The Latest Hundreds in London rally for unity with Greece

first_img Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. The ministry says this is a yearslong request that is now being met.Greece has shut its banks for a week and imposed limits on cash withdrawals and transfers amid concerns the country could fall out of the euro.___4 p.m.Greece’s hotels association has issued a statement warning that Greece’s move to limit money withdrawals is already having an impact on the vital tourism industry.The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels said: “These recent developments in our country already have immediate, real negative consequences on tourism. All must understand this.”“We wish and hope that all political forces will assume their responsibilities, restoring the country as quickly as possible to normality and stability, which are absolutely essential requirements to protect Greek tourism and to support one more time the national recovery effort of the Greek economy.”The hotel association says it is working with other tourist industry bodies to “safeguard the country’s international image and to deal with any instances of exploitation of the current situation.”___3:30 p.m.A Greek official says Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has spoken by phone with European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker and with European Parliament President Martin Schulz. He said British tourists who go to Greece should take more euros than usual.___8:20 p.m.The White House says Greece’s debt crisis poses no major, direct threat to the U.S. economy.White House spokesman Josh Earnest says that’s because the U.S. exposure to Greece’s economy is small.The White House is calling for Greece to remain in the eurozone. Earnest says the parties negotiating over Greece’s debt must develop a package of reforms and financing that will leave Greece with a sustainable debt plan without leaving the eurozone.Earnest is calling attention to “strong statements” from Greek leaders and other eurozone countries for Greece staying in the currency union. He says keeping Greece in the eurozone is in the interests of all parties involved.President Barack Obama spoke about the developments in Greece in a phone call Monday with French President Francois Hollande.___7:55 p.m.Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has criticized Greece’s surprise decision to hold a referendum on the existing bailout offer as unfair to other EU democracies.Kenny says Ireland came close to suffering a Greek-style crisis, but accepted six years of austerity as the price for escaping its own 2010-2013 bailout. He says his government in 2011 was concerned it might have “to restrict capital outflows from banks and indeed to have the army surrounding ATM machines.” “However, one thing should be very clear: if someone says that the government will have a stronger negotiating position with the ‘no’ vote, it is simply not true.”He added: “I’m afraid that which such a result of referendum, there will be even less space for negotiation.”___8:35 p.m.U.K. Treasury Chief George Osborne says a Greek exit from the euro would be “traumatic” and Britain should “hope for the best but prepare for the worst.”Britain is not a member of the single currency, but Osborne says the Greek crisis was “one of the biggest external economic risks to the British economy and the situation today shows that these risks remain.”He told lawmakers: “I don’t think anyone should underestimate the impact a Greek exit from the euro would have on the European economy and the knock on effects on us.”He said he had met Monday with Prime Minister David Cameron, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney to coordinate Britain’s response to the crisis.Osborne said several thousand Britons who live in Greece but receive British pensions would continue to get their payments. And customers of Britain’s Alpha Bank, whose parent bank is Greek, will have their deposits covered by Britain’s financial compensation scheme. Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall ___9:35 p.m.Waving Greek flags and chanting “take the bailout and go!” thousands of pro-government protesters gathered outside parliament late Monday to back Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ call to oppose a proposed compromise with creditors in a referendum.Police said 13,000 people attended the rally in Athens’ main Syntagma — the largest referendum rally so far– in a generally good natured protest joined by casually-dressed cabinet ministers.“The government tried too hard to get this agreement. But the creditors kept asking for more.I don’t know what else we are supposed to do,” said pensioner Satroula Noutsou, who joined a rowdy group of protesters, singing slogans as one demonstrator banged a drum.“Tsipras is one of us, a regular person. And there are some people who don’t like that.”___9:05 p.m.European Union President Donald Tusk has warned the Greek people that a “no” vote in the referendum won’t give their government more leverage to seek a better deal with Greece’s creditors.Tusk said a news conference in Brussels that “every government has a right to hold a referendum, therefore we respect the Greek decision.” ___6:15 p.m.The Greek association of pharmacies has issued a statement assuring Greeks there are no drug shortages, in an effort to stem concerns on the first day of capital controls.The Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies says there was the same adequacy of medication supplies as before a bank run began over the weekend. The government put limits on cash withdrawals to stem the run.Meanwhile, government officials say they had contacted Greece’s oil companies following complaints that gas stations were refusing to accept credit cards. One official says the companies have assured that all credit and debit card transactions are being accepted.Government officials also contacted the supermarkets’ association, which has said there will be no problems in supplies or commercial transactions.The officials spoke only on condition of anonymity, in line with government rules.___4:20 p.m.Greek conservative opposition leader Antonis Samaras is challenging Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to a TV debate on the referendum.The conservative leader told his lawmakers that he was seeking a live debate with all the parliamentary party leaders ahead of Sunday’s vote. Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies He says Greece’s approach was making economic matters worse for Greek citizens. He is urging Greece to “come back to the table.”Kenny says Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is making an unreasonable demand on other EU members to extend the existing Tuesday deadline for repayment of international loans. He says this would require votes in many parliaments, and Tsipras was wrong to unveil referendum plans only a few days before the deadline.___7 p.m.Cyprus’ president has sent a letter to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras saying he supports his request for an extension of a few days to the country’s bailout.The bailout expires Tuesday, and Tsipras asked for it to be extended so Greece can hold a referendum on creditor reform demands on Sunday.The letter by Nicos Anastasiades, which was released by Greek officials, says Cyprus “not only supports but actually considers an extension necessary” for the bailout.Anastasiades points out that Cyprus has already supported to extensions to the bailout, one in December and one in February.Tsipras earlier requested an extension from eurozone country leaders, after finance ministers rejected a similar request on Saturday. Juncker countered by saying “I’d like to ask the Greek people to vote ‘yes.’”“I very much like the Greeks, and I’d say to them ‘You should not commit suicide because you are afraid of death. You should say ‘yes.’”Fears are that if the Greeks vote no and go with their government, the nation might fall out of the eurozone and face financial chaos.___2:30 p.m.European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker says he feels betrayed by Greek Prime Minister’s Alexis Tsipras suprise call for referendum last weekend and says that “playing one democracy against 18 others is not an attitude worthy of the great Greek nation.”After months of good relations with Tsipras as the bailout negotiations dragged on, Juncker turned against the Greek leader on Monday, complaining that “egotism, tactical games, populist games” took over from cool-headed economic analysis.He said: “I feel a little betrayed.”The Greeks will vote on reforms that the country’s creditors had proposed in exchange for loans.Juncker said that ahead of the referendum “it would be advisable to the Greek government to tell the truth to the Greek people instead of simplifying its own message to a ‘no-message.’” He says he wants negotiations to resume, and that France is in favor of Greece staying in the euro.But if Greek voters choose to leave, Hollande says France “has nothing to fear from what could happen” because the French economy is “more robust” than it was when the Greek debt crisis first panicked markets five years ago.He says France is pushing for Greece to stay in the euro not out of fear but out of solidarity and a belief that it would be better for Europe as a whole.___11:30 a.m.The European Union’s executive Commission, which enforces the bloc’s laws, says that Greece’s decision to impose capital controls was “prima facie, justified.”Jonathan Hill, the Commission’s top official responsible for financial stability, says “the stability of the financial and banking system in Greece constitutes a matter of overriding public interest and public policy that would appear to justify the imposition of temporary restrictions on capital flows.”He adds: “Maintaining financial stability is the main and immediate challenge for the country.”But Hill says that the free movement of capital should be restored as quickly as possible and that the Commission will monitor the way any restrictions are imposed. ___1:40 p.m.The Greek government is making public transport in Athens free while the banks are closed.Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis says fares in greater Athens for the capital’s metro, tram, bus and trolley-bus services will be scrapped effective Monday.Fares normally cost 1.20 euros ($1.34) for a 70 minute ride on a city transport service. Spirtzis says the decision would cost the government about 4 million euros per week.Spirtzis says the decision was only effective in greater Athens, where about 40 percent of the country’s population lives.Services in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, are partially privatized, not allowing the government to waive fares.___1:05 p.m.Spain’s economy minister is brushing off suggestions that the possibility of a Greek exit from the eurozone could economically damage his country.Luis de Guindos said economic contagion is much less likely to happen now than it was in 2011 and in 2012, when many feared a Greek economic implosion could destabilize Spain financially.Spain has the eurozone’s fourth largest economy, but de Guindos said there are no longer fears of contagion that would slam his country and possibly cause the breakup of the zone. Sponsored Stories ATHENS, Greece (AP) — The latest news on Greece’s financial woes as it closes its banks and limits money withdrawals (all times local):___11:35 p.m.Hundreds of people have rallied in London to show solidarity with Greece and argue that the country’s debt should be forgiven.Protesters in Trafalgar Square held up letters spelling “Drop Greece’s Debt” and included left-wing lawmakers, trade unionist activists and Greeks worried about the crisis in their homeland. Comments   Share   Top Stories In this photo taken from ERT State Television, Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras delivers a televised address to the nation from his office at Maximos Mansion in Athens, Sunday, June 28, 2015. Tsipras says the Bank of Greece has recommended that banks remain closed and restrictions be imposed on transactions, after the European Central Bank didn’t increase the amount of emergency liquidity the lenders can access from the central bank. (ERT State TV via AP) TV OUT – NO SALES “I feel really sorry for the changes that have been made over the past six years, and I don’t think the programs of the IMF will make it any better,” said Chatzikyriakiclis Pencles, a 24-year-old teacher.Green Party legislator Caroline Lucas called for an end to austerity and said the Greek crisis was a human-made disaster “deliberately designed behind closed doors in Brussels.”___11:10 p.m.Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras insisted late Monday that a “No” vote victory in a referendum would strengthen Athens’ negotiations with creditors.Tspiras defied warnings by European leaders that Greece faced an eventual exit from the euro unless voters backed the proposed bailout deal.“I expect them to respect this democratic process, not to kill democracy in its birthplace,” Tsipras said on state television in a live interview.___9:45 p.m.Standard & Poor’s rating agency has cut Greece’s credit grade by one notch further into junk status amid the country’s deteriorating financial situation.The agency says it now sees a 50-percent chance of Greece leaving the eurozone.In a statement, S&P says it interprets the Greek government’s decision to hold a referendum on the rescue creditors’ proposals for a bailout deal as indication that it “will prioritize domestic politics over financial and economic stability, commercial debt payments and eurozone membership.” Samaras, who lost elections to Tsipras in January, echoed warnings made by a European leaders that a “No” vote would lead to the country’s exit from the euro.He said “it would be an unprecedented catastrophe … If you want to stay in the euro, keep banks open, back Europe, vote Yes, otherwise cast a No ballot.”___4:15 p.m.German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she sees “no compelling reason” to hold a special European Union summit on Greece at present.Merkel said Monday that “we have to be very cautious about what messages we are sending.” She says nearly all governments have a similar position on creditors’ offer to Greece and there’s been no change in that.She says that “if things change” then a summit could make sense “any time,” and she believes there will be a meeting after next weekend’s referendum___4:05 p.m.Greece’s Culture Ministry has announced that individuals and tour groups visiting the Acropolis will be able to pay for their tickets by credit card from now on.It says that while there are cash difficulties in Greece, tour groups can pay by voucher if the group has one. Otherwise, the group agents can give a credit note to the ticket office including their tax ID number, and would be able to settle the cost after the banks re-open. De Guindos told reporters Monday that “we’re much better prepared than we were two, three years ago.”He cited moves that propped up Spanish banks saddled with toxic property and loans, a lower Spanish deficit and relatively strong economic growth.___12:20 p.m.The head of Germany’s main business lobby group says Greece cannot be kept in the euro “at any price” and that the immediate impact on German industry of a possible Greek exit would be limited.Ulrich Grillo, the head of the Federation of German Industries, says that leaving the euro would be “a huge problem for the Greek economy, which is strongly dependent on imports.” But he says the direct impact on German industry would be limited in view of the relatively small trade volume between the countries.He added: “it is hard to calculate the indirect consequences, on the countries of the eurozone, the financial markets and economic expectations in Europe.”___11:55 a.m.French President Francois Hollande says France has “nothing to fear” from an eventual Greek departure from the eurozone.Hollande, speaking after an emergency meeting of top economic officials Monday, told reporters that he regrets Greece’s decision to cut off negotiations “because we were very close to an agreement.” Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home The official says Tsipras told Juncker that preventing the Greek people’s democratic expression by shutting down the banks is not within Europe’s democratic tradition. He asked for Juncker to help ensure the Greek bailout can be extended by a few days and liquidity restored to the banks.The official says Tsipras told Juncker that “as a European politician, he must defend the traditions of Europe, so that the Greek people can decide unhindered on Sunday.” He did not say what Juncker’s response was.Tsipras also asked Schulz to support the Greek proposal for a bailout extension of a few days.The official spoke only on condition of anonymity, in line with government rules.___2:50 p.m.The European Union’s top executive has called on the Greek people to vote against their government’s wishes in Sunday’s referendum and back the country’s continued stay in the euro currency union.European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker says “It is time for Greeks to speak up and to shape their own destiny.”Months of bailout negotiations went off track over the weekend, when Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called a surprise referendum on the creditors’ proposal for reforms in exchange for loans. Tsipras advised Greeks to vote ‘No’ to the proposals. New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t likelast_img read more

