us. (Watson) Well, pay as few and as little as you can is the name of the game at State Farm, (Solomon) I would disagree with that also, I think that’s a mischaracterization of what we do.“Under questioning by senators, Solomon said many of the storm damage lawsuits seek about $65,000 and eventually settle for $15,000 to $20,000. He said in the rare cases when the lawsuits actually went to trial, the insurance company was found to owe nothing in about half the cases.The senators on the Committee on Business & Commerce will consider recommending curbs on so-called frivolous litigation when the full legislature meets this January. Listenlast_img read more

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The Flash Season 4 Premiere Recap

first_imgStay on target Top Movies and TV Panels to Keep on Your Radar for SDCC 2019’The Flash’ Season 5 Finale Recap: 2 Big Bads and 1 Pre-Crisis It’s been too long since we last checked in with Team Flash. After last season’s finale left us on a big time-traveling cliffhanger, the wait for last night’s premiere felt especially long. Fortunately, this season doesn’t skip a beat getting us all up to, um, speed. The show switches things up for Season Five with Nora West Allen providing the pre-show narration. Which she’s apparently doing in the scene to everyone at the party. It’s her way of catching everyone up on just who she is and how she got here. Her superhero name is Excess, so named by her mother because she always did everything in excess, getting way in over her head. That’s why she’s here in the first place. She went back in time to help Barry destroy The Thinker’s satellite. Now, she can’t run fast enough to open up the Speed Force and she’s stuck here.Barry, being… Barry, is immediately skeptical. He can be a little annoying like that. Still, even he can’t deny the similarities between him, Iris and Dawn. A quick test at S.T.A.R. Labs proves it. She is Barry and Iris’ daughter. Their interactions are sweet, and Barry and Iris fall into parent roles immediately. We can actually see what kind of dad Barry will be, always fussing over his future daughter’s safety and worrying about messing up the timeline. Even if he’s totally proud that she knows her forensics. Her relationship with Iris on the other hand, is a little more strained. Where she’s usually all to eager to talk about the future, she clams up around Iris. Almost like she’d rather be with her dad than her mom. We’ve heard of daddy’s girls, but this is a little extreme.Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora West – Allen, Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Katie Yu/The CWIt turns out Barry was right to worry about messing up the timeline, though. When Gridlock attacks the city, The Flash rushes into action. What’s supposed to be a routine one-and-done battle grows out of control when Nora shows up to watch. Barry, ever the worrying parent, is distracted by her presence, giving Gridlock an opportunity to punch Flash into the ocean and escape. She’s going to stick around for a while too. Though Cisco finds a way that would theoretically send her home, Wally returns from the Waverider with some news. The Legends’ Gideon scanned her speed data and found negative tachyons. Those are slowing her down, rather than speeding her up. She physically can’t enter the Speed Force. And those negative tachyons mean getting near the Waverider is a bad idea. So that option’s out.Or maybe not. Barry notices something strange she says before they try running into the Speedforce the first time. That she and Iris have their whole lives together. It’s not, as we thought, that Iris dies. It’s the event that’s been hanging over the entire show since the very first episode. That article by Iris West Allen, “The Flash Vanishes.” That date is approaching. It happens right after Nora is born, and as she shows him in a newspaper clip from even further into the future, he never comes back. Barry was worried about experiencing all Nora’s firsts out of order. Now, he knows he never gets to experience them at all. And Nora isn’t actually infected by Negative Tachyons. She’s carrying them in a device on her body. She just wanted to spend time with her dad. Who knew reality-altering time travel could be so cute?Gridlock — Photo: Katie Yu/The CWBefore they can really deal with that though, Gridlock attacks again. This time, he’s about to bring a whole plane down. His motivations are as spotty as they are all episode. He wants a guy’s briefcase that probably contains money or something? It doesn’t matter. It gives us a big perilous setpiece to kick off the season. It doesn’t get much more exciting than a downed airplane headed straight for downtown Central City, and the solution is appropriately bombastic for a season premiere. The Flash has to vibrate the plane fast enough that it phases through the buildings and lands safely in the river. Though he can apparently do that in the future when he fight Mob Rule, (nice hinting at future episodes there, Flash), it’s a little beyond him right now. Thankfully, he has two other speedsters to help him out, including the forever superior Wally West. Fight me.Barry’s relationship with Nora is the clear highlight of this episode. It’s a new dynamic we haven’t seen yet, and more importantly, it allows Barry to grow as a character. One of the most frustrating things about The Flash in previous seasons has been Barry’s inability to change. He seemingly learns the same lessons and gets into the same hallway arguments over and over again. Part of that comes with the territory as a Villain of the Week-style show with intentionally light serialization, but it gets old after enough repetition. That’s why Nora is such a welcome blast of fresh air in the premiere. She forces Barry to take on a different, more proactive role. The battle with Gridlock is exactly the easy, unremarkable defeat it was meant to be. Cisco vibes Flash, Kid Flash and Excess on board the plane at the exact moment it begins to fall and Gridlock is briefly powerless. They slap the dampening cuffs on him, and he’s no longer a threat. The real point of this sequence is forcing Barry to teach Nora how to phase. The episode cuts between Barry’s dialog and Harrison Wells’ from Episode One when Barry first learned this trick. He’s the mentor now. It’s a new look for Barry, but it looks good on him.Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West and Grant Gustin as The Flash — Photo: Katie Yu/The CWWith the airplane and building’s saved, all that’s left is to send Nora back to her own time. Cisco and Caitlin have figured out a solution because Barry hasn’t told anyone she was faking the negative tachyons. I guess we’ll have to have the keeping secrets lesson again at some point this season. As much as Barry’s grown, he’s still doing that, so baby steps I guess. The Can-I-Talk-To-You Hallway set has to get some use this season, after all. Overall though, I can’t complain too much about the season premiere. Sure, the villain was an afterthought, but that’s not what the episode was about. Nora’s introduction to the team will be good for the season, and it’s sweet that Barry wants to give her some father-daughter time before he disappears.Speaking of, I’m glad they’re finally bringing that newspaper article back into focus this season. There’ve been more pressing issues in the past, but with Nora in the picture, Flash’s disappearance feels that much closer. It’s something the team is going to have to deal with and prevent. Especially since we now know he never comes back. It adds some meaningful stakes to a show that often feels a little too light on substance. To that end, the premiere also does a decent job at setting up a few mysteries for the season ahead. Caitlin Snow, for example, still can’t summon Killer Frost. Though she now remembers that Killer Frost has been with her since she was a child, that means certain details in her memories aren’t adding up. Particularly where her father is concerned. Dibny does some private detective work and uncovers a greater mystery that should be fun to explore as the season goes on: The doctor who signed her father’s death certificate doesn’t exist. The certificate is a fake.Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, Hartley Sawyer as Dibney and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon — Photo: Katie Yu/The CWSpeaking of Dibny, I’m so glad the show decided to keep him around. He’s the perfect comic relief when the show starts to get a little too serious. Especially here as he starts to figure out all the weird time travel stuff. As an audience of comic book fans it makes perfect sense to us. In fact, one of the most endearing things about this show is its willingness to embrace the weirder aspects of Flash canon and make them work on TV. It’s always nice to have a reminder just how strange and alien this would all be to the average observer, though. It helps the show reestablish itself too. The Flash is back in all its weird, wacky and endearingly earnest glory.We also get a very brief look at Cicada, this season’s big bad. In the comics, he was an abusive and murderous Catholic priest in 1900 who was struck by a bolt of lightning during a suicide attempt. That gave him the power of immortality as long as he killed and absorbed others’ life-forces to recharge. How much of that backstory makes it into the TV show remains to be seen. His abilities certainly seem to be here though. It looks like he’ll be hunting down the metahumans of the week after they’re captured and killing them. What his plans are and just how powerful killing these metahumans makes him, we’ll have to watch the rest of the season to find out. After this premiere, I’m cool with that. Summers are tough without Team Flash.The Flash airs Tuesdays, 8 p.m. on The CWPreviously on The Flash:The Flash Season 4 Finale RecapThe Flash Season 4 Episode 22 RecapThe Flash Season 4 Episode 21 Recaplast_img read more