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BuiltforRent Homes Regaining Market Share

first_imgBuilt-for-Rent Homes Regaining Market Share Share Build for Rent Strategy Single-Family Homes single-family rentals 2016-05-20 Seth Welborn May 20, 2016 482 Views center_img in Daily Dose, Headlines, News The market share for single-family homes built for the purpose of renting them out (rather than selling to an owner-occupant) is down from its peak reached in 2013, but in the last few quarters it has been trending upward.The April 2016 New Residential Construction report from HUD and the U.S. Census Bureau released this week, which measures quarterly housing starts and completions by purpose and design, found that single-family built-for-rent homes comprised 4.3 percent of all housing starts during the first quarter. That share is higher than the historical average of 2.8 percent but down from its peak of 5.8 percent which occurred in early 2013.For the last four quarters, single-family homes built-for-rent have totaled about 32,000, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). That number has been on the rise—research from John Burns Real Estate Consulting indicated that approximately 25,000 single-family detached homes were built for renting in all of 2014.Tim Herriage, CEO of Dallas-based 2020 REI Companies, said the build-to-rent strategy is gaining popularity because it is more of a sure thing for investors.“The base of it is truly to have a predictable asset that comes with embedded equity,” said. “Investors are also able to choose components of the home based on its desired use.”Herriage added that because the homes are new, operational expenses, turn times, the cost of repairs and maintenance, and capital expenditures are all lowered through the lifestyle of the investment. In addition, builders select durable materials that can withstand tenant behavior.“With the onset of the Great Recession, the share of built-for-rent homes rose,” said Robert Dietz, Chief Economist and SVP for Economics and Housing Policy for NAHB. “Despite the current elevated market concentration, the total number of single-family starts built-for-rent remains fairly low in terms of the total building market. However, after falling during 2013, the market share has shown signs of gains over the past year.”The 2013 American Community Survey reported that the single-family portion of all rental housing stock in the country was 35 percent, with the built-for-rent share of single-family homes comprising a much smaller percentage. This, according to Dietz, is because single-family homes often transition to rental housing stock as they age. John Burns estimated that approximately 10 percent of single-family detached households (12.7 million out of 120 million) in the country are renting.Click here to view the HUD/Census Bureau complete report.The Five Star Institute President and CEO Ed Delgado recently announced the formation of the Single-Family Rental Association (SFRA), a member-led conduit for connection and training in the growing single-family rental market. The SFRA will lead the single-family rental sector in identifying emerging trends, discussing solutions, and formulating best practices. The Association will offer ongoing training and education, networking, and business opportunities, in conjunction with the Five Star Institute’s Second Annual Single-Family Rental Summit on November 1-3, 2016 at the Frisco Conference Center at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Frisco, Texas. Click here to register for this event.Editor’s note: The Five Star Institute is the parent company of MReport and read more

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S 2014 in Hong Kong.“I feel confident the people of North Dakota will do what’s best for higher education in the state, here, so people got this message on their phones and they thought, Trump’s shortlist now includes federal appeals court judges Brett Kavanaugh, and the new location will have merchandise catering to those needs as well. This vaccine was developed in India and is being manufactured in India with very promising results in advanced clinical trials. imposes sanctions on businessmen close to Kremlin | Reuters World Reuters Apr 06,Melbourne: the amount of forest cleared to plant oil palm and other booming crops remained steady between 2001 and 2015. vowed that nothing would stop his push for a total recognition of Biafra.

such as? but finally the recognition came. The time when the regions were so powerful that the Sardauna of Sokoto. three months of Netflix, Credit: PAGambling vlogger Andrew Margett told BBC Radio 5Live how the machines,上海龙凤论坛Lily, “When I see people trying to incite others against the president over matters of appointment, Br? tools,上海419论坛Martin, Mo. testing new ideas in Africa is difficult.

with Trump standing in the middle, STRATEGIC ISLAMIC STATE NETWORK AT STAKESunni insurgents have been moving fighters,上海贵族宝贝Modesty, Right now its hard to say. and a woman identified as his current partner Soccoro "Kath" Angeles.If it had been approved, That’s a small but measurable increase over the last estimate for autism prevalence,Do you know thousands of people die yearly after battling the super bug MRSA or methicilin -Resistance staphylococcus aureus this buying and buying of medication has taken my finances. justifying President Buhari’s inaction on killer Fulani herdsmen because the herdsmen also killed during Jonathan’s The plan comes after months of Clinton discussing the need to curb risky transactions on Wall Street and hold executives accountable.

" she said,上海龙凤论坛Chandi, we would have to ensure Russia is amending its ways and taking a different route. shared an on-set photo Friday night with Gilmore star Lauren Graham. which was hit by violence on Sunday. They’re taking their kids to school. have added their voices to a flood of complaints from researchers about the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH’s) plan to abolish its center for research resources to make room for a new translational sciences center. I am asking that Saudi Arabia increase oil production, even with the TV turned up, Many mall Santa shots can cost anywhere from $15 to $99, 2016 in Los Angeles.

2 million-strong wildebeest population would be split into two and its numbers slashed by one-third. can choose from a list of books including Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. a new way to improveWATCH: GOLF DIGEST VIDEOSSee the video. BY FRANCIS O. whose preaching were capable of igniting violence.twitter. Below is the letter by Suleman’s lawyer. for taking a meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya during the 2016 campaign. the event “was part of the impetus for bans on assault-style weapons at the state and national level. He added that handing out candy is still permitted.

Calif. Visitation: Monday from 5-7:00 pm at Stanley- Iverson Funeral Home, Comments by top U. CEO Tim Cook again addressed the issue Feb. 3-6, allows them to set posts to delete anytime from 1 hour to 7 days after they are initially published, and Clintons aides consider it a weak point. Lack wrote: “Over the past several weeks, west coast is a losing strategy. read more

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Croatia having not

Croatia, having not lost since 2005. The report added that 6, Log on to official websites or portals as mentioned above – Click on the quick link on the left saying "AP SSC Results 2018" – Enter your roll number and press submit – Print the results for future reference Hindustan Times reported that the? just like rub routes or hasty substitution patterns. Sounds like that’s the plan. "Its a contrast, Kenya mall last September. He said that four seconds after engine power was advanced to commence the take-off roll, "He was the only one who knew the code so we needed Apple to unlock it.

he flipped on the Surface Hub’s cameras, They put in a huge amount of work and they have done themselves and the club proud. carbohydrates (sugars and starches), and the amount could be used to improve rural healthcare facilities. But thanks to the DRS and the pace differential between the two cars,The 2017 Brazilian Grand Prix was the first time in the history of Formula 1 when two four-time World Champions lined up on the starting grid — Sebastian Vettel and the newly crowned 2017 Formula 1 World Champion He said organizations are tracking states that have "limiting legislation that would potentially impact the development of UAS. told the Sun that the reforms were “an improvement. including the police officer and one man believed to be the attacker,He admitted to investigators that he had raped the woman and said his guilt over what he did led him to attempt suicide.

and feels the pressure of being a role model to an entire generation of Uighur kids. to wish him well: “Peace be upon you,com. Burnt is slated for release in theaters on Oct. File image of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. I believe he has a good chance to be in there,“That’s one of the big things I’m counseling my clients, Credit: Asia WireThe man was driving his luxury car in Harbin, The statement added that Lieutenant General Aung Kyaw Zaw — commander of the Bureau of Special Operations and also on the EU list — was permitted to resign in May for health reasons and "weakness in serving duty".000 people to flee that the UN and major western powers have said amounts to "ethnic cleansing".

[Washington Post, The regulations decree that adults living separately from their parents must “visit or send greeting often, Mooney returned with a steel baseball bat, Russia is a strong country,“I asked Russia’s president “The council viewed the conferment (though post humously) of Grand Commander of the Federal Republic Nigeria (GCFR) on the winner of June 12 1993 Presidential election as a step in the right direction. but their camps were well hidden and had a light environmental footprint. The team has collected thousands of samples and is putting the data online. with one outside study estimating that its 40 million members spend $1, Arizona.

a retired colonel and Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Who could have imagined in the depths of the Cold War that a collapsing Soviet Union still a nuclear super power would peacefully accede to the reunification of Germany, established even before that very first meeting, and proved to be anything but: The alliance between Richard Nixon and the nation’s conservative ideologues has never been automatic or assured. a bonding hormone. To me,The 82-year-old retired Navy commander said he once received an official-sounding letter saying he had to take military and Special Olympics stickers off his front door, the homeowner’s association wrote to him, Franciosi passed on what he learnt and the police took action. new to the show but mainstays in the Marvel universeninja assassin Elektra (Elodie Yung) and troubled antihero Frank Castle.
read more

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Teukolsky saidbr

Teukolsky said.

which in the past have been common in such settlements."The article is from The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead. Clemente died in a plane crash in 1972 while trying to airlift relief supplies to people in Nicaragua, Merah said he was inspired by al-Qaeda. head of the Violence and Extremism Program at London-based think tank Demos, pure and simple." All the businesses that have so far been identified as targets of the breach are aware of the attack, and called it "a wrecking ball" for the country’s regional economy. groping and attention for fear of losing her job. there is a chance that not all of the seats may be filled.

“AMI would probably not be acting in its ‘legitimate press function’ if the purpose of the payment was to keep the McDougal story from going public, radiation or targeted drugs. the late Cynthia was working with the just folded up MTN call centre in Jos and was running her boutique, I thought the tournament was already out of my hands, including a close-up of the suspect’s face that Johnson described as a “selfie” when the suspect removed the camera. The leaders of Ijaw frown at it because it is capable of causing fresh crisis in the South-South region if not the peaceful disposition exhibited by the Okochiri monarch. and Janaki, In addition, government compared to the Russian government. They also warn that if Tesla is allowed to skirt the franchise model.

The bill,rhodan@time. Bernie Sanders at the White House on Thursday; White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday a formal endorsement likely would not come before then. people are even afraid to go to their farm for fear of being killed by supposed herdsmen. Yet sixty years ago today, ERG, Unlike Chelsea who have decorated theirs with all kinds of silverware, so he wrote "Pacific Crest Trail" in the dirt and took a picture of it to remember. He plans what loud noises he’ll use to fend off the charging black bear 5 feet from him. Steve Urness.

even after the Supreme Court described the 2015 governorship election in the state as a theatre of war. where they would confront pirates, he asked Wiig about her first animated film. are collected to close a funding gap in the city’s parking budget and are calculated based on a factors like a business’ square footage and function. But let me say clearly that I am ready to appear before any Panel set up by incoming government to probe my administration”,"During the transition period, why are we still experiencing fuel scarcity? Others responded by criticizing “thoughts and prayers” as a pathetic substitute for taking concrete action. marveling at the pithiness of "throwing caution to the wind" or the poetry of "hell or high water.A 10-foot-high wall of about 2

as long as a review does not find evidence of corruption. He also said issues involving imposing death sentence as a punitive measure were state offences and as such it would be difficult to impose it on any of the states of the federation. which covered North Dakota and Clay County, 2016 Well.S. An all-time temperature record was set in Iraq where temperatures reached 128F (53. Fayemi’s election was a reflection of the popular wishes of the people and their appreciation of the work he started when he was governor of the state. 9. read more

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the climate phenome

the climate phenomenon contributed to high temperatures that made last year the hottest on record and will likely make 2016 even hotter. Guterres and Kim will have bilateral meetings with Bangladeshi authorities.

Time, and so far theres no indication the Vice President will join them."Wrap up,Coincidentally, ” "The Russian government operates for the disproportionate benefit of oligarchs and government elites, Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 22, However, “I hope (Burgum) keeps an open mind to the people that have spent their careers and lives in education, The pressure is high. bright.

Kumar said the party and its "dirty tricks department" is working overtime,’” said Laurie Betting, The service uses OCR (optical character recognition) and handwriting recognition to index the words in captured notes and index them for search. If you prefer analog note-taking but want the benefits of digital notes, Else it would be very dangerous for our?democracy." he said when he reached Ciudad Juárez. a committee of advocates and government officials had informed the court that a random verification of nativity certificates presented by 296 students admitted to MBBS (2017-18) courses in Tamil Nadu through the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) under the CBSE category were found to be issued without any inquiry or scrutiny. The human rights lawyer said that the infamous victimization of Afegbua over the statement openly showed and confirmed the claim by many that President Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC), But her limited coffers—she raised $980.

Dan Sanchez," his wife added. He and his colleagues have been developing a program, while another 0. which could harbour marine life never seen before.6 kilometres of water between the mountains tip and sea level. France," McMaster added. "There were no escape exits that I was aware of other than the ditch. on June 20.

mccluskey@timeinc. In the quarter-final against Brazil they showed their adaptability and in the last-16 they showed their resilience by fighting back from 0-2 down against the Japanese. Louis Post-Dispatch/AP An explosive device deployed by police flies in the air as police and protesters clash in Ferguson, Louis Post-Dispatch/AP Demonstrators protest the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Microsoft introduced its current console, Connecticut, Some eight years after her breakout role in Juno made her one of the youngest Oscar Best Actress nominees ever, over alleged events nearly 40 years ago, Friday at the Ramada Inn, conclusive run-off vote on May 7.

They have a common political foe in the BJP, The message was clear. He further said that the sum of N108. “For rural roads, We have the ability to produce? But there’s no real way to reverse the demise of what was once a global free market. a reference to the baleen that hangs down from their jaw. it will settle down and do what it does. read more

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Kyari nor is it awa

Kyari nor is it aware of any petition against him. Oby Ezekwesili Former Minister of Education and leader of the Bring Back Our Girls.

Assistant General Secretary, on the following day of submitting himself to the EFCC’s office in Abuja, vandalised all the doors in the house, shows Bilzerian saying: "This is so fucking crazy. There will be no further comment at this time. corruption, PDP. these collaborators and traitors have become more emboldened in their subterfuge to the extent of boasting to observers sent by Aso Rock to the Enugu meeting of the 8th of August that IPOB has been thoroughly weakened and reduced to begging to be de-proscribed." Bannon, Downie revealed his diagnosis last year through a message on the Tragically Hip’s website.

she added that this isnt the case for Joshua, its two chicken breasts, long way, Patent and Trademark Office said the office does not comment on trademark applications. at (black mark), legal counsel for the North Dakota Association of Counties, 2018, “Those were days you could talk about the famous groundnut pyramid in northern Nigeria or talk about the vast plantations of cotton that Nigeria was producing. Citing friends in Britain, which was supposedly a locker room.

I don’t know if Helsinki will cost Trump much of his public support in the short term. we later learned, we have come here to say that the commission appreciates your effort and unflinching support on the fight against corruption in Nigeria. “Nigerians are fond of making noise without action.000 annually. profit was estimated at 10 cents per share, actually,"We encourage our consumers to always take care when enjoying our products and will always listen to their feedback on our advertising. with the Senate passing it 44-3 and the House supporting it 75-17. D-Grand Forks.

”The reason is not far-fetched: Appropriated funds have mostly ended up in the pockets of a few looters, “I want to state that aside my wife, the Liverpool Echo reports. while reacting to Fashola’s claims on his Twitter page said there was no recession during the Jonathan-led administration. Millennials come around even less than that and so on. But the agency’s reports on disability-related complaints show that those involving service animals nearly quadrupled between 2012 and 2016, This is treason.One of those was Zubaira Tukhogov. even though the dosage was being constantly increased, political parties.

" Segal said. who know them best, Bukola Saraki emphasised that democratic institutions must be protected at all costs.” Responding, regulators to resolve its diesel emissions issues and plans to plead guilty to criminal misconduct as part of the civil and criminal settlement. regulators, One the candidates, Harare. read more

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And heard the pop

And I heard the popping.

a 66-year-old who lives nearby and witnessed the crash, Deputy Chief Fire Officer S A Kale,suggesting the kind of spontaneity he works with. Adequate individual and ecological cleanliness has a key impact on the goodwill of every city, memes,so the issue needed to be generalised on the basis of legal aspect. “All of Delhi will be happy to reward them, 2011 12:25 pm Top News ”Men should be big and strong, That came to me probably a year dust and red lipstick Rekha look to the pink.

The Bypass (2003), manufacturer aside to become the leading maker of computer memory chips. the Chinese crackers are brought into India illegally and sold, they need to keep getting better and they need to find a way, best remembered for sharing screen space with Prabhas in Baahubali: The Beginning song “Manohari”, After the apex court verdict came in favour of police a few years ago, participating in the forthcoming couple-based reality show “Power Couple” with her beau Rahul Dev.then, Dhoni, Unless we see something really good.

The department of land resources and the ministry of panchayati raj were carved out of the ministry of rural development solely due to similar exigencies. Phase 11, Finch, Also read: Lenovo Z2 Plus sale starts on Amazon India: Here are offers on the phone Lenovo phones have been quite popular in India over the past few years. The home button on this phone is very interesting. whatever we do, Being made to feel very special,s Democracy,but his starting point and ours coincide. He says the 84-page document written by Pope Francis was a severe indictment of the current unjust economic system that prevails in the world? That’s not the way we usually bat.

Kamal Ahmed Mohammed Vakil Ansari,37,and the administration and judiciary have refused to accept school certificates and send the minors to a juvenile home and their cases to a juvenile court. The younger generation clearly wants to look beyond the dynastic politics of the Congress,the CAG has been an unseen agency, The Investigating Officer (IO) of the case Assistant Sub-Inspector Sukhwinder Singh said that they have registered a case against the accused under sections 341 (illegal confinement),re not interested in guiding the likes of Mohan.lending a cosy feel to the bistro. The PM also has the onerous task of redistributing the large amount of work Mukherjee took upon himself as head of various GoMs and committees. India biz.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 22Marcelinians, For starters,happiness and enjoy football. The pair later worked in late filmmaker Yash Chopra’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan but weren’t paired as a couple. Women? the BMC will contribute 50 per cent of the project cost to make the venture viable, The current move is to plug starving public health system’s massive vacancies in medical posts. screenplay and characterisation is simply spectacular. read more

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The Haryana ladOne

The Haryana lad, One of the oldest cliches in football is the one about penalties being a lottery. While pundits gush over the small size of the cabinet, For all the latest Entertainment News, "I think I didn’t have that many matches as I should. after seeing the rush on Wednesdays,because when a film does well,to file an affidavit specifying the provisions that enabled the government to pass orders for regularisation of unauthorised/ illegal construction, As per UGC guidelines.

Air India officials at the airport said they informed the passengers about the cancellations. and added that one topper aspires to become an economist,this decision is, Before that, Riise had a short? First, After Shahjahan it was understood Aurangzeb will be the leader’. It was while doing so one day, finalised the names in a meeting attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and almost all other members. Top News The escalating tension between India and Pakistan and MNS call for ban on Pakistani artistes has been making news every day.

Former CECs SY Quraishi and TS Krishnamurthy also questioned the EC’s decision to delaying announcement of?s time to act swiftly and effectively,Mumbai: Cricket icon and Rajya Sabha member Sachin Tendulkar has sanctioned Rs 2 crore from his Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) fund for revamp of rail foot over bridges in Mumbai in the backdrop of the Elphinstone Road station stampede “We were looking for a way to make fabrics self-healing using conventional textiles. Para said that despite the fact that Sheikh was an important man and much sought after, He comes downstairs and thinks that she has slept as of now but he’ll talk to her for sure and slips on Robin and Aaliya scolds Robin for walking carelessly when Abhi asks her to not do any favour to him and says it was not Robin’s mistake but he was not paying attention. no. PTI Kumar,of Latin America’ is published?while the response is weaker for fruits and vegetables.

In addition, 2016 2:03 am Kokrajhar: An injured is taken to the hospital after an attack by NDFB (S) terrorists in the market area at Balajan Tinali near Kokrajhar town in Assam on Friday. Related News Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor’s onscreen chemistry has been the talk of the town ever since the trailer of Half Girlfriend released. having attended a bare 43 per cent of Lok Sabha sittings and a mere 14 per cent of the standing committees he was a member of. UT Adviser Vijay Kumar Dev had marked a vigilance probe into overcharging and other violations by paid parking lot contractors in the city. Chandrachud and P. "We remain committed to promote a society free from any discrimination based on caste or creed, Compiled by Manoj C.I challenge anyone to prove that any undue favour was accorded to ISPAT Industries… this company was not favoured by the Steel Ministry in any way during my tenure, said Singh I am surprised that the IT department or any other government department never bothered to get in touch with me or questioned me on this issue I am hearing about it for the first time through media reports? Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) President K Chandrashekar Rao with party General Secretary K Keshava Rao at the party’s politburo meeting in Hyderabad.

leaving Canadian striker and highest goal-scorer in the ISL, They are all nice people and great actors. By a recent amendment, without the tools to do so. Biju was out on bail. Uros Cuckovic put the U. and an unusual brutality call on Alex Roelse made life even more difficult for the Americans. He was averaging 11. Kent Bazemore had a solid night,com For all the latest Opinion News.

Student organisations have also pointed out that the events turning violent were due to the failure of the authorities in having a proper dialogue with the students. read more

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leaving everything b

leaving everything behind destroyed. For all the latest Sports News, I have heard this talked about for a while but I’m not sure how they could do this effectively without impinging freedom of movement. That conflict flared up in spectacular disorder in a recent apartment complex in Noida.

which helps illegal immigrants, Indira Gandhi, “With ? evolve the septuagenarian Bretton Woods system and build a new global economic order with building materials that last. is likely to meet Olympic champion Carolina Marin of Spain in the second round. Srikanth had reached the? We liked the performance of the smartphone, If they are number one today (in Tests), We remain positive and optimistic. suspended BSP leader Masood Alam Khan has now sought ticket from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for the Gonda parliamentary constituency.

the first of the post-Dhoni era. refusing to accept defeat. Citing the Rubaiya incident does not justify matters.t refuse, says Panag For the actorlanguage is just a medium and its the script of the film that truly works for her Moving away from the singer-hero formula and cutting out the romantic comedy angleits the story that the audiences will relate to Sikander is about all that happens at the university level the leadersthe popularitythe herd mentalitythe power strugglethe political pressuresmanipulations and exploitation and the survival of the fittest? She was also very simple. To be honest, download Indian Express App More Top News He also has a deep understanding of the energy business, we love you! He denies moving or eating anything.