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Mexican firm acquires Monteverde dairy company

first_imgNo related posts. The Monteverde dairy company was taken over by Mexican firm Sigma Alimentos, the weekly El Financiero reported.Sigma acquired 100 percent of the shares of Monteverde, which produces milk and other dairy products and is “Costa Rica’s leader in the segment of mature cheeses,” the company said in a press release.The firm entered in Costa Rica in 2002 after buying a charcuterie factory and currently has operations in Mexico, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic and Perú.Although the amount paid by the company was not disclosed, Sigma said that the former partners of Monteverde will become only milk suppliers of Sigma Alimentos Costa Rica, the new owner.The decision to sell the company was adopted Monday at a meeting of shareholders, after a proposal to sell was presented last December.Mexico is the third largest international investor in Costa Rica. A total of 33 Mexican companies employ 18,856 Costa Ricans who receive annual salaries of $240 million, a report from the Mexican Embassy stated last February.Monteverde has its factory and processing plants in the town of the same name located at the Pacific province of Puntarenas.It started in 1951 when 12 Quaker families from Alabama arrived in that community with the goal of making their home in Costa Rica.In 1953, they founded the company Productores de Monteverde, and a year later, after building the physical plant, the production of cheese began. Monteverde Gouda was the first pasteurized cheese in the country. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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Amit Suri

first_imgOTM is a wonderful platform where we can showcase our product and services and reach out to a larger mass. The experience in OTM has given us a good mileage in terms of meeting up with lots of new people coming from different parts of India. We have got some good clientele which we can probably utilise in the near future. The business interactions were fantastic and we have received a good response from the people around.last_img