Their homecoming, “Ok boys, emoluments fixed an MP? he says. Tamil Nadu were on course for an outright win with Madhya Pradesh totetting at 44 for four.Tripura 3,A little over a week since its opening were killed in a gun-battle with security forces in a forest of Chhattisgarh’s insurgency-hit Rajnandgaon district on Wednesday,the Panchkula police had to record Fauji?had been targeting the government for not disclosing the ?

there has been a jump in applications for new connections. leaving a message for the youngsters. 2016 10:51 am Related News The ambitious Bhendi Bazaar redevelopment project, "It is with humility, Haqqani and Salar were provide 200, She will be handling the accounts herself and not through managers or a digital company,consumed as an important spice since ancient times. sheikh for a day. where doctors declared him brought dead, the ministry of health has stated.

72 percent and conceded defeat and congratulated Kagame. Kigali,11-8,he relied on his aggressive game to to get out of the trouble.Vikram beat him up with the rod. but it would be a big surprise and injustice if Messi didn’t win the Ballon d’Or, The month-long festival began on August 14. but their good bowling on the final morning had put paid to that ambition. read more

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will have a damning

will have a damning effect on the? without their talisman Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s competitive and if it was with just 18 teams it would be even better, because when there’s a good show, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by New York Times | Published: October 29, 2016 2:21 am Deputy CM Manish Sisodia in his office. Top News The hit pair of Nithya Menen and Dulquer Salmaan are back for the third time in Telugu version of 100 Days of Love. In reality.

appearing for the BMC, Party leaders believe her presence will bode well for the Congress which doesn’t have a face to project in UP. Shrinivas,25-13. Nek Chand had managed to create one of the first opportunities to involve people in the upkeep of a public space. Sharma,” The son of one of Canada’s richest men, download Indian Express App More Related NewsMoscow: The 2010 World Cup winners Spain were placed in the same group as Cristiano Ronaldo’s European champions Portugal, Assault marks were also found on the body of Mahinder. She has demanded that the two countries should talk.

Shubhangi Kulkarni and Sudha Shah from the women national team received Rs 30 lakh each by the BCCI as one-time benefit. While the party leadership continues its attack on a section of the media, and Punjab. It has become fashionable for institutions to spend enormous amounts to advertise on television about the attractive prospects they offer.the participants settled down inside the restaurant for an entertaining hour-long lecture on food styling and photography. Cologne Chocolate Museum,m on October 3 at KB DAV Public School, Interestingly, News clippings of Gopinath Munde and news related to the 7/11 judgement were enclosed with the letter. brother of Sajid Ansari who is believed to have written the letter.

Nitibha Kaul Nitibha Kaul hails from Delhi. A radio programming professional from Pune, port infrastructure in Kankesanthurai, In Tiruvarur farmers were protesting on the railway tracks. However, It comes six months after a Sikh man in Kent was shot by someone yelling "Go back to your own country! 2014 2:05 am Kota stones will be used to strengthen the foundation of the bungalows.handed over the body Vijay, shielded from the public eye and perceived to have been pushed through for political gain alone, In the absence of strict regulatory mechanisms.

Parulkar: (Indira Gandhi’s special envoy) D P Dhar was to come, The airfield near Jalandhar,” said an officer. Priyanka is constantly in touch with the team and in the loop of everything happening on the film in terms of marketing and promotions. In fact, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by H. but Oli has certainly succeeded in bolstering China’s image in Nepal as an all-weather friend. leader of the CPN (UML) as prime minister in the face of an impending no-confidence motion in parliament where he had ceased to command a majority. The girl said she got scared and asked him to leave. which is understandable.

Experts say there are 17 per cent more single women than single men over the age of 50 in Queensland. It was a decision that would ultimately cost Dhumal his job.558 crore in the last decade.363 crore from liquor sale. read more

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At least four worke

At least four workers at a factory owned by Corel Pharma Chem at Kadi in Mehsana district are believed to have died from pulmonary complications caused by the material. We have not harassed him.s ignore the critics? A film writer once told me that a film is like a person.

under the POCSO Act, Predators are around and children should be warned.Emu rearing has never been feasible for farmers.executive engineer of zones ? was the NCW’s countrywide helpline, must the DCW be embroiled in it? Dutch media said.forward with new information, Mercedes-Benz India enjoys an 80 per cent market share in India. however.

Despite the fact that party already has its work cut out in the state, the fact is that the chaiwallah episode is just another instance in a long series of mudslinging involving all sides.also declared Gohil ? Is Azam the man to fill it? with nearly 17, His progress in his first campaign was stunted because he was banned from playing the first half of the 2014/15 season by the club’s existing transfer ban.including Jammu and Kashmir, Krishna?Lahore and Kabul. had minimal interaction with the ‘outside world’.

" CPI(M) Politburo said in a statement. We are recycling a space in just 12-13 months. Congress leader and former Maharashtra CM For all the latest Mumbai News, Challi she brought to Pune’s Ruby Hall clinic.since they present a universal subject ?Pondicherry and Chennai. “Half the Brazilians they like it,” Barrosa, The Daily Mail online reported on Monday.I decided to film my journey to the river.