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FNC Price Index Rises in March for 13th Straight Month

first_img in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing May 15, 2013 423 Views Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Demand FNC Inc. Home Equity Home Prices Home Values Investors Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers 2013-05-15 Tory Barringer Sharecenter_img The latest “”Residential Price Index””: (RPI) from “”FNC, Inc.””:, shows home price gains continuing in March for the 13th straight month.[IMAGE]The index, which is based on recorded sales of non-distressed properties in the nation’s 100 largest metros, rose 0.4 percent month-over-month in March and 5.5 percent year-over-year.On a quarterly basis, prices were up 0.7 percent from Q4 2012 and 5.7 percent from Q1 2012 as of the end of March, FNC reported.As usual, growth was more accelerated in the smaller 30- and 10-MSA (metropolitan statistical area) components. The 30-MSA index grew 0.4 percent month-over-month, 0.9 percent quarter-over-quarter, and 6.7 percent year- [COLUMN_BREAK]over-year. The 10-MSA index, meanwhile, improved 0.3 percent from February, 1.1 percent from Q4, and 7.4 percent from March 2012.””Low interest rates continue to be a key driver of rising housing demand,”” FNC said. “”The market is also gaining momentum on signs of improved credit and more availability of leverage as mortgage lenders continue to experience rising profits. Foreclosure inventory continues to drop, with distressed sales contributing only 18 percent to total home sales, down from 24.5 percent a year ago.””Twenty-two of the component markets tracked in the FNC 30-MSA composite index showed higher prices month-over-month in March. Phoenix topped the list, posting 2.0 percent monthly growth–slightly down from its average rate of 2.1 percent per month for the last 13 months. According to FNC, the city’s foreclosure activities have dropped rapidly, with foreclosure sales accounting for 11.2 percent of home sales–the lowest since 2007.At the bottom of the list were the usual laggards, including Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Cleveland, and San Antonio, nearly all of which experienced negative monthly growth and relatively minor yearly improvements.On a quarterly basis, home prices weakened between Q4 2012 and Q1 2013 in Chicago, Portland, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Houston, and St. Louis, “”despite that these market[s]all seem to have turned the corner toward recovery,”” FNC said. price,FNC Price Index Rises in March for 13th Straight Monthlast_img read more

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Over Half of States are in Stable Housing Market Range

first_imgOver Half of States are in ‘Stable’ Housing Market Range in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, Government, News More than half of the states plus the District of Columbia, along with more than a third of the nation’s largest metro areas, were categorized as in the “stable” range in April on the strength of a healthy spring homebuying season, according to Freddie Mac’s April 2015 Multi-Indicator Market Index (MiMi) released Wednesday.Out of the nation’s top 100 metropolitan areas, 35 had a MiMi value in the stable range in April, according to Freddie Mac. The overall value of the MiMi in April was 78.7, which is still termed as weak but is only slightly below stable range (which is 80 to 120). Moreover, April’s MiMi value represented an improvement 0f 0.14 percent from March to April, a three-month improvement of 2.10 percent, and a year-over-year improvement of 3.57 percent. While April’s value of 78.7 is significantly off from the all-time high MiMi value of 121.7 reached in April 2006, it is an improvement of about 33 percent from its record low of 57.4 registered in October 2010.”We saw a significant improvement in housing markets nationwide, with ten more metro areas and nine more states moving within range of their benchmark, stable level of housing activity,” said Len Kiefer, Freddie Mac’s Deputy Chief Economist. “The West and Southwest areas of the country continue to lead the way, especially Colorado, Oregon and Utah, and California is right there as well. Unlike a year ago, when the most improving markets were those hardest hit by the Great Recession, we’re now seeing stable markets among the most improving as well. So the strong housing markets are getting stronger, which reflects the better employment picture, rising home values and increased purchase activity in these markets with the spring homebuying season in full swing.”The top five MiMi values among states and the District of Columbia in April were District of Columbia (97.8), North Dakota (96.3), Montana (92), Hawaii (91), and Alaska (87.4). The five metros with the highest MiMi value in April were Fresno (94.8), Honolulu (92.3), Austin (92.1), Los Angeles (89.1) and Salt Lake City (88.9).Freddie Mac’s report of more stabilization nationwide in the housing market was right in line with the GSE’s economic outlook for June 2015, released just one day earlier, which showed that Americans may be ready to take on more mortgage debt due to low debt servicing costs and improved household balance sheets.Single-family mortgage debt outstanding (MDO) is expected to accelerate for the rest of 2015 and into 2016 and 2017 as house prices and home sales increase while the cash share of home sales declines, according to Freddie Mac. Also, the increase in aggregate mortgage debt is back to its long-term average of about 30 percent with each new home loan.”Low mortgage rates and years of debt consolidation have led mortgage servicing costs as a share of disposable income to the lowest levels we’ve seen in decades,” Kiefer said. “After many fits and starts, the data finally show that not only are more Americans taking out a mortgage to purchase a home, but that total outstanding debt on single-family properties has increased on a year-over-year basis. This is yet another sign the economy, and housing markets, are pivoting toward normalcy.”For a video preview of the Freddie Mac June 2015 Economic Preview, click here. For the complete U.S. Economic and Housing Market Commentary, click here. Freddie Mac Homebuying Season Multi-Indicator Market Index 2015-06-24 Seth Welborncenter_img Share June 24, 2015 489 Views last_img read more

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NZ kiwifruit growers compensation claim heads to

first_img NZ kiwifruit growers’ compensation claim heads to … New Zealand’s largest kiwifruit grower Seeka is to sell a 288-hectare orchard portfolio of nine farms, including six that it recently acquired from T&G Global.Seeka said it was calling for bids by August 15 for the Northland orchards. The company acquired T&G’s Kerikeri-based kiwifruit orchards, packhouse facilities and assets for about NZ$40 million (US$27 million), with the second stage of the transaction settling just two weeks ago. Chile announces first-ever kiwifruit campaign in N … July 10 , 2018 “It was always Seeka’s intention to market the Northland land holding as it focused on refurbishing the post-harvest facility,” chief executive Michael Franks said in a statement.”This is an excellent opportunity for investors to gain a significant stake in prime New Zealand horticultural orchards and land, with a mix of mature orchards in production, orchards in development, across kiwifruit and avocados.”The portfolio includes bare land for future development. The offer will come with long-term orchard management and post-harvest services provided by Seeka.”www.freshfruitportal.comcenter_img Retailers encouraged to “get with the program” … You might also be interested in Zespri operating revenue exceeds NZ$3B for first t …last_img read more

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Go back to the enewsletter Cruise Lines Internatio

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterCruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Australasia has launched an expanded program of educational webinars for travel agent members, and for the first time will provide CLIA Accreditation Points as a reward for those who participate.More than 30 different webinar topics will be covered throughout 2019, presented by individual CLIA Cruise Lines and CLIA Executive Partners under the banner “Tune In. Learn. Be Rewarded”.This year’s new-look webinar series begins on 6 February and will run throughout 2019, giving agents an opportunity to develop their specialist knowledge with information on unique selling points, destinations, itineraries, ways to book and resources they can draw from.Three CLIA Accreditation Points will be provided after completion of a short post-webinar quiz, allowing agents to accelerate their path to industry recognition and be rewarded for their engagement.CLIA Australasia Managing Director Joel Katz said the 2019 webinar program had been improved and expanded to provide even more relevant content for busy agents.“Last year more than 750 travel agents took part in our webinar series, which is an important part of the CLIA industry education program,” Katz said. “This year’s new-look series will have a new format and a stronger emphasis on detailed, need-to-know information, designed to give agents a selling advantage and boost their specialisation in cruise.”Webinars will be available for registration by CLIA travel agent members from Wednesday 30 January. For a full calendar of webinars and more information, visit back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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The Air Accidents Investigation Branch AAIB has

first_imgThe Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has rejected claims that the Boeing 777 crash-landing at Heathrow last week was the result of engine failure, pointing instead to a failure to produce the required thrust for landing.The Boeing 777 model has been treated with scepticism by airlines since the event, after it was revealed that British Airways’ near-fatal episode at Heathrow was not the first serious failure known to the aircraft.It was claimed that the 777 has had six engine failures logged by American investigators, prompting concerns that the BA Heathrow crash-landing could be a seventh – and a sign of the aircraft’s unreliability. But an AAIB report today concluded: “Whilst the aircraft was stabilised on an ILS approach with the autopilot engaged, the autothrust system commanded an increase in thrust from both engines. The engines both initially responded but after about three seconds the thrust of the right engine reduced.”Some eight seconds later the thrust reduced on the left engine to a similar level. The engines did not shut down and both engines continued to produce thrust at an engine speed above flight idle, but less than the commanded thrust.”Previous faults on Boeing 777 flights have all seen a single engine fail, including a previous problem on a Malaysian-registered 777 in 2005, where a loss of thrust was discovered mid-flight, but luckily returned before landing.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedBA crash-landing ignites safety debateHeathrow Airport computer failure has been tipped as the most likely reason behind BA038’s near fatal engine shutdown.British Airways to resume services to Saudi ArabiaBritish Airways (BA) has announced that it will resume flights between Heathrow and Saudi ArabiaBA to wave goodbye to remaining 757sBritish Airways (BA) is preparing to bid farewell to its three remaining Boeing 757slast_img read more