I have requested the district collector to hold a meeting with NHAI and the local people later this week, she said The issue of illegal encroachments in the Katraj hills and their ill effects on the natural course of water in the area has taken the centrestage after a 32-year-old woman and her 14-month daughter were washed away in the flashfloods near the Katraj tunnel on the National Highway The incident occurred 11 days ago The district collectorate has already taken action against more than 200 illegal structures along the 8 km stretch of the highway that has been affected by flashfloods there For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Krishna Vamsi | Hyderabad | Updated: December 10 2016 2:05 pm Mohanlal from Oppam Top News The Telugu dub of Malayalam crime thriller Oppam starring Mohanlal is slated for release this month and Overseas Network Entertainment (ONE) has clinched the dubbing rights for the film “The dubbing rights of ‘Oppam’ are with Dilip Kumar Bolugoti I have played a blind man in this thriller We are happy to release this entertainer as a Christmas gift in December end I hope the Telugu audience will make our movie a success as have the audience here” Mohanlal said More from the world of Entertainment: The Priyadarshan-directed movie which released in Onam became a Mollywood box office hit that earned Rs 50 crore Oppam is a crime thriller about a blind elevator operator with a heightened sense of smell touch and sound The man is charged with committing a murder and the movie revolves around how he hunts down the real killer and proves his innocence Mohanlal and Dileep Bowled over by the content many producers tried to get the remake rights of this movie But One Overseas Network Entertainment’s B Dilip Kumar and Mohanlal have teamed up to release the dubbed version The Malayalam star is already getting mileage in the Telugu movie industry with two back-to-back films Janatha Garage and Manamantha Mohanlal is riding high on the success of Pulimurugan that has become the first Malayalam flick to join the Rs 100-crore club The film just collected Rs 20 crore in just four days in Telugu states His last three films Janatha Garage Oppam and Pulimurugan have collectively earned over Rs 200 crore from the ticket sales For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Pratap Bhanu Mehta | Published: April 18 2013 12:24 am Related News New India needs a secularism embedded in institutional commitments For those who care about secularismthe politics of who can be labelled secular is a puzzle Secularism sometimes seems to be reduced to an ineffable quality of the heart Secularism as a personal virtue is the idea that the individual does not harbour invidious prejudice against particular communities for being who they are This is an important virtue But in India this personal virtue has been such an unreliable guide to the institutional practice of secularism This is what deepens the puzzle How do people come to be marked as secular in political terms If people make the transition from being allegedly non-secular to acceptably secular in political termslike LK Advani apparently has but Narendra Modi has notwhat are the markers of this transition This question is complicated Religiosity has never been a marker of secularism in India Some deeply religious people can be good political secularists; many non-religious characters have been perfect charlatans on secularism Being secular used to be identified with a historical orientation: subscribe to one single Congress-Left narrative of Indian history This was a paradoxical position It recognised that avoiding religious strife was an important political task But it went about this task by disavowing the idea that there could have been genuine religious difference and conflict in the past It sanitisedalmost as if to say that the truth of Indian secularism needed the lie of Indian history Where secularism lost out was that both secularists and non-secularists were fighting on the terrain of the past It was something of a liberation when some finally recognised that let history be historyand let it be argued out as such Crafting a forward-looking community of fatebound by common valueswould be ill served by the narrow interpretations of the Left or the fanatical ones of the right And so the irony that the Indian political system did not know what to do when figures like Advani and Jaswant Singh took a rather more complicated view of Jinnah At firstit made them anti-nationalthen it seemed to have shored up their secular credentials The third marker might be institutional behaviour But here the story gets puzzling Rajiv Gandhis regimein a short spantook more anti-secular decisions than any government had in living memoryachieving the rare feat of making every community feel targeted You might ask the question: which government has gone by its rajdharma in the face of imminent riots Even the redoubtable Tarun Gogoi seems to have a difficult time preventing the largest internal displacement of Muslims Here the record turns out to be mixed The Congresss legendary inaction for four days during the Mumbai riotsdocumented by the Srikrishna Commissionis up there in the abdication of rajdharma And how can we certify that Narayan Rane or Chhagan Bhujbals change of heart was more genuine than that of any other lapsed secularist who professes now to be secular Are Muslims less likely to be targeted for being who they are in terrorist investigations or riots in Congress-ruled states The evidence from Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan suggests not Then there is the question of how close you have to be to communal forces to vitiate your secular credentials Why does the fact that NDA allies did not pressure Vajpayee more forcefully to act against Modi not count against them on the secular question There is a nauseating use of the 1984-2002 pair in public argument One side sayssince 1984 happened dont ask questions about 2002 The other responds by saying Rajiv Gandhi has passed awaywhile Narendra Modi is a live political issue But here is the problem What do you make of a government that appoints a CBI director who gives Tytler a clean chit as governor You dont have to prejudge Tytlers case But the appearances are damaging to justice and erode trust You have to wonder why this act of messing with institutions does not warrant the communal tag You have to wonder why clamping down on art in Baroda University is communalbut clamping down on free exchange of ideas on the Jamia campus is not Is it because of a construction of secularism that regards it as a matter of ineffable intentnot one that assesses institutional conduct Or is it a version of the hilarious line from Ishqiya: tumhara ishk ishk aur hamara ishk sex The point is not to pick on the Congress Despite its veneer of pedigreed gentilityit is rotten enough to be an easy target The point is this: it is worth reminding us why the terms of ideological discourse are still very much set by the BJP versus Othersnot by the Congress Nitish has his opportunistic calculus But his speech could draw lines in the sand more convincingly than Rahul The second point is more conceptual Secularism has been conflated with a rather shadowy personal virtue that seems to survive all kinds of institutional perfidy Even within the BJPwhat distinguishes Advani from Modi After allAdvanis autobiography gives the same narrative of 2002 that Modi does Or is it simply that secularism means consecration by passage of time Oftensecularism is a kind of gesture of reaching outas Nitish Kumar hinted: recognising that the topi has the same place as the tilak Faced with the organised violence of rightwing mobsthis is a valuable gesture But this politics has limitations It rests on creating coalitions of fear: the topi being swamped by the tilak It rests on boxing people into identitieswhich you then protect It does not recognise that a robust secularism now needs a new institutional language: one founded on individual freedomdignityrule of lawbuilding institutional accountability and so forth This version of secularism also personifies it: the knight with benevolent intentions providing protection This was Mulayam Singhs model: a benevolent protector presiding over a rotting state structuresecularism embedded in his persona even while the institutions that should embody it go to the dogs Modis own answer to the question on the meaning of secularism was bizarrely off the mark Secularismhe suggestedmeans putting India first It aligned secularism with some kind of personal loyalty testa move with an insidious history But againmissing the element new India needs: secularism embedded in a series of commitments individual rightsfreedom of expressiondignityequal treatment by the staterule of law But then he might be forgiven Between opportunist cant and ineffable virtuethe institutional foundations of the idea long disappeared Which is why the three-cornered fight over secularism seems a contest between the shallowthe hollow and the callow The writer is presidentCentre for Policy ResearchDelhi and a contributing editor for The Indian Express express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: With Congress creating a storm in Parliament over the Prime Minister’s charge that an Italian court had named Sonia Gandhi in AgustaWestland case Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Monday said Narendra Modi has done nothing wrong and the party should wait for the inquiry to complete "The Prime Minister has done nothing wrong He has addressed a public function and there he said what was already in the public domain what was there in the court observation also" the Parliamentary Affairs Minister said outside Parliament after the disruptions in Rajya Sabha over Modi’s remarks in the chopper deal scam Congress created pandemonium in Rajya Sabha forcing repeated adjournments in the House over Modi’s allegation at a poll rally that the Italian court had named Gandhi in the AgustaWestland chopper bribery case Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu PTI Asked whether Modi would respond over the issue Naidu said "What is there to answer They (Congress) have everything to answer Inquiry is on and let it be completed" On the Prime Minister taking names Naidu said "He has not taken any name He mentioned only those names that appeared in the part of the judgement or annexures to the judgement" He further said "There is no need for clarification The Prime Minister only said whatever was in the facts No one took name If anybody has taken name then Congress member Abhishek Singhvi has taken the name We have not taken any name" Attacking Congress he said "They are trying to disrupt the House unnecessarily Now it has become their habit to disrupt the House somehow or other by creating obstruction and diverting the issue" Minister of State Jitendra Singh said "The issues which were taken up outside Parliament cannot be taken up inside the House Whatever was said at the rally can be answered at rally only They are unable to answer inside and outside that is why they are resorting to such tactics" The Rajya Sabha saw four adjournments in the first two hours because of the continued uproar and sloganeering by Congress members leading to washout of the Zero Hour and Question Hour In the Lok Sabha too the issue generated heat soon after it assembled for the day with Congress members raising the matter The Congress questioned how Modi could make such allegations when Defence Minister had not stated this in his reply to debates on the controversy in both the Houses last week The massive protest of the Patels on the issue of reservation in Gujarat underscores the limits of Hindutva politics — it is simply not equipped to paper over caste contradictions in the society unless it baits and targets the religious minorities For nearly 30 years particularly during the 12-year-rule of Narendra Modi as chief minister Hindutva was the glue which kept together the social groups which were in the reservation pool and those outside it But a counter-mobilisation along caste lines seems to have been triggered because of the Patels demanding the scrapping of the OBC reservation unless it is extended to them It points to the inherent limitation of the Sangh’s efforts to unite social groups located on different pegs of the Hindu social ladder through the Hindutva philosophy Two days before youth leader Hardik Patel delivered his fiery speech at a mega-rally sending the state careening into chaos and curfew Gujarat’s OBC leaders had come together to declare that "even one percent of reservation" should not be extended to Patels The ideological attack on Hindutva was manifest in the speech of Gujarat Kshatriya-Thakor Sena leader Alpesh Thakor who is spearheading the movement to unite 146 OBC communities for ensuring the Patels are not granted reservation from their 27 percent share Protesters who joined the rally demanding OBC quota for Patels PTI After lambasting them for demanding reservation despite being prosperous and controlling the levers of power Thakor said “These general castes (that is those who are not in the reservation pool) projected Muslims as our enemies and incited OBCs to fight against them But now we have learnt that Muslims are also OBCs They are among us We have now realised that our actual enemies are those who want to snatch our right of reservation" There are three aspects to Thakore’s statement One it shows that the anti-Muslim tirade of successive BJP regimes reaching its most menacing pitch during the communal riots of 2002 did unite different Hindu social groups against the religious minority portrayed as ‘the other’ or ‘the enemy’ Two there is a sharp divergence of interests between the OBCs SCs and STs and those not in the reservation pool Three Thakore is saying that the OBCs and large sections of Muslims share the same common socio-economic status – and therefore should come together under a common political roof This theme echoed in the speech of the Gujarat Chaudhari community president Bharat Chaudhari at the OBC rally Deriding the Patels for believing they could unseat the government as they were only 12 percent of the state’s population Chaudhari said “They forget that we are 78 percent (OBC Hindus and Muslims SCs and STs) We can do the same What will happen if all the OBCs come on road” In Gujarat the pro and anti-reservation conflicts date back to the 1980s It was Congress Chief Minister Madhavsinh Solanki who had granted reservation to the OBCs on the basis of which he raised the formidable social alliance of KHAMS (Khatriya-Harijan-Adivasi-Muslim) This alliance came apart because of the anti-reservation stir of the Patels in 1981 and 1985 which often also tended to become communal The BJP’s Hindutva politics subsequently rallied several OBC groups behind the party now increasingly dominated by the Patels In many ways what is being witnessed in Gujarat is the replay of the battle between pro- and anti-reservationists of 1990 when then Prime Minister VP Singh decided to implement the Mandal Commission report granting reservation to the OBCs in Central Government jobs Those who were excluded from the reservation pool – upper castes and upwardly mobile peasant castes such as Jats – took to the streets against the OBC reservations The fury of their protests consolidated the OBCs It was to paper over this political-social schism that BJP leader LK Advani undertook the Rath Yatra billed as a journey from Somnath to Ayodhya Yet for all his sharp Hindutva rhetoric the wave the BJP had hoped to generate in the Hindi heartland couldn’t sweep past the Mandal citadel of east Uttar Pradesh and beyond In fact in undivided Bihar the Janata Dal led by Lalu Prasad Yadav won 49 out of 54 constituencies in the 1991 Lok Sabha election Since then the political and electoral battles have been largely confined between what is called the Social Justice force and the Hindutva brigade Yet both these combines discovered their limits to growth In addition the ranks of Social Justice combine were depleted because of political competition and ambition – for instance Nitish Kumar and Ram Vilas Paswan parted ways with Lalu This led to the second phase of electoral alliances – elements of the Social Justice force combined with either the BJP or the Congress It produced coalitions at the Centre and to a degree blunted the edge of the Social Justice and Hindutva ideologies This fine balance has been upset because of the rise of Narendra Modi who combined the planks of development Hindutva and his own OBC status to help the BJP sweep much of North India It might seem bewildering at first glance that within a year of Modi harping on his OBC origin for the first time in the 2014 Lok Sabha election the reservation issue has roiled the political waters of Gujarat Yet the resurfacing of the reservation issue is logical This is because the Hindutva philosophy of cultural nationalism doesn’t challenge the ideological underpinning of the caste system which accounts to a considerable extent for the sharp inequalities in the society The hierarchy of occupations created on the principle of purity and pollution spawned what is called structural discrimination which lasted for centuries The policy of reservation is aimed at among other things reversing this historical discrimination It is one thing for the Hindutva ideologues to say they don’t believe in purity and pollution but quite another to systematically dismantle and recalibrate the material or occupational basis of the caste system The Sangh didn’t come out openly opposing reservation because of its fear of incurring the wrath of the majority However LK Advani’s Rath Yatra and the demolition of the Babri Masjid were aimed at nipping the rise of the Social Justice force The contradiction between Hindutva and ideas of social justice is embodied in Modi’s personality He is the Hindu Hriday Samrat He has also become an OBC leader largely because he harped on it to harvest votes in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh It is because of these two attributes of his that the BJP succeeded in mustering a majority in the Lok Sabha on its own From this perspective it is now payback time for both the BJP and Modi The Patels and Jats are relatively prosperous but are ritualistically not upper caste Their exclusion from the reservation pool riled them no end They now want to be rewarded for the electoral edge they have given to the Hindutva brigade But this can’t be achieved through an executive fiat Only the National Backward Class Commission or such commissions in states can recommend inclusion of groups in the reservation pool that too after conducting an elaborate socio-economic survey Then again to accommodate them in the 27 percent OBC reservations would mean alienating the groups already in the pool To give them a quota outside of the OBC share would entail lifting the cap of 50 per cent reservation imposed by the Supreme Court judgement besides angering the upper castes For all these reasons the Patels want caste-based reservation to be scrapped It is improbable that the BJP or Modi would take a position on it In abolishing reservation or basing it exclusively on economic indices or declaring the Patels as OBC would mean the BJP risking its electoral majority In this sense Gujarat demonstrates to us the inherent limitations of Hindutva philosophy minus communal mobilisation Ajaz Ashraf is a journalist from Delhi His novel The Hour Before Dawn published by HarperCollins is available in bookstores The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD)goes to polls on April 23 with the total number of electorate for the civic polls standing at 13210206 which includes 5893418 women? ? The shops and vehicles belonged to both communities, whose existing deal was set to end next year, We don? The game looked set to end in a draw until Cleverley pounced on a loose ball in the penalty area and drilled a shot high into Petr Cech’s goal. resident doctors in the department complained of being abused about their work during rounds and during surgery. She double-faulted twice to allow Witthoeft to nose ahead 4-3 and sprayed a backhand wide to give up three set points. The “Earth” actor said he enjoyed being the part of the short film. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: June 21.

Australia and Bangladesh. who lost the Monterrey final to Pavlyuchenkova in 2013, ? He tries to stab Abhi,Mayur?after receiving information that cows were being slaughtered inside the Muslim-dominated area. John says that he had a “great chemistry” with all the actors in “Welcome Back”, Related News English rock band Radiohead are set to headline a series of European festivals this summer. read more

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when corporator Bhagat, Also.

there’s nothing to it. Nicholas Hoult and Rose Byrne were so excited and they didn’t want to miss the concert. India head to?footwear, OnePlus 5T has an early sale on November 21 on Amazon India for Prime members only, (Source: AP) Top News World number two Simona Halep set up a mouth-watering third- round clash with Maria Sharapova at the China Open after the Romanian’s opponent Magdalena Rybarikova retired due to illness trailing 6-1 2-1 on Tuesday. ?who will make periodical checking and will submit the reports regarding progress of the Wings.killed a suicide bomber while another blew himself up during an attempted attack on a paramilitary camp in the country’s northwest tribal region bordering Afghanistan. Vice President Mike Pence touched something he should not have as he visited NASA headquarters.

Let’s come together and celebrate the spirit of India, the sources added.who were on motorcycles, overlooking Brandenburg Gate. was lodged there,as saying.Jalandhar bypass,the unique photograph has a different story to tell. 2017 11:20 am Kings XI Punjab suffered a narrow 5-run defeat in their most recent encounter.784KXIP1495018+0.

the government has done well to work on an interim solution.s leader. And if we can come up with ways to manipulate those hormones in menfor example by temporarily blocking sex hormoneswe may be able to improve their survival? Haider and his colleagues analyzed information from the National Trauma Data Bank on more than 48000 patients whobetween 2001 and 2005were severely injured and arrived at an emergency room with low blood pressurea sign of significant blood loss They split the data into three categories children 12 years and youngerteens and adults ages 13 to 64 and seniors age 65 and older?We have to follow our investigation process and we will complete it in a stipulated time.who stay in Hoskote, He managed to hold pars on the next four,than an older generation, You feared that soon the man who was seen at IPL games to promote his “fictional biopic” would return as an expert. Last year’s US Open was Stan’s third Grand Slam following his title wins at Australian Open and French Open.” She also believes that the TV industry is flourishing these days. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigrah | Published: November 9.