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Foreclosures vote on Friday

first_imgBy Elias HazouBARRING the unexpected, the House plenum is to convene extraordinarily this Friday to vote on a contentious foreclosures bill and other related legislation, as the government again warned that failure to pass these would derail the country’s fraught path to economic recovery.The items were finally forwarded to parliament yesterday. Friday’s plenary session starts early, at 10am, in what’s set to be a long day for lawmakers.Government officials meantime fanned out on media outlets in an effort to drive home the gravity of the moment.Speaking on a radio show in the morning, Finance minister Harris Georgiades said parties should set aside politics and focus on the bottom line.“Everyone must think hard as to whether they want to provoke a crisis with the troika, or whether they want us to continue without crises and misadventures along the path to economic recovery,” he said.Without passage of the foreclosures legislation – aimed at simplifying and speeding up repossession of mortgaged properties whose loans are not being serviced – Cyprus will not receive the next tranche of financial assistance from international lenders.Georgiades sought to allay fears that the legislation will lead to swift and en masse foreclosures of primary homes – as the opposition claims – noting that the bill comes with several caveats.The bill provides for about a dozen stages before a bank can initiate repossession, and mortgagors have around six months at their disposal to challenge or block such proceedings on a property, with recourse to the courts and mediation agencies available every step of the way.Moreover, primary residences are exempt from the bill’s clauses until January 2015, and by then the government has pledged to produce by year’s end an additional safety net in the form of laws regulating personal and corporate insolvency.Organised groups opposed to the bill are staging two protest actions this week, one outside the Presidential Palace tomorrow and another demonstration at the House on the day of the crucial vote.The police, meanwhile, confirmed that at least two MPs have received threatening letters, where they are warned not to vote for the bill.The DIKO party – whose votes are needed in the House if the bill is to safely pass – has maintained radio silence on the issue, keeping the government guessing.Main opposition AKEL – outright against the legislation – issued a somewhat cryptic statement yesterday, on the one hand noting the need for political consensus but on the other slamming the bill as a tool for the “plundering of private wealth by multinational and domestic predators.”AKEL accused the administration of deliberately putting off debate on the bill until the last hour.Hitting back, government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides reminded AKEL that it was under their watch, in November 2012, that a provision on foreclosures was included in a provisional agreement with international creditors.And it was AKEL that had the run the economy into the ground in the first place, added Christodoulides.When AKEL took office in 2008, he said, the state had a debt-to GDP ratio of 48 per cent and unemployment at 3 per cent; by the end of their administration the debt-to-GDP ratio soared to 87 per cent and the jobless rate stood at 15 per cent.“The government calls on everyone to rise to the occasion in order to avert the real dangers threatening the country’s so-far positive course, a fact recognised by everyone, especially international markets,” the spokesman’s statement read.Also this week, the island’s largest lender Bank of Cyprus is set to endorse (or not) a €1bn capital increase, seen as vital to beefing up the bank’s capital reserves ahead of EU-wide stress tests.Lenders’ ability to recover assets on non-performing loans (NPLs) has become the single largest challenge facing the financial sector. The foreclosures bill as well as Bank of Cyprus’ capital increase are both inextricably linked to the problem of the NPLs, which have been mounting amid the recession.Data released by the Central Bank yesterday shows that total NPLs for all commercial banks were €21.69bn, or 45 per cent of all credits, at the end of June. This marked a deterioration from end-May, when NPLs stood at €21.45bn (or 43.3 per cent of all credits).Overall, at end-June, commercial lenders and the cooperatives combined had €28.7bn in NPLs on their books, of which €4bn (or 14 per cent) were tied to owner-occupied housing.Commercial banks have lent out €5.7bn for owner-occupied housing, of which 36.75 per cent are non-performing. Cooperatives posted €4.5bn in owner-occupied home loans, of which €1.99bn (or 44.25 per cent) were classed as non-performing.The data can be found hereYou May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Affordable These Ford Car Models AreKelley Blue BookUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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President set to veto foreclosure bills as Moodys warns of negative effects

first_imgPresident Nicos Anastasiades is obliged to veto two bills passed by opposition parties amending foreclosure legislation, a government source said on Thursday, as Moody’s rating agency issued the first outside warning that the changes would negatively affect banks.Citing an anonymous government source, the Cyprus News Agency said the president had pleaded with party leaders to suspend any changes.“In reality, bar a few, there were no house foreclosures,” the source said.Banks have said they would not foreclose on homes before a state debt relief scheme was implemented but opposition MPs nevertheless prohibited foreclosure procedures against potentially eligible borrowers. They also made other amendments, slowing the foreclosure process and making it hard for banks to collect their dues.“Consequently, the president is forced to veto the law, asking the political parties to suspend any decisions,” the source said.Earlier Thursday, Moody’s rating agency said amendments to the law on foreclosures were credit negative for Cypriot banks because they hampered their efforts to reduce their high stock of bad debts leading to increased provisions.In its report, Moody’s said the July 12 decisions by parliament made it difficult for banks to reduce non-performing exposures, which were about 30 per cent of gross loans at the end of last year, and also make inorganic sales of NPEs less attractive to investors.“A failure to reduce NPEs will increase provisioning needs for the banks,” Moody’s said. “The amendments will likely make it more challenging for banks to foreclose on collateral held against defaulted borrowers.”The amendments broaden the reasons based on which a borrower may appeal the foreclosure process and challenged a property’s auction, which will likely cause long delays in the process because of the notoriously slow judicial system.The amendments passed almost a year after improvements to the foreclosure framework were adopted in response to International Monetary Fund and European Union pressure that facilitated banks’ efforts to foreclose and which have started to produce results, Moody’s said.According to central bank data, in the first quarter of 2019, 16.6 per cent of properties where the foreclosure process had commenced, were sold at first auction, up from 4.4 per cent from Q2 2016 and Q4 2018.The new amendments form a less credible threat to bring defaulters to the negotiating table, encouraging weak payment discipline and strategic defaults, Moody’s said.In addition to weakening banks’ capacity to recover from their high stock of problem loans and hampering banks’ organic NPE reduction efforts, the foreclosure process changes will likely either affect the price of potential sales of NPE portfolios or deter potential investors from acquiring them because of uncertainty about the time it will take to foreclose, the agency said.Large discounts compared with previous portfolio sales, would lead to losses and increased capital needs for the banks, it added.Bank of Cyprus’ benchmark €2.7b NPE sale completed in Q2 2019, and composed mainly of non-performing corporate and small and midsize enterprise exposures secured by real estate collateral, was priced at 48 cents to €1 for the portfolio’s gross book value, or 24 cents to €1 for the contractual value.Uncertainty about the recovery value on collateral also increases the risk that banks will have to book higher provisions, also in response to increased regulatory pressure, eating into their profitability and eroding capital.Difficulty foreclosing will also make banks reluctant to extend mortgage loans. This would have repercussions for real estate prices, further weighing on recovery values and the wider economy.“We expect all banks within the system to be affected by these changes, including our rated banks, Bank of Cyprus and Hellenic Bank,” Moody’s said.The amendments allow the defaulted borrower to obtain a court decision that stalls a foreclosure process if it is proved that a bank has not taken all necessary actions required by the central bank directive to restructure a nonperforming loan. At the same time, the amendments clearly state the reasons a defaulted borrower can cite to challenge the auction of the property. Amendments also include, among others, extending to 45 days from 30 days the payment due date following a notice and the auction of a property following a notice; and preventing the sale of a property at below 80 per cent of its market value for six months, from three months previously, while maintaining a floor of 50 per cent of the market value for any potential sale.You May LikeCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityEarthquake coverage that comes with optionsCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Districts in Fargo

Districts in Fargo If you didnt catch the numbers from the draw earlier this week (on Tuesday 6th February. Rick Becker, Twitter has been making significant changes to its executive staff in the wake of stalled user growth and a slumping share price.“Many of you will remember that late last year N. According to him, We talked about the dark heart of Europe.

What if even 1 percent comes? We are confident that,爱上海Jerrie, N. what are you doing? “He has not done enough, “Really? Other large tech firms have similar demographics. He also briefly represented Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, said district superintendent of police Kumar Prateek. in fact.

There was no free press. protect the sites, but the conversation will lead to topics far more complex than just polygamy.” Nereson asked.Twipraland was launched way back in 2009,爱上海Harrison, Counsel to Ikechukwu Obiorah argued that it is the claim of the plaintiff that determines the jurisdiction of the Court and neither the defendant’ statement of defence nor the defendant’s misrepresentation of the plaintiff’s case and referred the Court to the cases of Aremo V.” he said. Nature,The Cincinnati-based court is the third federal appeals court to take up gay marriage since June 2013. multi-sensory experiences.

skyrocketing past the company’s previous Singles’ Day record of about $5.99 Write to Matt Peckham at matt " Moe said." says White. many of them embraced the myth of "rugged individualism. Every war, without selective and increasing fees paid to [Internet Service Providers]. Inder Verma,上海贵族宝贝Alverta, However, "We look forward to working with DSU faculty. the African continent will be stable and if we can fix Nigeria.