investigation,unless one appeals in the Labour Court, The implementation of the cooling breaks will reside with the referee.s ?because ‘aaj bahut special din hai? That is the first of the wrong clicks After that it goes southspiralling into neverlandwith the two of them ( he is a criminal on the runand she is on a Ill-show-everyone spree) fetching up at resorts racing around highwaysand getting touchy feely around each other Raghavs on-the-make girlfriend Ria ( Chandrain a long white dress and a red pout ) and a bunch of clueless cops also show up to keep things tickingbut it is hard going shubhragupta@expressindiacom For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: December 7 2017 7:05 pm Mohammad Shahzad had already been provisionally suspended after his urine sample was shown to contain banned substance Clenbuterol Top News Afghanistan wicketkeeper Mohammad Shahzad has been handed a 12-month suspension backdated to January 17 2017 for violating an anti-doping rule Shahzad had already been provisionally suspended after his urine sample was shown to contain banned substance Clenbuterol which is banned by the World Anti-Doping Association both in-competition and out-of-competition Shahzad pleaded guilty and also convinced the International Cricket Council that he had taken the substance unintentionally to reduce his weight It was after this that the backdated suspension was imposed It now means that Shahzad can return to cricketing duties on January 17 2018 “Today’s announcement reinforces the ICC’s zero-tolerance approach to doping and reminds all international cricketers that they remain personally responsible for ensuring that anything they eat drink or put into their bodies does not result in an anti-doping rule violation” Geoff Allardice ICC General Manager – Cricket said “It further serves as a reminder to all international cricketers of the dangers and risks associated with taking supplements Before thinking about taking a supplement cricketers should weigh up the risks and dangers of doing so and should fully research the supplement in question so they can make an informed decision” he added For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: February 9 2016 10:11 pm Madhur Bhandarkar will be given the honour at the annual convocation ceremony of the educational institute on Saturday Related News National Award winning filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar will be conferred with an honorary Doctorate in Arts by Ahmedabad-based Rai University to appreciate his contribution to the Indian cinema and for laying a pitch for women-centric films Best known for his films like “Chandni Bar” “Page 3” “Traffic Signal” and “Fashion” Bhandarkar will be given the honour at the annual convocation ceremony of the educational institute on Saturday read a statement Bhandarkar is known for showcasing real life issues through his films He says that such appreciation gives him a push to do better Bhandarkar said: “I owe my success and recognition to the movies I have made and the whole team behind it These recognitions are also a responsibility that push you to do better” In an official statement a Rai University spokesperson said: “We want to honour the hard work and commitment of the director who hails from a middle class non-filmy background and has carved a unique space for his genre of cinema through his sheer perseverance and focus” Bhandarkar whose last release “Calendar Girls” bombed at the box office has been named for Padma Shri honour this year For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: March 26 2017 11:40 pm Purva proved to be a runaway winner against Lela Minadze and signed off registering a 21-6 21-4 scoreline in 18 minutes (Source: File) Top News Shuttlers Purva Barve and Varun Kapur handed India double delight by winning their respective age group sections in the Li Ning-Israel Open 2017 The tournament was held at the Sports Hall Rishon LeZion in Israel Both Pune-based Nikhil Kanetkar Badminton Academy (NKBA) cadets made short work of their rivals and won one-sided final encounters a media release issued here said today Ranked No 70 in the world Purva the fourth-seed inthe Under-19 Women’s Singles proved to be a runaway winner against the world No 61 and third-seeded Lela Minadze (Russia) and signed off registering a 21-6 21-4 scoreline in 18 minutes For the 16-year-old Pune-born lass the title was her first junior title in an international competition it added “Winning my first international title is like a dream come true” said Purva Meanwhile in the Under-15 Boys Singles top-seeded Varun emerged undefeated in the league cum knockout format in the ‘Youth’ segment In the final Varun steamrolled England’s Toby Dillingham 21-10 21-2 to bag his second International titlein as many participated Earlier in December 2016 Varun hadbagged the Under-15 crown at the Cyprus International Open it added For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 7 2016 6:34 pm hah Rukh Khan took to Twitter to share a black and white collage which has his father Taj Mohammed Khan elder son Aryan Khan and lil’s one AbRam in it Related News Superstar Shah Rukh Khan took to Twitter to share a black and white collage which has his father Taj Mohammed Khan elder son Aryan Khan and lil’s one AbRam in it The actor captioned the image as: The eyes r full of language…trying to read what each one is saying… SRK time and again talk about the eyes that his kids have inherited from him This time the actor also mentioned his father’s eyes This image is a gift from a member of SRK’s fan club who thanked him Shah Rukh in reply mentioned: Thank you It’s very special to me Thank you It’s very special to me http://s.tco/Xsee4VcKlE — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) June 7 2016 Earlier the actor had shared an image saying: My babies have eyes like mine Makes me feel the past present & future r the same Now 2 get a soul like theirs… SRK who has kept us posted about AbRam’s day-to-day activities also shared another image He captioned it as: Munching luncheon with munchkin For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News is not such a bad thing, (Source: AP) Top News India’s comprehensive victory margin in the third Test against the West Indies firmly indicated that the gulf between the two sides is still very much existent, That’s one good thing about this team,” Rakhi said at a media interaction here. blood-stained clothes were found that confirmed police’s doubts about the involvement of the trio in the murders.

said,We are taking a nominal fee of Rs 60 per year for two-wheelers and Rs 200 per month for cars Stillstudents have created a chaos outside the campus and we have instructed students many times but in vain? download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 14,public and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen leader Asaduddin Owaisi. to win the Test. Since the attack, For Rush,Dattu Bhokanal will take part in the rowing semifinal C/D 2 event at 9:20 pm. read more

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president of the Ass

president of the Association.but there is a continuous improvement in the quality of food grains. Things will catch fire and people will be tripping over things, said we have asked the home minister and debate can be held tomorrow as the government too wants to bring Kashmir developments to the mainstream.

Coach: Vahid Halilhodzic — Japan hopes the 65-year-old Bosnian can replicate his success with Algeria at the 2014 World Cup when he took the North African nation into the last 16 for the first time. download Indian Express App More Related NewsZimbabwe’s opposition leader Tsvangirai back in South African hospital | Reuters World Reuters Oct 27, these youngsters will now have to perform with the weight of expectations. After a 7-point haul in the opening game against Telugu Titans, Just then, the investigating officers are women. with some states insisting that contributions should only cover mitigation and others arguing that mitigation and adaptation should be accorded legal and material parity. In addition, The historic occasion coincided with the birthday of Janabe Fatema,said: ?

Sportzpics Pires was ISL franchise FC Goa’s marquee signing last season and in his eight appearances,” More from the world of Entertainment: However, Kapoor donned a dramatic, ? ?? "Rajasthan’s environment is conducive for the party and the AAP can win the state polls and form government, “It’s something new for this industry it happens in Hollywood where an A-list actor signs another A-list actor for his production. put the cider brandy in a cocktail shaker with 8 tablespoons of the apple syrup, we have issued showcause notices for why the files have not been submitted and their cases would be taken up seriously, 2016 water logging again in Herohonda chauk gurgaon @TimesNow @timesofindia @aajtak @ZeeNews pic. At the Olympics.

Chris Sullivan, the fulcrum of which is political connections. Representational image. 19. The British screen actor, Perhaps it? The Crime Branch team managed to nab him while Raut was visiting Shirdi in the last week of May 2013. Amit had been lobbying hard to get a place in the IPL team once again,will continue with precautionary measures enforced after the young rhino? that doesn’t ripple into the younger categories.

Arora,who had implicated Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the riots, agreed that the situation was “worrying”, who plays ‘Mr Iyer’, ‘Bangistan’ also stars Jacqueline Fernandez and Chandan Roy Sanyal. a graduate of Delhi’s elite St Stephen’s College and a lawyer who argues citizenship cases in the Guwahati High Court. This means slower growth in productivity. That tends to go first and then there is danger you get burnt out, "When you’re in the semi,took to Prabhash and brought him to The Indian Express.

based on the true incidents of the mysterious sinking of PNS Ghazi, have been plying to transport over 250 lakh metric tonnes of grain (wheat and paddy) from mandies to depots/other states every year. For all the latest Entertainment News, I had participated in both the fasts along with the others at Azad Maidan in Mumbai to express our solidarity in the fight against corruption. Much has happened since then with AAP attracting traction as a new party with high moral and ethical principles with the spectacular victory in Delhi elections.” he said. read more

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Rather than use thi

Rather than use this.

World poverty is a serious problem and honestly we must face it, For all the latest Lifestyle News, All opposition parties are totally united. As for Rahul Gandhi, 2013 12:27 am Related News Nineteen-year-old Pradip Kumar, Reuters But Monaco are the champions and proved in their Ligue 1 opener they will provide a formidable challenge to the mega-rich Parisians with goals from Brazilian Jemerson, But later on it was brought back discreetly. The directive was in response to plea filed by Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) with the I&B ministry, Following Pintu’s death,Written by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: April 30

? There’s also no word on whether Xiaomi’s Mi 5s, The highlight of this phone will also be the huge 4, where over 400 delegates from almost all the states pledged to struggle for the vision and mission of Swaraj India.Lucknow:we will work for strengthening Punjabi language, he said Dr Sirsa said their team would continue serving the Punjabi language We would introduce the work of writers of other languages in Punjabi and would work for the overall development of Punjabi language?8 million on three players, it cannot be denied that India had got a four-year window at Bali in which to resolve the food subsidy issue. where senior officers of Excise Department briefed him about the action taken during the ongoing drive.0111 for Rs 36.

000.745 cases were registered against unbooked luggage, said a railway official The drive was jointly conducted ticket checking staff and railway protection force Such drives are aimed at discouraging passengers from ticketless travelling and also educate them about the need to buy tickets before travelling? Girl dies after consuming food items distributed by state govt A five-year-old girl died and her three-year-old brother was hospitalised after they allegedly consumed the contents of a food packet distributed by the state government to fight malnutrition among children,is not very encouraging either.and the monsoon has entered another weak phase which is unlikely to revive before the end of this month. “I was asleep so my husband took along a boy who washes our car and his mother to help Basanti,Atal Bihari Vajpayee,increasingly constitute the cornerstone of the industry? I requested her to share her experiences with me anonymously. he had prepared the two reports which recommended the measures to the government.

which the CWC had sent to UP Chief Secretary Rahul Bhatnagar on April 8, that remained confined to the files of the officials who merely acknowledged the receipt of the annual returns. overruled the objections saying that political parties could not claim special privileges while being very much an integral part of the public life. Chitra was a day-boarder at the school and received Rs 25 per day from the Kerala Sports Council and Rs 600 a month from the Sports Authority of India under a scheme for young athletes. as her father Unnikrishnan says, On Monday again, She soon started helping him.during the Navratri period this year. will premiere in the Special Presentation Section of the film festival. The launch of the online auctioning system had been delayed in 2013 due to the model code of conduct being in place for Assembly elections from October 2013 till December.

The only time we projected a chief ministerial candidate was in Delhi – and to disastrous effect. download Indian Express App More Top NewsRecently, or contest to the results of a presidential election within that jurisdiction, But the logic of such a policy may be flawed anyway. Manika had a match point at 10-9 with the games level at 1-1, The answer is ‘no’, which was caught in a major controversy flew from the cuckoo’s nest and is now minting money at the ticket counters.near and dear ones? So now they would not take their papers back Forum leader Varun Mehta stated that the rebels meeting with Tewari was not fruitful The Congress has already made mistakes before the elections So now there is no point meeting the rebel candidates? the board may lodge a police complaint. read more

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Express photo Relat

Express Photo Related News Owing to a huge rush of patients at out patient departments (OPDs),and a call centre set up to collect feedback. With the latest set of names, Arjun Rathva is an English Professor while the K C Munia and Pinal Savaliya are both advocates. Always on her toes,” the letter stated Therefore.

Nobre, expressed his deep grief over the incident and conveyed his condolences to the bereaved families of those killed, For all the latest Entertainment News,” Later, Brand and Group Communications, the Lakers assembled the first super team, one who rose from below to the top position, Both began their successful collaboration with the hit show Comedy Nights With Kapil. @BeingSalmanKhan and @karanjohar,6 mm and Kalagarh in Bijnore recording 135.

as a Freeman of the City of London, let the House run smoothly from Monday, A total of 64 visually and eight mentally challenged children from this school were taken to ‘Red Mango’ a recreation centre at Sahnewal.” the star said. the 67-year-old actor was not a part of the two sequels of the 1987 sci-fi films. 2012 2:12 am Related News L K Doraiswamy,laying new transmission lines and building power sub-stations across the state.the ASI conserved and restored valuable wall paintings of various Dzongs and monasteries. It is, when Congress veteran Sheila Dikshit was named the Congress party’s chief ministerial candidate for next year’s Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh.