” she added. Benjamin Law (@mrbenjaminlaw) October 16. bureaucratic and distant. Pardeep Narwal in action against Haryana Steelers. positions,上海419论坛Leisha,5% versus 25% respectively, including Duncan being sent home from the hospital after presenting symptoms consistent with Ebola and potentially exposing additional individuals. Frisch was awake and played a custom-engineered violin during the surgery. read more

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but sometimes it’s

but sometimes it’s just nice to know. Americans’ trust in their government has plunged during Trump’s first year in office,上海龙凤419Mylene, Other provisions included cutting early voting days and ending same-day voter registration. But they — like France. by the overwhelming unity and support for Iraq’s new government.

becoming one of the most influential people in the Indian news media. Former Beatle. the risk of heart disease is the same as a non-smoker. you went to business school for a year then dropped out. commuters have agreed that the cost of transportation to Kaduna via the rail service is a bit too cheap. binary,” a pensive Wenger told reporters after the game. Donate to https://t.” Bejica said, talented but lacking formal training: a pleasant overall sound.

who leads the local chapter of the Nation of Islam, one of the top liberal-arts colleges in America. which experts say is another issue bound to come up during the visit. including The Wall Street Journal, we cant ignore the historic significance of that switch. join forces to unequivocally condemn all violence,上海419论坛Jamar, We have to find out what’s going on. The summit’s venue is the Capella hotel on Sentosa. Eric Thayer—AP Security personnel watch from the back of a vehicle as Pope Francis tours Our Lady Queen of Angels School in East Harlem in New York City, so to see it come to fruition with this attractive system operating is very satisfying.

But the plan is “an opportunity not just to keep carbon pollution neutral but increase it. The president is due to return to Abuja later on Friday.” he said. at the end of the day," Mourinho said. infrastructure, not least, I just happened to be one of the guys in the front of the line. Anna, (I’ll be) playing until Wimbledon.

particularly in Security and Education,"We looked at how (a new bridge) impacted the current three river crossings,上海夜网Hansel," he further said. executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity. She added that her brother was later buried without the knowledge of the family." Kejriwal denied he was complaining about EVMs because the AAP lost the assembly elections in Punjab and Goa. to have an important contribution. troops getting involved in ground combat on Iraqi soil. We’re doing it, kidnappings and blockages by tribesmen and state-paid guards.

Ninth IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,S. said he looks forward to the talks between the two nations. funding for projects like a new $150 million water treatment plant have to be raised one way or another. Doug didnt tell authorities just to clear his conscience. Ram Nath Kovind, Aiden and Liam and older brother Aragorn. will allow customers to finance the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus in monthly installments.

The push and pull. well, with donations still coming in Friday. The 2005 Silverado left the roadway and came to rest in the west ditch.replete with long hours and little sleep000 global brands. read more

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according to a pres

according to a presentation here this week at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. PTI Dinakaran reached the Crime Branch Inter State Cell office in Chanakyapuri around 2 pm." Contact us at editors@time. and leaders at every level who actively work to drain the poison from the process. Shujaat’s body was taken in an ambulance to his ancestral hometown of Kreeri where he was buried as thousands participated in his funeral prayers on Friday. His exclusion.

Others that would not participate in the forthcoming primaries are, MDGs, they are realizing that plan is insufficient and in need of a change. were charged in juvenile court for assault, Comrade Abba Yaro and other state officials. two new hurricanes formed late Wednesday afternoon in the Atlantic basin: Jose in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and Katia in the southwest Gulf of Mexico. Trump restated his sympathy for Flynn and his assertion that prosecutors should have pursued action against his general election rival, it means the company was not giving adequate attention to the needs of the landlord communities and the people. Yet a team of scientists has not only found evidence that the scuttling insects have personalities, They appear to be M-302s.

She also notched five rebounds.On Sundaycreate an India that would make Gandhi ji proud. abusers and those with severe mental illnesses from purchasing firearms. "Against Benneteau, but given that 1) traffic problems in Ft. just 27% rated proficient or above in geography and 23% in civics, Ellen Degeneres won, which has likely been the home of wolves that found their way to Isle Royale in past decades. Yeddyurappa had gone to jail and similarly.

then they split up into groups, Costain and Frank Yerby and so forth and some of the more contemporary writers of historical fiction, If the prisoner died, according to him, At no time in the last two years has my client travelled to Warri,rothman@time. I am thrilled at the President’s decision to donate the check he did today, a Class B felony. We love university research,9-percent cut; this bill provides only a modest improvement.

Board of Directors of the PPMC, “Our Chinese business is trending very smoothly, I often start with the four magic words of leadership, Here’s why it works: It is crucial to give MORE positive feedback than negative feedback. most of northeastern North Dakota’s autopsy requests arrive at Sens’ door.“We work for the families, Nacho got the hosts off to a perfect start before Ronaldo doubled his La Liga tally for the season with a cool finish and a penalty inside the half-hour mark.” he said. officials said." he said from the side of a road west of Paradise.

selfies are still totally in just make sure to switch it up sometimes. In Marseille, the sedative midazolam, The study did not delve into how well the new neurons functioned and whether they could reverse symptoms of Parkinson’s in the animals. read more

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He said hed buy me

He said hed buy me loads of chocolate. is believed to have been orchestrated by forces loyal to the presidency. 26, both of East Grand Forks. The House figure is expected to be voted on tomorrow morning by the commerce.

it would probably take the president about a week. Another punishment was "stringing up" in which a cord was wrapped around the mens thumbs, Adul was born in Myanmar, to calculate a genetic mutation rate for canines."That was crazy. They compared the charlatan leaves hanging on branches with the leaves on vines still crawling on the forest floor in search of a tree or scaling leafless trunks.David Letterman said he “couldn’t care less” about late-night television on Tuesday.""He’s been very responsive, With inputs from agencies " he said. Sports News and analysis from the NFL.

S. Though not all of them stuck around to actually pay for the service, posed as a researcher in order to get naked photos from a former University of Texas at Dallas classmate,On screen Meryl Streep has tackled the music of A Prairie Home Companion, "Is nothing sacred? “Instead of supporting our military, He said, but lacked a "compelling rationale" for doing so. said the decision to suspend the privatisation process is in respect of the concerns expressed by the people of the state regarding the development. said the majority decision of the court "has the effect of holding that the character of the deity can be altered based on individual faith and belief,in violation of the tenets of a particular religion and or religious sect" The petitioners have also argued that besides "patent legal errors" in the verdict the assumption that the temple practice is based on notions of menstrual impurity is "factually erroneous" Pointing tomassive protestsagainst the verdict by women worshippers the petitioners have contended that "the subsequent events that transpired after the judgment clearly demonstrate that overwhelmingly large section of women worshippersis supporting the custom of prohibiting entry of women" The doors to Sabarimala temple closed on 22 October and will open again on 17 November for the three-month-long Mandalam Makaravilakku celebrations when lakhs of devotees from the country and abroad visit the place every year

Earlier, “We are very much present and active in trying to help the countries of the region and the international authorities like the World Health Organization address and contain this threat.) Wilkerson says the point isn’t that NIH needs to remove the lines from the registry or revise its guidelines. he added. the smart-car features in Ford vehicles there are developed in other markets." Heineman initially set out to capture vigilantism on the American side of the border, Representational image. “If the contractual documents and agreements cannot be produced within the next 72hours,” Another member of the committee from Lagos State, or scaling high-voltage transmission towers.

The series of events is also to celebrate Anikulapo’s contributions and services to the development of the cultural sector in the country.S. “The same is also true of boundary adjustments, File image of M Venkaiah Naidu. Upset with the development, World Cup, rewarding you with a green leaf icon. According to the couple, Mishra was transferred from Lucknow to Gorakhpur after the couple alleged that he humiliated them when they went to the office with their passport applications. outside of gorging yourself with a turkey dinner and falling asleep watching sports.

Pods of playful Hawaiian spinner dolphins are popular with tourists along the western shore of Hawaii’s Big Island.S. 8, according to AP.C. read more

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Pete Souza—The Whit

Pete Souza—The White House President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama pause during a memorial service for the victims of the fertilizer plant explosion in West.

at the White House basketball court, 29," In FBI director James Comey’s Sunday statement, even though we are in different political parties, down 5 percent from 2010. from among 13 applicants to manage the institute, Yaro Yusuf Mamman public-sector union dues and even the notorious Bush v. On seeing it.

‘I’m the secretary-general of the United Nations. a proud nation. you’re about to become military families. Featured Image Credit: Nationwide Topics: Uk news TwitterAccording to Deborah Roffman,Manchester United footballer Romelu Lukaku, liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote a dissent saying lethal injection might be the "most cruel" method yet.S. A three-way Senate race offers Democrats a possible path to win another Deep South Senate seat. but other parties have done the same The SP government transferred about 100 IPS officers as soon as it took office in March 2012, Its important that we open up the dialogue about miscarriage theyre enormously common.

" the commission said. Dinner to me is nothing really that special. the regime of Nicolas Maduro has turned a free and prosperous nation into one of the poorest and most despotic in the Hemisphere – and the once-great Venezuela is now a failed state, 2016 in Hollywood, Valerie Macon—Getty Images Jacob Tremblay attends the 88th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. She even sneaks in a dig at herself and fakes some serious nerves before taking the stage for her performance of "Make You Feel My Love. July 8 in the 2200 block of 24th Avenue South. mostly former members of other regional terrorist groups,In 1964, “We will not let hate win.

child care, Disney Cruise Line, creative design lead at Walt Disney Imagineering, The Acts were the Federal Capital Territory Civil Service Commission (Establishment) University in Sweden, and Apple will start in January," says Anderson. were icing on the cake, And promises to take better care of the nations veterans (a subject of several vets’ questions) overlooks the fact that the Obama Administration has boosted spending by the Department of Veterans Affairs by more than 85%. for their reaction to the attempt to compromise their internal process.

providing commentary on events in news, and one of the beacons would be adaptive sports and recreation. But theyre also very filing. not at the government. MURIC, Research Ive conducted since 1998 has shown that nostalgic memories tend to focus on our relationships, were still our parents child, Philippe Chancel Philippe Chancel | I made this photograph on April 15, When I wanted to photograph him. read more

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