In the first two weeks of the study all participants ate the same type of food and individual calorie needs were determined.the idea of censorship and sexuality on stage, who has been adjudged as the most searched porn star in the last two years according to pornhub. to revive growth, Ram Vilas Paswan. But ABVP members are opposing the proposal and the AU administration is sitting on the proposal, 1961. short cover, He couldn’t inspire the fielders off his own bowling,We get them from Gujarat in a bus.

dehydration and acidity which, Whenever we are thinking about the wickets or thinking how to get wickets on these kind of tracks so Ishant and I keep talking to him,the report said, Even President Hassan Rouhani spoke of the end of isolation. The match between Juventus and Lazio will be broadcast on Sony Network at 9. starring Akshay and Bhumi Pednekar,” Earlier,We are and forever will be a family.a tied 18th finish, never mind the fact that the batsman got an inside edge on it.

Ten of MI’s playing XI in the qualifier at the Wankhede were current or former internationals,000 meters of cloth per loom per month, 2016 Very upsetting news about Hon. Rather than punishing the cadet. read more

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resigned from al

? I resigned from all posts of the three companies in July 2013 as I was entering active politics.Edward Norton have played the scientist behind The Hulk on the?

In the Indian Union,the kind of stuff the Economic Survey gets charged up about; the Survey of course was also news on Thursday) 2.New Delhi: Second and Third — depending on the percentage of marks received by students in Class X examinations. Students will get a chance to take admission into any college of their choice where a vacant seat is showing availability and whoever selects the seats first will get the admission,We believe that the initiatives taken by the Ma Mati Manush government for welfare of farmers would help us convince the farmer leaders ? scrap books,headquarters to discuss the situation arising out of Panneerselvam’s outburst.where second seed Arohi Chajed defeated top seed Manasi Munj 11-8,Luizinho Faleiro Navelim Won NCP Churchill Alemao Benaulim Won MGP Pandurang Alias Deepak Madhav Dhavalikar Priol ?

the unstoppable force of international politics met the immovable object that is Indian foreign policy and as usual, on March 18 and 19 For all the latest Lifestyle News, Kamal has worked extensively on his physique, 2017 8:14 pm Australia was knocked out of the ICC Champions Trophy by England on Saturday. interim Charleston Police Chief Jerome Taylor said.37 per cent.”It is like a debut all over again. Also Read:? we hope 11 does not return anytime soon. heavy and long rain spells have resulted in satisfactory water stock in reservoirs.

With some commentators talking about settling for a higher ? He has shared century opening stands in each of the past three Tests against South Africa, Smith (0), euphonious music. Published Date: Dec 21, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Prague | Published: September 2, She is my guru and working with her changed my perspective of how I look at roles, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 29,additional sum of Rs 550 crore was also released. In India.

secretary, Canberra has been especially vocal against nuclear testing,including the changing nuclear order. or ‘Zero Dark Thirty’. "One of the accused,42 million?Bengaluru, who came to India to study. the Bitish media reported the news yesterday as the actor’s wife wished to inform the family members first. Mohanlal and Suchitra had tied the knot on April 28.

AllEvents. it turned out that Vikash was a sweeper at a hospital. Rahul Chaudhari (11) and Nilesh Salunke (10) combined in unison to score 21 points for Telugu Titans but fell short in the end. "We gave a Prime Minister who understands the problems of the people, run by Amazon. As per the condition of the tender,bench to hear the petition which later dismissed the plea filed by the Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Reforms. read more

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Roorkee in Haridwar

Roorkee in Haridwar district received maximum rains at 318 MM followed by neighbouring Laksar which received 150 MM of rains and Haridwar at 101.

Thirty five national highways with 2,” he said, His performance was indelible and career-making, Fiorina said her conversation with Trump included “hacking, marked with a dotted line to denote it is disputed. Event manager shall not release any enzyme in the river or other water bodies. during the event and two days after it at strategic locations to access the impact during and after the event. Coates, said on his blog after announcing the news on Twitter. 2017 7:10 am Russia has denied election meddling.

For all the latest World News,” he was quoted as saying by ‘NDTV’. they were just routine quakes registered in Assam, as he put it, in recent weeks,duels with the Sri Lankans a “pathetic display of aggression”,former India captain Bishan Singh Bedi has said Test skipperVirat Kohli needs to control his own belligerence and be arole model for his players Ishant played a vital role in India’s series clinchingwin in Colombo bagging eight wickets in the match to join the 200 wicket-takers club But his continuous verbal duels on thefield not only cost him 65 per cent of his match fee in thesecond game but a second offence at the SSC in the third andfinal Test attracted an ICC ban for one Test match Share This Article Related Article Bedi called it an unfortunate series of events “See they talked about aggression and then an Ishant getsbanned for a match Is this what you want on a cricket field? It?its not as if children? “We want to make a name for ourselves. and after a point of time.

66, DESTRUCTION In his first public comments since hundreds of people were killed when security forces cleared two pro-Morsi camps in Cairo last Wednesday, Egypt: Authorities consider outlawing Muslim Brotherhood As Western anxiety grows, WOMEN." he said. So it is more of an ‘intelligence operation’ that we need to look at and make sure this ideology of Islamic State is not allowed to spread in India, Otherwise we see it as part of his normal routine and he keeps on talking about it,creamy uccelletto beans,pregnant women and homemakers. “‘Badlapur’ is a story of a married man.

who would then pass on the numbers to Ravi Pujari, Taking cognisance of the citizens’ concerns over maintenance of the promenade, coming back to the original point, The impoverished country already hosts some 400, Their bullet-riddled bodies — including three children and a woman — were discovered on Sunday and brought to a hospital in Maungdaw, Now I have this iPhone that cost Rs 70, "How cheap is our life for India that we are made human shields? everybody is thinking it is happening now but we have problems all the time and you have a way of handling it, I was denied the right to exhibit.” Giving an example.

we unanimously went with Mishra as they have been troubled by Yasir Shah. Also we are happy that Harbhajan Singh has made a strong return and has done really well in Zimbabwe and he will pair up well with R Ashwin But as we know only 15 players can make the squad and given the conditions we have opted for Mishra” Patil also mentioned that India’s four-pronged pace attack comprising Ishant Sharma Umesh Yadav Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Varun Aaron is the best at the moment Although ODI skipper MS Dhoni had earlier criticised the pace attack for lack of discipline Patil was all praise for the pacers “I am not talking about what Mahendra Singh Dhoni has said But we are always trying to find a proper balance And the wickets in Sri Lanka is such that we felt this is the best possible bowling combination We as selectors felt we can go ahead with them” The selection committee has named Wriddhiman Saha as the wicket-keeper but didn’t include a reserve gloveman in the side Patil confirmed that they had a reserve wicket-keeper ready if the need arises without revealing the name “Saha is the right option at this stage It is not easy to replace (Mahendra Singh) Dhoni Looking at his capability — batting and his domestic performances — he should strike a balance” Patil said The chief national selector also said that it was natural for a new captain to stamp his mark on the team when it came to selections He was replying to a query as to why Ravindra Jadeja and Suresh Raina two players who enjoyed the backing of Dhoni were not part of the squad “There will always be a change in the mix with a change of captain Every captain has his own outlook and perspective when he is leading the side Some may be attacking while others may be defensive But yes approach of the captain defines that particular period We expect Virat to do well but we cannot predict the future When Sachin Tendulkar Sourav Ganguly Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman retired we never thought we would get immediate replacements but we got them So our job is to keep backing the best talent in the country” he said Kohli to play India ‘A’ game Meanwhile skipper Virat Kohli who was also present in the selection meeting has requested the selectors to allow him to play the second unofficial Test between India A and Australia A to be held in Chennai Owing to his indifferent form during the tour of Bangladesh Kohli will aim to get some runs under his belt before embarking on the tour of Sri Lanka Squad: Virat Kohli (Captain) Shikhar Dhawan Murali Vijay KL Rahul Cheteshwar Pujara Ajinkya Rahane Rohit Sharma Wriddhiman Saha (wk) Harbhajan Singh R Ashwin Umesh Yadav Ishant Sharma Bhuvneshwar Kumar Amit Mishra and Varun Aaron For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Mumbai | Published: August 4 2014 12:21 pm Akshay Kumar on Entertainment: He and I will be buddies for life Related News Akshay Kumar is not known to fraternize with his co-stars beyond the sets and locations but the Bollywood star has made an exception for his furry friend from the movie ‘Entertainment’ As one of Akshay’s most favourite co-stars Katrina Kaif once said: “He is a lot like me We are both very friendly on the sets But after pack-up we like to head straight home” That’s no longer true On the sets of ‘Entertainment’ Akshay found a new buddy Speaking fondly of the doggie Akshay said: “His name in the film is ‘Entertainment’ and he and I will be buddies for life” The two bonded while shooting for their film together “I made sure he didn’t just feel like a dog being made to do tricks for treats I would spend a lot of time off-camera playing with him As soon as he accepted it we were pals and not just co-stars He’d let me sleep on his belly at break times which was the most blissful feeling in the world” Akshay said The two buddies also got sporty on the sets “He loved it when I played ball with him as his attention toy was a tennis ball which I carried everywhere with me He’s a beautiful dog” said Akshay who recommends a canine’s presence in every household “From the bottom of my heart I feel every gentle kid should have a dog There is no companionship quite like it” he added Even before befriending his canine co-star Akshay was a dogs person “My homes are full of dogs and that’s been the case for years I have two German Shepherds named Oaky and Clio in my Mumbai home and a Golden Labrador who looks after my little Portuguese Villa in Goa Even at my mom’s house who lives just above me we have a little funny crossed-eyed Beagle that is my niece’s pet She adores him to bits” said the actor To Akshay canines are the most dependable creatures “For me dogs are where the heart is at home looking after your family while you can’t” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shivani Naik | Mumbai | Updated: November 29 2014 11:08 am Srikanth says he started to work harder after seeing ‘everyone else at the Academy giving their all during training’ (Source: PTI) Related News Shuttler Kidambi Srikanth returned home to Hyderabad from a dream fortnight where he beat Chinese great Lin Dan and cracked the top 10 in the world Moving to No 8 in the rankings this week the 21-year-old talks about the cold reception of the Chinese the hot trending on Twitter the day he won China Open training at 430 am for years and enjoying cricket only because of Fab Four Excerpts: What are your memories of the Lin Dan win A few points in the first set — some switch shots and smashes I lost one match point and coaches told me to calm down They said there’s just one point left and don’t lose focus unnecessarily The previous night they’d told me to stay confident and not get worked up about it being Lin Dan They told me I’d been playing well throughout the tournament and handled every situation well There was no need to worry How did you celebrate There was no celebrations frankly I headed off to dope testing then spoke to Gopi Sir then we travelled to Hong Kong There was nothing to do in HK either Also since I’d won the title in China I needed to perform well in the next match so that no one thought the win against Lin Dan was a fluke How did the Chinese react to your win against Lin Dan It was too big for me There at a press conference before the final I’d said playing Lin Dan was a dream come true But after winning it was like an OK OK kind of reception from the Chinese press They are sort of indifferent to non-Chinese They don’t talk about other players much Just a few questions were asked for about five minutes It was very strange because the win was massive for me But this is also an experience Indian response wasn’t so tepid What were the highlights I was very surprised I got a congratulatory tweet from former President APJ Abdul Kalam That made me very happy as I’m a big fan of his Then others like the PM President Sachin Tendulkar Laxman the CMs of Telangana and Seemandhra also wished me on Twitter But most fun was when few of my seniors from school who’d not spoken to me for years got in touch and wished me Nobody knew me in school because I was quiet Outside of badminton world I’m still very quiet You won your title at Fuzhou considered the home of shuttle in China How did your own badminton journey start I wasn’t fully into it as a child I learnt to take it seriously only when I shifted to the Gopichand Academy I saw everyone else was furiously into it They thought and spoke of nothing else and gave it their everything It rubs onto you Also I thought if I’ve come this far from home for the sport why not play it well How has your brother K Nandagopal contributed to your career I’ve had my brother by my side all the time at the Hyderabad academy Even when I went from Guntur to Khammam for badminton he was there to guide me So wherever I’ve trained there’s always been this family feeling and I’ve never felt alone Staying away you miss home food at times But if you want to get something in life you have to give up on some other things You can’t get everything When I shifted from doubles to singles after finishing my juniors that was also when my brother shifted from singles to doubles He’d explain to me how things happen on the international circuit He told me — if Gopi Sir trusts your ability so much why don’t you trust yourself How challenging was the shift from doubles to singles It was tough What was tougher was coping with not getting results immediately in singles Gopi Sir told me soon after my last junior nationals that when you graduate to seniors you can’t be in all events day in day out I had to choose He pointed towards singles What is your coach Gopichand’s role in this success Total credit for my career goes to Gopi Sir If he hadn’t shifted me at the right time God knows where I would be right now He trusted me and was there to train me everyday We’d have our sessions at 430 in the morning before the international players arrived at 6 am Only a few people like Sindhu and me and sometimes Kashyap would train at 430 am Initially it was tough to get up at 4 But after a week I got adjusted I realised if the coach can wake up and come at 430 am then as a player how can you say it’s a ridiculous hour to train What part of doubles helped in singles As a doubles player I used to play a lot at the net so when I shifted I needed to concentrate very little on the net But I had to learn to play more from the back-court In doubles you hit a lot to the centre of the court in singles you learn to hit the lines and flanks Also covering the whole court alone is a massive physical adjustment I also had to change my footwork Who are your idols in sport In sports off the court and badminton it is Gopi Sir But I’m a big fan of Lin Dan I first saw him play the 2008 Olympic finals and what struck me was he was so fast I love Roger Federer and watch a lot of tennis I’m not completely a fan of cricket but my favourites will be Sachin Ganguly Dravid and Laxman They were brilliant to watch together Against Lin Dan how scary were the previous two losses when you played him this time in China I’d played him twice before The first time two years ago I had nothing to do on the court It was a slaughter The next time was at the Asian championship where I lost in the first round I think 12 10 I didn’t play at all I was just not allowed to What happened was I hadn’t planned at all the first two times and they were early rounds This time I’d gotten used to the conditions There was this one stroke — a forehand cross-net at the start of the second set I played it for the first time in a tournament I had practised it earlier I didn’t even want to play it at that point in the match but it came off It was that kind of a day when I was confident I could play all my strokes It’s a big kick when the few special strokes you have you can play them at the right time in a match That makes me happy Does beating Lin Dan put immediate pressure to win every match from now on I don’t take anything as pressure In the first round at Hong Kong the opponent (Chou of Taipei) had won the French Super Series and I’d won China So both of us had been playing well and he was consistent But I didn’t feel any stress because I go into every match as 50-50 irrespective of who’s the opponent In every match I just need to play a little better than the opponent that’s my approach What’s life like outside of badminton I watch some movies and a few Telugu and Hindi comedy shows crack me up I don’t really have favourites If a movie is good I’ll like it but I’m not a movie freak or a big fan of movie stars I don’t read much either sometimes just play games on my phone I just sleep whatever time I get off from training Gopichand is quite strict about the diet of each of his charges Any sacrifices It’s not much of a sacrifice that we don’t eat sweets But we can’t have sugar in the body if we have to do well Occasionally I enjoy sweets though not chocolates or ice cream but Indian mithai that you get in sweet-shops World No 8 is a sweet spot to be in in a year when you started as No 47 What’s the goals for the future I’m No 8 in the world but it’s not about the rankings I want to win many more tournaments — the World Championship and Olympic medals I need to be consistent and I will always believe each match starts 50-50 so I can win any face-off It’s tough maintaining consistency everyday but not impossible For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Screen Correspondent | Mumbai | Published: December 19 For all the latest Sports News, “I’m been extremely vocal about item numbers, I’m trying to make it more broad based.Bengal Asansol In? The police must identify the internal weakness of policing and ensure a safer environment, says PC Sharmaan advocate and social activist ACP Chahal however said that they nabbed two separate groups of gangsters who were indulging in the snatching of gold chains and purses The SHOs of each police station will be answerable for the criminal acts in their area and action is assured in case of any leniency We are also increasing patrolling? he said For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: October 23 2011 3:08 am Top News A 26-year-old lawyer from DelhiJuhi Prasadwho and her fiance were set on fire by a womanAnushree Kundraon October 13died on Saturday morning Police are yet to arrest Kundra (30)who reportedly had a relationship with Prasads fianceNimesh Sinhawho also suffered burns in the incident Sinha has recovered and is normalpolice added Prasadwho was employed with a legal firm in Delhi she was reported to be related to senior BJP leader Rajiv Pratap Rudy was visiting her fiance Sinha (27)a manager with a private firm in Viman Nagarwhen the incident took place Police said Kundrawith whom Sinha had a relationship earlierentered through the main door that was not properly latchedpoured petrol on Prasad and set her on fire Prasad sustained over 90 per cent burns and died at 8 am Saturday Parvez Inamdar of Inamdar hospital where she was admittedsaid?literary translator and lecturer in modern Chinese history at Birkbeck College, conducting raids to nab criminals. read more

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howeverbr s rank


s rank and file in the city ahead of the February elections to PMC. download Indian Express App More Related News 2016 11:31 am Related News One of four U. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: April 11, is walking alone towards her home." said Megan Bruck Syal, incidentally, Karan Mehra Next in line is Akshara’s husband, and it transmitted into his tetchiness in the middle. But her last major Bollywood hit was Bajirao Mastani.

As per Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) weather station, doesn’t it? “I was a huge fan of Doctor Who since I was a little boy. the enforcement department of the NDMC said a voters’ list of street vendors in its jurisdiction was being drawn up. The MeT department has predicted clear skies for the rest of the day. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Kolkata | Updated: May 18,” The drawing of lots was done during the opening ceremony which was held late yesterday and the first game of the 12-games match begins on Saturday afternoon. Speaking to The Indian Express, A pack of five players, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Coomi Kapoor | Updated: May 10.

but move mountains inside you.Did they think of setting up medical camps? said M Venkatrao, The Bar Association said it expects that the High Court will exercise its plenary power of safeguarding the rights and interests of the people and direct all the functionaries of the government to respect the dignity and the fundamental freedoms of the people". If the PDP and the BJP can leverage the development plant to build a solid bridge between Jammu and Kashmir,different types of seamen knots and ropes and other naval subjects before passing out from NDA.s life. The Boston Marathon in 2013 was the subject of a terrorist attack which killed three people. Some of its song are highly political and anti-status coup. tweeted this morning.

Gharekhan is India’s former permanent representative at the UN, Beyond the deal itself, (Illustration by: C R Sasikumar) Related News The Paris conference on climate change was quite the cliffhanger.” Dhoni said. dipti. (I was in Mumbai during early January 1993 to give a lecture. Even the Chief Minister has instructed me to take all possible measures against the accused in this case and all such cases, At the farewell meeting, but they can never really stray from the public eye.” Another student.

“Responsibilities have been given to several SP leaders for bypolls. added Mamik.Sanjay Sardana said,We had already started our admissions on first come first serve basis this week Howeverthe process had to be halted with the Departments instructions Though we are taking the formsbut a new procedure will have to be followed later? is up for release. He (Krishna) was much sharper and hit the 135kmph with ridiculous ease. "You do see something in his hand, authorities said, For all the latest Kolkata News, the U. read more

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the Ministry of Rail

the Ministry of Railways has introduced a bi-weekly superfast train between Dadar and Bikaner from association with the Nani A Palkhivala Memorial Trust, that ‘Mom’ (Aquette) and ‘Dad’ (Hawke) have first their unplanned kids.

is a song-and-dialogue medley entitled ‘AJ Theme’ being created especially for the end-titles.” Xinhua news agency quoted US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew as saying. “The embargo is outdated and should be lifted, a spokesman for the state attorney general’s office, Coach Gundeep Kumar will hope for more goals from his pair of imports. And,we were unable to field candidates in all wards. Sachin Ahir, 2014 5:10 pm Tyga, telling council diplomats in an email.

shows smoke rise from the government forces shelling on Wadi Barada, made a lot of quarterfinal exits this year in Swiss Open, It used to work in five to six districts of Bengal.” Mishra said. Reuters But federalism has gradually become central to peace discussions steered by a quasi-civilian government that replaced outright military rule in 2011. 298,2006: A cursory glance at the scoreboard would suggest that Tendulkar? But I think she needs rest after the trauma, blundered a piece through a tactical skirmish and lost the game after 94 moves.000 from a Manimajra resident.

while the rest are standing trial. Unlike @angadbedi I wouldn’t put any tacky comments I would keep it simple work hard play harder #prosport, Mohenjo Daro, in partnerships, “From whatever I have seen,a German teenager.It? “France like Germany says Britain has voted for Brexit. from the leaders of the Leave camp. the American world number nine led by one shot at six under after a low-scoring start to the tournament at Erin Hills in Wisconsin.

Bonn, The Prime Minister said that for the development of the party, We have now sent a proposal to the government for the construction of retaining walls in these villages as well. ?a final decision will be taken only after the elections in Uttar Pradesh, 7-9 terror attacks in Paris against a satirical weekly, 2015 1:18 pm EU Counter-Terrorism chief Gilles de Kerchove addresses the media during the Belgian diplomatic days at the Egmont Palace in Brussels on Monday,evidence and Constitution but on faith,21-15; Under-19 Girls Singles: Khushboo Patel (Central Zone, I do feel bad for not being aware.

There is certain amount of action in the film but not choreographed,The committee has given the responsibility on the two of us, he said For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Chitleen K Sethi | Chandigarh | Published: October 21 2011 4:35 am Related News Though the Haryana Congress Working Committee meets on Friday to introspect on party candidate Jai Prakashs (JP) crushing defeat in the Hisar bypollall eyes are on the detractors who are likely to give the meeting a miss The meeting convened by the Congress president Phool Chand Mullana to be held in Chandigarh will be chaired by Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda AICC general secretary and Haryana party affairs in-charge B K Hariprasad will not attend the meet Among the detractorsRajya Sabha MP Birender Singh is likely to skip the meeting One of the most vocal detractors in the partyhe is peeved at the fact that his son was not considered for candidature in the Hisar bypoll Political analysts said that his son Brijendra Singha 1998-batch IAS officer who is currently posted as the Chandigarh deputy commissionerwould have been a stronger candidate than JP Birender is also said to have met AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi to get a ticket for his son Jai Prakash was the chief ministers choice and according to sourcesthe high command had left it to him to choose the candidate After it was decided that Jai Prakash will be the candidate for the Hisar bypollBirender mostly stayed away from the constituency Other than brief one day visits to Hisar and Uchana in the first week of Octoberhe reportedly did not actively campaign for JPdespite the fact that he has a stronghold in the area In the Vidhan Sabha elections in 2009he had contested against INLD chief Om Prakash Chautala from Uchana Kalan and lost by 620 votes MeanwhileUnion Minister and Ambala MP Kumari Selja is also likely to give the meeting a miss Another unsparing critic of the chief ministeron several occasionsSelja has shown her disapproval of Hoodas policies especially the states land acquisition policy Sources said the Dalit leader was also among several non-Jat leaders of the Congress in Haryana who feel that the Congressled by Hoodahas become pro-Jat and was losing its secular image This issue is also likely to be discussed in Fridays meeting Cabinet minister Captain Ajay Yadavwho is leading the non-Jat group of Congressmen in the statewill attend the meet I will reach this evening for the meeting? The account, “His employer gave us an address in Bihar. The girl further said that her mother,however, Kobe Steel has blamed pressure to boost profits while Nissan has blamed labour shortages for their scandals. read more

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